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Country IV change the country V Taiyuan car fuel to upgrade the oil price or rise, if not staff guidance, I do not know how to refuel!" In November 7th 11, in the oil gas station in Taiyuan City, Southeast morning peach, a Mercedes Benz car driving female owners found that familiar with the previous 97 gasoline tanker can not see, only to see 92 gasoline and 95 gasoline logo. Originally, according to the Taiyuan municipal government requirements, since at 0:00 on November 1, 2016, the Taiyuan comprehensive supply country V standard vehicle fuel, the administrative area of Taiyuan city gas station (point) with gasoline and diesel to stop selling below the country V standard car; and the oil enterprises to complete the country V standard in November 1, 2016 before the car identify and update of gasoline and diesel oil replacement work. This means that the original China IV No. 93, No. 97 gasoline to completely withdraw from the Taiyuan market, instead of the country V No. 92, No. 95, No. 98 gasoline. Vehicle fuel China IV upgrade the country V, in addition to label changes, what does that mean? "Food" has changed, the car to refuel? This reporter conducted an interview. Oil upgrade, after the upgrade of oil, reduce the pollution of exhaust gas "means oil better, less pollution emissions." In November 7th 9, Sinopec Shanxi Taiyuan riverside gas station stationmaster Zhang Li said, compared with China IV fuel, better quality of V oil, can effectively control the hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, particulate emissions, substantially reduce the exhaust emission of PM2.5. The so-called China IV and V, in short, is the national vehicle emission standards, China IV is the fourth stage, in July 1, 2010 the national implementation of Beijing in 2008, has been ahead of the beginning of implementation; the country V is the fifth stage, country V standard was issued in September 2013, Beijing has implemented in 2013, ahead of the implementation of the follow: Shanghai Xingtai, Hangzhou, Langfang, and Guangdong. In January 1, 2017, the country will be fully implemented in the V standard, the Taiyuan city is two months ahead of the beginning of implementation. The relevant data shows that the sulfur content of only one country IV fuel sulfur content of 50 mg kg, while the country V fuel sulfur content of only 10 mg kg. This means that the same car, the use of oil’s V to reduce 80% of sulfur dioxide emissions from China IV oil volume. In addition, compared with China IV oil, China five oil olefin content decreased from 28% to 24%, will further reduce photochemical pollution caused by evaporative emission of gasoline engine intake system, reduce sediment; while the content of manganese from 8 mg to 2 mg / L of low lift, can greatly reduce the potential health risks of manganese and on vehicle emission system the adverse effects. The future prices will probably rise a bit before November 1st, we have completed the replacement of oil, gasoline and diesel are replaced by the country V standard oil, but in our province, due to the NDRC for country V standard oil sales price has not been finalized, we haven’t changed the gas station on the oil label logo." Zhang Li told reporters that the oil is now sold, although the tanker is marked 93, No. 97 gasoline相关的主题文章: