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The 1 day countdown to   "Three Kingdoms" glory iOS open test tomorrow – game original title: the 1 day countdown to the "Three Kingdoms" glory iOS tomorrow open test three phone endlessly, ask the world, who is the master! The DeNA effort to build, Meng Baogu (mobage) jointly launched the annual Mobile Games new "Three Kingdoms" glory line in the Android platform domineering, quickly set off a "reign of terror". Geluyinghao together all strategies, across Liuhe, to prove safety of mountains and rivers! Tomorrow, "Three Kingdoms" glory will be landing iOS platform test does not delete files open, then the dual platform synchronization pitched, just waiting for you to come out of their own legend! According to statistics, the Three Kingdoms glory in Japan has exceeded one million downloads, hot. Open at the beginning of this year, the Taiwan popularity favorably, rave reviews. Many game player said, "Three Kingdoms" in glory and the general theme of the game, the reduction degree is high on the history of the three kingdoms could not help but clap. The story of ups and downs, P, fully respect the historical facts and some new game player, play the game also and you can learn some history, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. "Three Kingdoms glory" not only in respect of historical facts have been unanimously praised the players, and its unique gameplay is captured a large ticket players heart. A special love game player said the generals of the flash moment, almost every character when the generals get the lines are different, awakening and get lines are not the same, for a certain degree of collect them who have to say is right. And the game player even said, because the obsession with PVP play, so the "Three Kingdoms" features "glory PVP play the occupation of the city" feel very great interest. Repeat the experience to support the game, game player can try different generals, arms collocation occupied the city with different strategies, and then there will be a large number of awards, almost 6 to god! "Three Kingdoms" will honor the chess strategy and classic card form combination, in their own way for their game player opened the curtain of three kingdoms. It is by virtue of the unique gameplay and excellent quality, "Three Kingdoms" to glory in a short time to accumulate a huge amount of users and a good reputation. The Android platform, the Central Plains war overlord at the moment is like a raging fire, the realistic style of the ancient battlefield, was inferior to the war film special effects display. Tomorrow iOS platform will be heavy open test, is the real hero, to "Three Kingdoms", create glory!   (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: