Constellation sincere words why a virgin love so difficult (Figure)

Constellation sincere words: why is it so difficult to talk about a virgin girl (Figure) after I refused to the virgin, while watching the movie hug me! And every day on my way home, I never say hello! Put my heart is hanging down again! I’m so bored with this virgin…… Sina constellation users close your eyes rose to love say to Sina Virgo why is it so hard to talk about a love we met in a very accidental opportunity, first saw him feel very ordinary people, ordinary people you don’t notice that. But when he began to speak, very wonderful, there is only one, suddenly there is a feeling, hey hey. This is a very wonderful thing for you to me, I am a typical Capricorn, I have almost all the features of Capricorn, so I said to myself this is illusion, illusion, is a good man to appreciate, it is only to appreciate. Then, after a few years, although it often accidentaly across what did not happen, but you own intuition told me that he is also after that meeting I remember, also has the same feeling with me. And I don’t even know his name. But life has changed, because a special opportunity for a period of time we can often meet, then I found he was staring at me, it is obvious that, at first I felt I was suspicious, but more and more strong signs of intuition and tell me I’m right. So, after a period of thought, I told him. Frankly, I have many friends in Virgo, Capricorn and Virgo is indeed and I think, I also fully meet the requirements of the virgin male girl friend, because I am also very picky, picky is absolutely difficult to imagine the extent of critical myself, I have been pursued a fine words, is the dignity of women, so I will not allow myself to careless about dressing as a woman, I study hard, work hard, because only the heart is full, I have a sense of security. After I told him that his reaction and I almost expected, many asked me why, why love him, why now to say, before doing what. Before there is a boyfriend. Then, after I finished the one hundred thousand why, he asked me to go to dinner, but also told me that he had talked about a few, what is the specific situation, I also asked if there is no contact with the previous. In the following days, go to the movies. I think this thing to fairly well, but pessimism Capricorn feelings and my understanding of Virgo tell me more easily after the start will be more tangled. Sure enough, he suddenly ignored me, it is very cold very cold. I didn’t ask him why, I didn’t get in touch with him. Then I realized that his former girlfriend appeared, reminds him of the past, as for the specific I never asked. The reason is very simple, one is I am not interested to know, two is the pride did not allow me to ask you. After a period of time, I sent a message to him, said I would wait for him, to express my meaning, but also understand his feelings now, let him have a good rest. After that, I will care about him, never mention.相关的主题文章: