Company of other people’s home! Jining an enterprise to pay wages in advance to meet the double elev-7470d

Company of other people’s home! Jining enterprises to pay wages in advance to meet the double eleven November 8th morning, a red chop "wage paid in advance notice" in the Jining circle of friends circulated, aroused the interest of all, what is it? The original is a technology company in Jining — Shandong is this Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the "notice" issued on October salary advance payment, the notice says: Double eleven approaching, in order to facilitate shopping, originally scheduled for 15 per month wages this month in advance to No. 8 issued! Wish you a happy shopping eleven! Mobile phone sales! This is inscribed as Shandong Mdt InfoTech Ltd, and stamped with the official seal. The reporter then and Shandong Mdt InfoTech Ltd marketing department responsible person in Li made contact, the other confirmed the authenticity of the notice. Manager Li told reporters that the very books in order to make employees spend a happy double eleven Shopping Festival, yesterday specifically decided at a meeting 7 days in advance, wage payment, payment of wages to employees in November 8th. In addition, the company in the "single" employees, also issued two oranges, meaning "in pairs", and movie tickets, coffee coupons and other items, to encourage early to find the other half! Users have a message in the circle of friends, this is a positive move to pay wages and warm heart, when our unit is so intimate ah! (Qilu Evening News Qilu Qilu reporter Jin Sen)相关的主题文章: