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Comment: Seduction is a double-edged sword. Is it necessary to take risks? This summer, after the "Warcraft" left, the Rockets spent a lot of money to set up a set of seemingly decent lineup. Arguably, in such a situation, as long as the rocket to follow the prescribed order to prepare for the new season is good, but the market is always there, and amidst the winds of change, there is a new temptation in a test rocket. Because the relationship between Monroe and bucks naojiang, iron heart to leave, but the Bucks even two months ago began to bid farewell to Monroe, with the new season approaching, the deal can be triggered at any moment. The potential home of Monroe, the rockets on heranzailie. Usually, the reason why people cannot ignore the temptation for is deficient in some way, as Monroe of the Rockets can’t turn a blind eye, after all the 2 11 meters tall, can fill the vacancy left inside the Howard home. Last season, Monroe averaged 15.3 points and 8.8 rebounds, purely from the contribution of the data point of view, he was able to make the Rockets among the ranks of the top teams. But the temptation to chase, often need to pay a huge price, NBA as a business alliance, has never been a free lunch, the Rockets want to get Monroe, the price is not necessarily small. From the reality of the situation, and regardless of the competition of other teams, at least from the salary, the Rockets have enough space to do. Monroe this season, the annual salary of $17 million 140 thousand, the space rocket at present salary of less than ten million, to fill in the about 7000000 vacant, the rocket must give up Ariza, of course, only Ariza such chips to impress the bucks. But the problem is that Ariza is a hard-working defender, his role in the Rockets after core harden. Moreover, we all know that in order to get good results in NBA must rely on defense, the Rockets with Ariza to trade is obviously too risky. Seemingly good temptation, in fact, is a double-edged sword, after careful analysis, it is not difficult to understand this truth. If you want to take a lot of risk, so the temptation to rocket! In the NBA, although the star stack is a shortcut, but not necessarily can bring the championship, the rockets since you have chosen DAntoni as a coach, determine the gun’s tactical system, should not continue to fool around. Even the team there are flaws, but as long as the firm faith, and steady, also not necessarily in the new season to strive for further improvement. Li Du相关的主题文章: