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"Come! Kiss me! "File sharp style presents" kiss "trivial matter – in the new network, September 13, directed by Yu Lingsong, Shanghai Sheng Wan film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. invested in the production of the network drama! Kiss me! Is about to be broadcast on Tencent in September 19th. As the first domestic instant noodles fan network drama, "! Kiss me! "With a relaxed and sharp style will kiss this ordinary but again" shame "things with each set just five minutes directly presented in front of the audience. Although kissing is a seemingly trivial thing, people usually can not put it on the table. As to love as the theme of "instant noodles fan" network drama, "! Kiss me! "Show this" shame "things, through direct contact and tells the story behind the profound meaning of the heart. The so-called "instant noodles fan", this concept from the earliest animation, refers to a set of time in 3-6 minutes of animation, the equivalent of a cup of instant noodles, instant noodles cooked, the animation is also finished, so many animation enthusiasts such jokes, and this concept later also referenced in the web series on. And come! Kiss me! "Is also the first attempt in this form of the network drama, intended to express the most talked about topic through the easy way, but also to provide a new choice for urban men and women at work and leisure time. "Come! Kiss me! In the "12" close to the masses of life, the story of the "kiss" into the lives of everyone in the portrayal. Among them, each set a "kiss" theme is fairly new, there are swimming pools, elevator, office of such common life scenes, also broke up, dating, wedding such emotional themes, and even to sign this nowadays men and women are most concerned about the topic as the theme for the kiss, "winning" which sign is we have to personally watch online, to be announced. It is reported that, "come! Kiss me! "The first quarter of a total of 12 sets, in September 19, 2016 the Tencent officially launched video broadcast.相关的主题文章: