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COLOPL VR   introduced a variety of creative works; PSVR games are also in development, game original title: COLOPL VR PSVR introduced a variety of creative works in the development of COLOPL game is also actively carry out the VR business, COLOPL company’s game development business as the beginning, a wholly owned subsidiary of 360Channel has launched 360 degree video service. At the same time, the "Colopl VR Fund" VR related enterprises to invest in such behavior. The whole group is concentrating on participating in the VR business, which also adds color to the industry. Currently COLOPL in August 17, 2016, in the Oculus Store on the shelves of the new Oculus VR robot fighting game STEEL COMBAT Rift. COLOPL NI, a subsidiary of the United States COLOPL also has a HTC Vive oriented VR game "Cyberpong VR", and at the same time in the development of PSVR oriented game. Today, we will for the majority of friends who love VR game introduced several COLOPL created by the VR game works. – "Fly to KUMA" game summary for the goal of the game will lead to a large number of bear end point. The bears will move forward in a certain way, and the players need to configure the squares on the way forward to make them more high or low or obstacles. There are more than 100 levels in the game, with the difficulty of the progress of the stage will slowly improve. At the same time, the LINE expression has also started with the letter.     Tennis – "VR Online" as the theme of the game summary to the tennis movement game. Use the buttons on the controller to a different pitch respectively, simple yet profound. At the same time, as the game progresses, can also kill skill acquisition. Game player experience in the real world is difficult to achieve to kill the ball through VR! Kill up to 2 game equipment at the same time, combination of which 2 will be the key to victory or defeat. To practice, and from around the world to expand the online game player for this war is the greatest charm point.     (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: