College students fangpian test how many points you can get You’re not going to

College students "fangpian" test how many points you can get? You’re not going to fail? "Fraud SMS" let students hit the spot. In order to improve Freshmen’s awareness of fraud prevention, September 9th morning, Chancheng Public Security Department of Foshan University jointly organized a "fangpian test", as a new safety lesson. "What would you do if your bank card was stolen from other places?"" More than 100 students participated in the "anti cheat test", according to the answer, more than 75% of students do not know how to deal with this situation or can not effectively protect themselves. In addition, the freshmen in online shopping, winning the title "the weakest point. Anti cheat test average of 76 students failed the test paper is used in high frequencies according to the area of Chancheng public security real case and social means of fraud and adapted into "multiple choice" and "judgment" and "Situational Questions" in three parts, covering the students may encounter telecommunications fraud, fraud, fraud and other job seekers were killed for various types of scams, have very strong practicability. After 20 minutes of examination, the highest score was 91 points, the lowest score was only 45 points, and the average score of 100 students was 76 points. "Even if you are 99 points, but as long as the deduction of a point, it shows that there are loopholes in the prevention, easy to criminals opportunities." Police introduction. Surprisingly, in a question and answer session, students said, "in the online shopping can be opened when the remote assistance let the customer to control their computer, there are students that the answer can remind operators receive points for the bill when prompted, click on the link in the message can be in exchange for the bill". In fact, it is very likely from the pseudo base station to send fraudulent messages, click on the link after the mobile phone will be implanted virus, even if in accordance with the guidelines to the SMS operation, eventually cheated transfer. After receiving the test "fraud SMS", there are students in the course of questioning and answering, the classroom suddenly sounded a text message ringtone. The new Kobayashi took out his mobile phone messages, found that this is a "short message service" of a telecom operator sent, content as "Dear customer Hello, with your counsel, any Gators freshman student ID login a website registered for iPhone 7 7Puls 32G 128G, 256G zero per purchase". Kobayashi immediately curious place to open, but found the page pop-up a "fooled" bar! Are you cheated?" Pictures. Originally, this is the police holding "pseudo base station" launch equipment fabricated "fraudulent SMS"". Subsequently, the police introduced the pseudo base station fraud modus operandi and prevention skills. It is reported that the next Chancheng will try to establish cooperation mechanism in public security prevention and Foshan University and other colleges and universities, through the development of "fangpian micro film script writing contest" and "fangpian micro novel contest and other forms, to strengthen college students’ anti propaganda.

大学生“防骗”测试能得多少分?你不会“不及格”?  “诈骗短信”让学生当场中招。    为了提高大学新生的防骗意识,9月9日上午,禅城公安联合佛山科学技术学院保卫部组织了一场“防骗测验”,以此作为新生安全防范第一课。   “如果你的银行卡被异地盗刷,你该怎么办?”100多新生参加了“防骗测验”,根据现场答题情况,75%以上新生不知道如何处理这一情况或无法有效保护自己。此外,大学新生在“网购、中奖”类题目上失分最多。   防骗测试平均分76   有学生不及格   据悉,测验所用的试卷是禅城公安根据辖区内真实发生的案件以及社会上发生频率较高的诈骗手段改编而成,分为“不定项选择”、“判断题”“情景模拟题”等三大块内容,涵盖了大学生可能会遇到的电信诈骗、求职诈骗、遇难求助诈骗等各类型诈骗手法,具有很强的实用性。   经过20分钟考试,全场最高分为91分,最低分只有45分,100名同学的平均得分为76分。“即使你是99分,但只要扣了一分,就说明在防范方面存在漏洞,容易给犯罪分子可乘之机。”民警介绍。   令人惊讶的是,在问答环节,多名新生表示,“在网购时可开通远程协助让客服控制自己的电脑”,亦有学生在答题时认为“收到运营商提醒可凭积分换话费提示时,可点击短信中链接换取话费”。而实际上,这些极有可能是来自“伪基站”发送的诈骗短信,点击链接后手机就会被植入病毒,就算按照短信指引去操作,最终也会被骗转账。   收到测试“诈骗短信”后   当场有学生中招   问答过程中,教室里突然响起一阵手机短信铃声。新生小林拿出手机看短信,发现这是某电信营运商发过来的一条“服务短信”,内容为“尊敬的客户你好,经与贵校商议,凡是佛大新生凭学生证登录某网址注册,可享iPhone 7 7Puls 32G 128G 256G 零元购机”。小林随即好奇地点开,却发现页面弹出一个“上当了吧!被骗了吧?”的图片。原来,这是民警拿着“伪基站”发射器材编造的“诈骗短信”。   随后,民警介绍了“伪基站”诈骗作案手法和防范技巧。   据悉,接下来禅城公安将尝试与佛山科学技术学院等高校建立防骗合作机制,通过开展“防骗微电影剧本创作大赛”和“防骗微小说大赛”等多种形式,加强对高校大学生的防骗宣传。相关的主题文章: