College students drowned court catch snail reservoir itself to bear responsibility for 9-kasey chase

Students catch the court verdict: snail reservoir drowned themselves to bear responsibility for 9 original title: students drowned their reservoir to bear responsibility for 9 Legal Evening News (reporter Tang Lihan) last summer, three students go to Miyun Banchengzi reservoir play, a big boy in the foot when the water drowned, the parents think, reservoir management office the reservoir and play companion etc. have a fault, so the three party to court claims nearly 230 thousand yuan. "Legal Evening News" (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter was informed that the Miyun court verdict reservoir and two companions to play the bear 5%, respectively pay more than 5 yuan and 2 yuan, dismissed the other claims of the plaintiff. The sophomore reservoir drowned lost 230 thousand family members complained in July 28th last year, three students go to holiday Banchengzi reservoir near the town of Miyun reservoir, which Li was born in 1995 in treading water drowned when the incident when he was Union Medical college sophomore student. In the afternoon, and the village of Valley Li Mou two partners to Bulaotun town of Miyun District Banchengzi Reservoir Management Office of Highway Bridge on the north side, the coat catch water snail. A line of three people can not swim, Mike to do a tool to test the depth of the water with a stick, do not want to try to fall into the water when deep drowning. Another two people immediately alarm, that night at about seven am, Mike was salvaged, but has died. Mike’s parents think that the reservoir around the reservoir management contractor Kwak fishing play matters and charge, is the reservoir management office allowed illegal Kwak at the edge of the reservoir to carry out business activities, resulting in the tragedy. Gumou and Mike Gumou counterparts, and put forward to the reservoir to play, is to fulfill its duty of safety care. So will the Miyun District of Beijing city Banchengzi reservoir management office, reservoir contractor Kwak, Gumou Companion to the court, ask for compensation of nearly 230 thousand yuan. Excuse three parties said has done the relevant obligations that the Banchengzi reservoir management, reservoir non artificial swimming pool, Xiao Li as adults, should be aware of the danger of water, but water is still active, the consequences should take responsibility. Secondly, the management has been done to remind, warn, in the reservoir surrounding roads, spraying set multiple warning signs, signs, the prohibition to the reservoir, fishing, skating and other slogans play everywhere, very clear. After the management of the reservoir water purification and aquaculture operations contracted to the defendant Kwak, the annual holiday to inform the relevant personnel to do safety management. Management believes that drowning events and fishing activities, the free association. Management Office will be purified to the defendant to the water body without fault, and whether the reservoir is allowed to prohibit fishing method is not expressly prohibited fishing is only a measure to prevent water pollution management office. Therefore, the management believes that he has no fault, should not be liable. The reservoir Kwak said in the reservoir regions are set up corresponding warning signs, as to the safety protection obligation. Xiao Li as an adult, regardless of the number of reservoirs around the obvious prohibition of swimming tips, still under water, should bear the main responsibility. Gumou is Mike’s small, "danger to him, I am very anxious Jun相关的主题文章: