Classics into the test can improve reading

Classics into the test can improve reading interest? [Abstract] the fragmentation problem of "reading to the children help much? Some parents have told reporters that the introduction of a counseling agency to classic reading as the plate of the training content, many of which are subject to multi model, more emphasis on details and memory content. Eastern IC for map recently, Peking University, Dean of the Institute of the examination of an article on the Internet set off a four masterpiece is not suitable for young people to read the discussion of the. The Beijing junior middle school students, in fact, "should read" is not in their consideration, because including the "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", "journey to the west", the classical masterpiece works have been incorporated into the Beijing senior high school entrance examination syllabus range, in addition to the "struggle" for. The children have no more choice. So, is it really possible to improve children’s interest in reading classics? The classical masterpiece has become "old" pro forma "forget to read back in front, back there are dozens of people, only 35 times to remember, the topic and so fine, feeling to recite the book are sure to take the exam," senior high school entrance examination is approaching, the students have little winter with some classical a masterpiece on the strength, had to cope with a heavy homework every night until ten o’clock, but also the unshakable one or two hours out of the schedule, "a lot of writing to read hard, half literary and half vernacular, not to mention to remember so many things," no, she recently began to try to test the ideas are summarized each book from the test sites, such as the "Three Kingdoms" idioms and proverbs, Xiehouyu on finishing a dozen pages, in the hope that it can charge senior high school entrance examination questions twice. "The scope of the examination of Chinese senior high school entrance examination lists 9 of this masterpiece, but only 10 points, but the senior high school entrance examination scores known as" a playground ", even in the hundreds of millions of words look for a needle in the ocean’s masterpiece, but since the range of questions given in advance, helplessly lost points are also not willing to ah." It is understood that the small winter school for middle school students to the "old" problem, this semester has started a masterpiece reading elective courses, from the high school, veteran teachers, bring you a book a book through a sieve, hand to mobilize everyone reading interest, on the other on the one hand, from the angle of proposition one by one knowledge point for everyone to sort, but due to the time constraints, can only scratch the surface to over, "one of the" Three Kingdoms "only two classes." In recent years, with the deepening of the reform of the comprehensive examination of education in Beijing, the proposition of Chinese language is more and more inclined to the traditional culture and classics, and more and more attention is paid to the students’ reading quality. According to reports, at present, has been included in the Beijing senior high school entrance examination of Chinese masterpiece reading books including "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", "journey to the west", "Analects of Confucius", "Red Rock", "camel Xiangzi", "chaohuaxishi", "Robinson Crusoe", "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea" a total of 9, of which the most a headache for a child, or a few classical masterpiece, mainly because the description of the content of these works is too far away from the present life, and arcane language. And in the past few years in the examination proposition, both the examination of the entire book, but also on the key sections of the examination; both focus on the students for the whole work相关的主题文章: