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Circle of iron — its own later talk about AKG N40 – AKG K3003 circle iron technology Sohu, this is a very controversial product, when selling 1W+ OK, but after the price diving problem is that there is no way, the price is a matter of the brain. But no matter how to say whether K3003 or as the iron ring as earplugs, is a milepost type works, a typical example is no matter what circle iron are inevitable to bring and K3, one of the most famous is the 1MORE to do the goods (it is a pity that people face hot ass cold). Of course, that was, the new emperor plug circle is the plug is not always the lack of emerge in an endless stream, the domestic mining of outdated goods and then forced it with red business, nor the lack of courage to eat crabs in pursuit of the ceiling of the portable game player. I do not know whether K3 or AKG is not difficult to go beyond attention earplugs, at least after K3 AKG not what Nadechushou earplugs, although there are products like the K374, but the so-called K3 successor it is obviously not too good. To this year, perhaps AKG feel K3 a little old or feel their own circle of iron can also come again, so there will be N40 this product. This is the new product of this year, located in the successor to K3, but the new N series and before the product is still very different, which can be seen in the packaging design structure. N40 is the flagship of the existing N series earplugs, but the location is still somewhat lower than the K3, the unit configuration is still a circle of iron, but the structure of the switch to 1+1, less than K3 a moving iron unit. Unfortunately, the official did not specify what the unit, perhaps there will be a well-known as TWFK-30017 models. To improve the appearance is relatively large, cavity plastic + metal material, wear changed around the ear design mainstream, it is a good idea, K3 is the failure of the place in the wear cavity made of stainless steel, the texture is also very important, coupled with crude the catheter with instability is normal. Into the ear design is not the problem, but also with the trend of the addition of the line design, is also a common MMCX interface. You see this on the road more, after all, if you do not change the two lines are embarrassed to say that they are playing earplugs. As for the other parts of what is not what to say, except that no K3 luxury accessories outside of the package are not very different, because of changing the line so to two lines, one to one communication, to say nothing, the communication is more interesting, through a switch can be compatible IOS and Android. The impedance of the N40 is not so special as K3, the sensitivity of the 115dB pushes the pressure directly. This is obviously a kind of adjustment, K3 to come up with a good sound, portable player is essential, but because I never optimistic about those HIFI phones, so still continue to use the national brick front bar. Country brick drive相关的主题文章: