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CIC Securities: stock market or maintain shocks concern media and other sectors – Sohu securities Monday is the first trading day of the monkey, A shares opened sharply lower in the early trading after nearly 3% rebound gradually, in addition to gold shares soared, the airport shipping, media entertainment and other active performance. At the close, the Shanghai index at 2747.26 points, down 16.23 points, or 0.59%, turnover of 129 billion 321 million; Shenzhen stock index reported 9668.84 points, down 4.63 points, or 0.05%, turnover of 199 billion 665 million, two, the total turnover of 328 billion 986 million; the gem index reported 2116.84 points, up 19.85 points, up 0.95%, turnover of 54 billion 905 million. Plate, the concept of gold hedging demand benefit allocation or the top plate, rose more than 7%, the airport shipping sector benefited from the appreciation of the renminbi rose more than 1%, the media stocks also eye-catching performance, liquor, securities, banking and other plate decreases. On the news, the General Administration of Customs announced that China’s total import and export value was 1 trillion and 880 billion yuan in January 2016, a decrease of 9.8% over the same period of last year, and a trade surplus of 406 billion 200 million yuan, expanding by 12.2%. Development and Reform Commission said in February 15th, the current round of oil prices continue to not adjust. Monday dollar in the onshore February 5th closing prices over 500 points, the highest since the exchange rate reform in July 2005 the largest single day percentage gain. On Monday, the Nikkei 225 index closed at 16022.58, up 7.16%, the biggest increase since September. Although the first day of the monkey did not start a good start, but in the Spring Festival period outside the market crash, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opened up, has been outstanding performance. On Monday, the onshore RMB rose 500 points against the dollar, and the RMB devaluation pressure eased in stages, and the A share market will quickly return to domestic factors. After the Spring Festival, liquidity risk may be slowly exposed, and the "notes" event continues to ferment, affecting liquidity. In order to alleviate the short-term liquidity tensions, the central bank may hedge, but mainly dominated by open market operations, the probability of lowering interest rates in the short term is low. Before the arrival of the two conferences, the reform of local state-owned enterprises and the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei may become hot spots in the market. Specifically, we still recommend investors to be cautious, for short-term investors, moderate attention to the media, entertainment, gold, medicine, medical and other sectors.

中投证券:大盘或维持震荡 关注传媒等板块-搜狐证券   周一是猴年首个交易日, A 股早盘大幅低开近 3%后逐渐回弹,除黄金股大涨外,机场航运、传媒娱乐等有活跃表现。截至收盘,上证指数报 2747.26 点,下跌 16.23 点,跌 0.59%,成交额 1293.21 亿;深证成指报 9668.84 点,下跌 4.63 点,跌 0.05%,成交额 1996.65 亿,两市合计成交额 3289.86 亿;创业板指报 2116.84 点,上涨 19.85 点,涨 0.95%,成交额 549.05 亿。板块方面,受益避险配置需求的黄金概念涨幅居首,板块涨逾 7%,机场航运板块受益人民币升值涨逾 1%,传媒等题材股亦表现抢眼,证券、白酒、银行等板块跌幅居前。   消息面上,海关总署公布 2016 年 1 月我国进出口总值 1.88 万亿元人民币,比去年同期下降 9.8%,贸易顺差 4062 亿元,扩大 12.2%。发改委 2 月 15 日表示,本轮油价继续不调整。 周一在岸人民币兑美元较2 月 5 日收盘价涨超 500 点,创 2005 年 7 月汇改以来最大单日百分比涨幅。周一日经 225 指数收盘报16022.58,涨 7.16%,创去年 9 月来最大涨幅。   猴年首日虽然没有开门红,但在春节期间外围市场大跌的情况下,沪深两市低开高走已属表现出色。周一在岸人民币兑美元大涨 500 点,人民币贬值压力阶段性缓解, A 股市场将迅速回归国内因素。春节后,流动性风险可能慢慢暴露,“票据”事件继续发酵影响流动性。为了缓解短期流动性紧张的情况,央行可能会出手对冲,但主要以公开市场操作为主,短期降准降息概率较低。两会来临之前,地方国企改革、京津冀一体化等可能成为市场热点。具体操作上,我们仍然建议投资者保持谨慎,对于短线投资者,可适度关注传媒娱乐,黄金,医药医疗等板块。相关的主题文章: