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Chongqing Xiushan: the establishment of "six" working mechanism to build a safe boundary – Sohu news "a three foot" southeast first gate ", that is an Zhen Hong xiushan. The special geographical location, located in Chongqing region, and Huayuan County of Hunan province and Guizhou province Songtao County side of the town still driving town adjacent to the boundary conditions perplexing. "For a long time, because the problem of boundary, such as water, often lead to disputes, seriously affected the production and life of the people and social stability." Xiushan Hong An Zhen political secretary Fu Xianyang said, in order to solve this historical problem, in recent years, Hong Changan actively with the Guizhou side of the town, the town of Hunan to drive to explore the establishment of the "six" working mechanism. Break the boundary problem, sharing an edge to defend their "duty" here we have a "three no matter whether Guizhou, Hunan Island, Sichuan at the time no matter whether!" Fu Xianyang said, "regardless of whether the three island is an island provinces at the junction of river water. Before liberation, it did not belong to Hunan, nor to Guizhou and then Sichuan. Whenever people intense conflict, similar to the island with three party or duel, "the administration will not intervene. Over time, the island has become known far and near three regardless of the island, was the local people and businessmen called the". Due to the special geographical location, where there are often fights, fights, theft and other things, social security is more chaotic." For example, Fu Xianyang said, for example, we go after a thief in other provinces, he jumped into Qingshui River, swim across the center of the river, we have no power to enforce the law, only the ‘dry anxious’! The thief is to find out the "road", more and more rampant." How to break the boundary problem? How to build a safe border? In early 2003, Hong Changan began to take the initiative to drive in consultation with the side of the town, Ya Zhen, jointly create a safe and harmonious border. This proposal has been a positive response to the two villages and towns. In November of that year, the three party in Hong Changan signed a border agreement to jointly maintain social stability. After 13 years of continuous running, safe and harmonious border build form today’s system of "Six Combinations" — LIAN, mechanism construction, base defense, security prevention, dispute the FBI, recreational activities. "We hope that through this mechanism, the linkage of the township’s border with the institutionalization, share the responsibility of" defend an edge "responsibility to create a safe and harmonious border." Fu Xianyang said. Six joint mechanism across the border gap, the establishment of the mechanism of the "six links" across the administrative divisions". In simple terms, now the thief across Qingshui River, we do have the power of law enforcement! If the contradictions of the common people, we will work together to resolve!" Fu Xianyang very confident smile. In April 13th this year, the village and the beauty of an Zhen Hong De Cun Zhen Ba ya Guizhou driving with "more as irrigation water problems". There are two sand dam dam plant, transport vehicles will pass through the United States every day their village." The beauty of Hong An Zhen Village Party branch secretary Yang Xiuxiang said, "our village built in the canal in the side of the road, a car transport sand by, a lot of sand over the canal, canal blockage caused by." "It’s not a matter of blocking our weirs.相关的主题文章: