Chongqing Red Cross 830 thousand grants and 167 poor students benefit from the new net –

Chongqing Red Cross 830 thousand grants and 167 poor students benefit – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing (Zhong Yi) in August 26, the Chongqing Red Cross 26 to the local 167 poor college students with grants, a total amount of 835 thousand yuan. "As a college student in the new era, our shoulders are no longer a dream of a person or a family. I hope to be able to take on the new campus life." From Chongqing County, Fengdu three streets of the new village of poor students on behalf of Zhang Hao in an interview with reporters, said. Zhang Hao this year to outstanding achievements by North China Polytechnic University admission, "mixed" was shrouded in his family, when he learned that the Chongqing Red Cross for the local test to the outside of the cards given to each of the 5000 poor students funded, his heart hanging stone finally landed". "Humanity, fraternity and dedication are the spirit of the red cross that we have been carrying forward. The work of helping the poor college students is the key work that we have been working hard in recent years." Chongqing City Red Cross party secretary, executive vice president Zhou Qingmei said, hoping recipients students establish confidence and courage to overcome difficulties, but also hope that the community of caring people and enterprises to actively participate in public welfare undertakings, to help poor students realize their dreams. According to another report, in 2015 the Chongqing red cross system raised a total of 89 million 900 thousand yuan relief funds and materials, and the implementation of the payment of money or property 80 million 640 thousand yuan, covering 38 local districts, benefit the masses more than 90 people, in effect is obvious.相关的主题文章: