Chongqing 13 year old girl who left a suicide note Dutch act like Qiao Renliang.

Chongqing 13 year old girl who left a suicide note to the original title: Dutch act like Qiao Renliang: the city! Wanzhou 13 years old girl left a note: like Qiao Renliang Dutch act told his family go out to buy books but the delay did not return, the family found a suicide note in his room… Wanzhou Qingquan middle school 13 year old girl Jiang west 5 day out after the delay did not return to the family only left a suicide note. Now, in the past two days, anxious family desperately searching for her whereabouts. Jiang’s family introduced, 5 at about 2 in the afternoon, ginger alone to go out to buy a book, but the family has been until the afternoon of 6 did not see the west to go home, Jiang’s phone no one answered. The eager family found a letter short letter in Jiang Xi room on the desk, Jiang Xi said in the letter, his sister and brother-in-law living in a home, without parental care, suffering from depression, to choose Dutch act like Qiao Renliang. Gasped the family immediately alarm, and looking at the west, Jiang’s phone has been unable to connect. Letter, Jiang said he would choose to jump into the river to commit suicide, the family along the Binjiang road all the way to look for, but has no audio. After working in Wuhan parents know, but also hurried home. On the morning of 6, looking for one night also opened the ginger family without hearing a word about the accident west of the mobile phone, but the phone is an old man, the old man said that one family in despair. The old man said the phone is 6, 8 in the morning had picked up in the Wanan bridge guardrail, picked up together and ginger west the day before going out with a hat. Nearly two days in the past, but the west is still without any trace of ginger, parents and relatives and friends still continue to search, the police and the public security Nanjing are also active in the search. If there are people who know the whereabouts of ginger or see ginger, can get in touch with their families. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Fu Lingchang editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: