Chinese maritime police ship visited Vietnam for the first time in Beijing-ppbox

China maritime police ship first visit to Vietnam – Beijing Xinhua Haiphong on 11 November, (reporter Bai Guolong Le Yanna) China police 46305 ship 10 days to visit 3 days of haiphong. This is the first visit to Vietnam Chinese maritime police ship, maritime police ship is Chinese first official visit to neighboring countries in the South China sea. 10, Vietnam maritime police had just completed in 2016 second offshore Beibu Gulf common fishing zone cruise Chinese joint maritime police 46305 ship, docked at Haiphong docks, received a warm welcome from the Vietnam marine police headquarters. China police 46305 ship received Vietnam maritime police officers boarding demonstration. In the afternoon, the two sides personnel to carry out a table tennis, volleyball, tug of war and other sports activities, to further promote the friendship. 11, the coast guard 46305 China Haiphong berthing ship held "Chinese police 46305 ship open day, the local people, in more Chinese enterprises on behalf of more than 200 people in batches of boarding visit. China maritime police ship friendly visit to Vietnam is an important content in August 26th this year, Vietnam maritime police signed the "Sino Vietnam maritime police first working meeting of the conference summary". The police said China, the visit carried out in September this year the two prime ministers meeting in Beijing issued the "Joint Communique" on the increase of Beibu Gulf fishery common joint inspection frequency of the spirit, the implementation of the Sino Vietnam maritime police meeting for the first time the results show a good image of the police team Chinese. In recent years, China and Vietnam maritime police have made positive progress in the joint inspection of law enforcement, common areas, joint maritime search and rescue personnel to carry out exchanges etc.. This visit, Vietnam maritime police according to the plan in the North Bay area jointly launched a 3 day joint cruise.相关的主题文章: