Chinese last year all 19 times a successful space launch capability has to throw off the U.S. – Sohu popkart

Chinese last year all 19 times a successful space launch capability has to throw off the U.S. – Sohu Military Channel [Global Times reported] us Strategic Forcasting Inc says 2 days, Beijing’s goal is to become the main countries in space, "the next 20 years, Chinese will surpass space veteran Russia, even one day will China ahead of the us." "Chinese in world space is out of Russia", Russia’s "view report" said 3, Chinese last year a total of 19 times the space launch, launch is successful. For manned space flight at three in the world only Russia has the ability to implement. The United States temporarily lost this ability. China’s Shenzhou spacecraft has carried out a number of manned flights. The United States has been disturbed in the field of space may be lagging behind china. Russia is not worried about China’s leading position in the field of space, because Russia and China have reached a preliminary agreement on cooperation in the field of space in the future. China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Hospital deputy chief designer of the rocket Long March five Lou Luliang said that with the new engine strong, long march five carrying capacity has reached or exceeded the foreign mainstream large rocket, such as Ariane 5, delta 4, Atlas 5 rocket, and part of the overall system technology reached the international advanced level, reliability, adaptability, security greatly improved. In the Global Times reporter during the interview, talking about the development of the long march five difficulty, the relevant personnel are feeling unceasingly. You know, the international development of new rockets using new technologies generally not more than 30%. As a new development of the rocket, the long march five uses the core of the new key technologies, the core technology has a completely independent intellectual property rights of the 247. "The world can do this level only the United States and Russia," Yang Chengjun on the evening of 3 "Global Times" reporter said, "now we definitely belong to the first echelon, Europe has been left behind." He said, Chinese in some aspects, such as measurement and precision guidance technology, has more than the United States and Russia reached the leading level. Japan’s aerospace is also more advanced, but in terms of payload, far orbit orbit into china. Before and after the launch of the long march five, the development of China’s aerospace strength also expressed concern about the sound. Strategic Forcasting Inc, 2, said the rise of China’s space industry will shape Beijing’s foreign policy. Beijing hopes to one day be able to use its space sector, and those in the field of space weak countries to establish relations. In the space of diplomacy, Chinese plan for Beidou navigation satellite system for service in The Belt and Road "countries. At the same time, China invited other countries to participate in its own space station program. "Is China’s pursuit of space status as the liberation army? United States, Chicago Tribune, 2, said, in addition to the United States and Russia to repeat the moon landing program, China is also exploring Mars, which is obviously to improve its voice in the field of space development. Beijing’s intention is to use space development to enhance national prestige. "The biggest concern is that Chinese military space program, and the army fee to take out a lot of money to give priority to the development of the space program. Space exploration and space technology are two sides of a coin. Space craft.相关的主题文章: