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In the Anglo German policy makers and President of IMF, a reporter asked: the future of this article / Kang Lu Wang Danwei from Washington in the global economy after the financial crisis in the long-term low growth and low inflation situation, at the same time, due to the economic situation of dissatisfaction with the reflection of "globalization", a British exit is one example. How to strengthen the coordination of countries to restructure the global economy? EST on October 6, 2016, vice governor of the people’s Bank of Chinese Yi Gang, the British central bank governor Carney, German finance minister Schaeuble Wolfgang · and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Lagarde in Washington during the IMF annual meeting and delegates together, discusses on the global economy a trend. Among them, the International Monetary Fund Lagarde reiterated that the global economic growth, low income population is too small, too long, called on the leaders need to "three pronged approach" to promote monetary, fiscal and structural aspects of the whole policy tools to boost global economic growth, "if the term is too low, the global economy may not have new tools to deal with the impact of the new." As the engine of global economic development, China’s economy is going global. At the meeting, the people’s Bank of China Deputy Governor Yi Gang responded to China’s economic outlook is expected to say the most suitable to describe the status quo of China’s economy, that is, "stability". "I have more confidence in the sound development of China’s economy. Chinese GDP growth will be in the 6.5%7% interval, the job market is good." When asked how to look at the inverse of the tide of globalization, Yi Gang said that throughout history will find that isolationism will not last long. But he also said that the need to pay attention to vulnerable groups in the process of globalization, trade inequality, inequality in the global economy, "so China in G20 meeting, put forward the concept of inclusive growth." The British central bank governor Carney to participate in the discussion, the recent troubles. Carney’s political pressure on the British Parliament after Britain’s departure. Part of the British Parliament accused the British central bank to cut interest rates at the end of August, the loss of central bank independence, act with undue haste, the reason is that the central bank to cut interest rates, in order to prove that a British exit before the warnings are correct. In this regard, Carney countered at the annual meeting, said the Bank of England is independent, we have a clear monetary framework." Also recently youdianfan, and German finance minister Schaeuble Wolfgang ·. Since last July, Deutsche Bank shares fell more than 60%, so that investors panic, the total market value fell from $50 billion to $16 billion, and investors will Deutsche Bank to "Lehman second", worried about the overall crisis will trigger the European banking sector. When the host asked, "if necessary, Germany is ready to rescue Deutsche bank." Schauble declined to comment, "you asked the wrong question." Speculation, when the upcoming elections in Germany, Germany will be on whether to rescue the Deutsche Bank, continue to be cautious. Q: how do you respond to the criticism of the independence of the Bank of England? Bank of England governor Carney: we have a clear framework for monetary policy, the Bank of England is independent. Q: everyone wants to know.相关的主题文章: