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China’s police liaison officer in Rio: both the police and diplomats – Rio Rio Olympic Games has ended, the Paralympic Games are being held in full swing. Before the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio, the grim security situation caused heated debate on the Internet, until the end of the Olympic Games, we will lay down their hearts, have mixed feelings, security is not the original Rio online said so bad". However, behind the China peace competition, athletes and visitors spectators, there are several China police silently. They are the police liaison officer of the Ministry of public security. For this work, Shao Weimin, deputy director of the police in Rio to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter about their things. The role of both the police and diplomats on the eve of the Rio Olympics, BYD reporters on the Internet to notice a message: temporary police liaison officer of Ministry of public security in Brazil debut, China sports delegation, media reporters and the safety of tourists will be further protected. Police liaison officer is stationed by the Ministry of public security to our embassies and diplomatic personnel on behalf of the Ministry of public security and local police liaison work carried out cooperation in law enforcement of public security police, general office for a period of four years. In 1998, the Ministry of public security of the first overseas police liaison officer to the United States. At present, China has to the United States, Thailand, Turkey and other 33 countries stationed in the police liaison officer 68. Police liaison officer on duty, in addition to the protection of overseas Chinese to the life and property safety of the task, is also responsible for combating transnational crimes, to carry out overseas pursuit work. According to the public security department responsible person, in the past five years, a total of overseas police liaison officer to assist with all kinds of cross-border cases since 4460, our country arrest, and assist the repatriation of criminal suspects 1048. The selection of two liaison officers in Brazil was the first time that the Department of public security was stationed in Brazil as a liaison officer. The main purpose is to assist the Brazil police protection Chinese Olympic delegation, accompanied by reporters and spectators of life and property safety of tourists, the disposal of emergencies involving China citizens, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens Chinese. The two police liaison officers sent to St Paul were the temporary liaison officer of the Consulate General in Rio De Janeiro, Shao Weimin, and the interim police liaison officer at the Consulate General in Brazil, Li Jiayin. Shao Weimin said that he has chosen to experience the process of examination, interview, psychological testing and training, etc., through the selection of a process of investigation. Before going to Brazil, Shao Weimin also went to the Ministry of public security received a month of training, is mainly related to business department in the Ministry of public security practice, if it is a formal police liaison officer, also need to practice in the Ministry of public security for 6 months to 1 years. China citizens robbery police to assist Shao Weimin in May 24th this year, starting from the domestic to Rio, came to Brazil, Shao Weimin said, the first thing to do is to strengthen ties with the Brazil police, including the police called on relevant departments, set up channels of communication with the Brazil police. As long as it is involved in the case of our country, I will report the first time the museum and the Ministry of public security, and coordinate the local police to respond, and urge them to deal with as soon as possible." During the Olympic Games, Shao Wei相关的主题文章: