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Chinese a new generation of "artificial sun" EAST new world record – China news agency new network in November 2 Hefei Xinhua (reporter Wu Lan) 2 reporter learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of plasma physics, Chinese a new generation of "artificial sun" EAST new world record in the eleventh round of EAST, ongoing physical experiments in the world the steady high confinement mode. In 2012, EAST experiment to create 32 second world record high constraint mode, for the further development of the steady high constraint mode operation mode, researchers overcome many difficulties, the steady high constraint for more than 60 seconds. EAST has become the world’s first experimental tokamak fusion device to achieve steady state high confinement mode operation duration of minute order. According to reports, this experimental result is in pure RF heating, tungsten divertor and other similar international thermonuclear experimental reactor operating conditions for ITER in the future. High constraint mode is the basic operation mode of ITER in the future, in order to realize the steady operation and achieve effective divertor heat elimination, ITER will use the radio wave led into low momentum operation mode and active cooling of the tungsten divertor structure. EAST is the only one of the two superconducting tokamak with the characteristics of long pulse, and its steady-state operation mode will provide an important reference for ITER and future reactors. The EAST device, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of plasma physics are designed, developed and completely own the intellectual property rights, it is the first full superconducting tokamak device, and has hundreds of millions of "ultra high temperature, temperature of minus 269 degrees" super low "and" high current "and" strong magnetic field "," ultra high vacuum "such extreme conditions, the successful construction and operation of it is the milepost type breakthrough in nuclear fusion research Chinese. (end)相关的主题文章: