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The concept of green development, environmental protection Chinese won praise — co sponsored by Chinese national forestry bureau and the World Conservation Union "to strengthen the ecological system of governance, promoting the construction of ecological civilization" conference held in September 7th in Hawaii city of Honolulu Hawaii Exhibition Center, the main purpose is to protect natural China evangelizing achievements, spread the concept of ecological civilization. From the State Forestry Bureau, Chinese Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of construction for government officials, Chinese biodiversity protection and green development foundation, China Green Carbon Fund and other institutions responsible person, international organizations and the World Conservation Union, WWF, nature protection association representatives, experts and scholars and media representatives of nearly a hundred participants. Chinese government attaches great importance to the construction and protection of ecological environment, in the face of the grim situation of resource constraints, serious environmental pollution and ecosystem degradation, decided to establish the concept of ecological civilization, the ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, the construction of ecological civilization into economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction in all aspects and the whole process the strategic position of the construction of ecological civilization, put on the overall layout of the socialist Chinese five in one, to establish a comprehensive system of ecological civilization. Deputy director of the State Forestry Administration China Zhang Yongli pointed out in his speech, "People’s Republic of China national economic and social development of the thirteenth five year plan", with innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing five development ideas for "13th Five-Year" Moupian layout, all areas of economic and social development of each link is the embodiment of the idea of green development, at present China has the principles of sustainable development into a comprehensive national policy and planning, implementation of returning farmland to forest and natural forest protection, wildlife protection and nature reserve construction, desertification control projects and a series of key ecological projects, and has achieved great results. "The meaning of ecological civilization is broader, the need for policy guidance and support" clear, global director Makin Kniss said in a speech that introduced the natural protection solution to nature for the project alliance forests and climate change the world conservation, emphasizes the significance of strengthening the management and construction of ecological civilization ecological system. 60% of the natural ecosystems on which human beings live are being degraded. The forest ecosystem with large area disappeared, land desertification expansion, wetland degradation, species extinction, serious soil erosion, severe drought and flood disasters and eight global warming crisis. China State Forestry Administration of wildlife conservation and Nature Reserve Management Secretary Zhang Xiwu stressed that Chinese is still in the process of industrial modernization, but China cannot follow the western industrial civilization period "after the first failure of governance, to restore the road, must end with excessive consumption of natural resources and serious damage to the ecological environment at the expense of economy growth mode. The World Conservation Union is a global environmental protection organization in the world’s largest and oldest, founded in 1948 in France, Switzerland golon, agency members including more than and 200 countries and more than 1 thousand government agencies and non-governmental organizations, individual members include more than 15 thousand scientists and scholars. (Honolulu, 9)相关的主题文章: