Chengdu one family night sleeping in the ceiling suddenly fall scared senseless people-sayu-02

Chengdu one family night sleeping in the ceiling suddenly fall and fall ceiling exploded the day before yesterday evening, Pixian Mr. Peng and his wife suddenly in his sleep was awakened by the bed just above the ceiling suddenly fell down, hit on the quilt, two people really spooked. The reporter saw in Mr. Peng home of the master bedroom, the falling ceiling of about two square meters large, Mr. Peng said that he had just fallen asleep next to the children and six months pregnant with his wife, Mr. Peng’s wife Ms. Tan’s words, the moment the ceiling down, worse than the earthquake. Mr. Peng, this house is located in Pixian Shu letter road, district · Longhu; Doflamingo, 2012 to buy a hardcover room, all decorated by the developers to perform. Today, Mr. Pang found a small property management company, asking for compensation, including the renovation of the house and the family’s spiritual loss of one hundred thousand yuan. However, due to the provisions of the contract, the warranty period is two years, and this year has passed the shelf life. Wuguan company said that the renovation of the ceiling they can cope with, but as far as the spirit of the loss, they refused to compensate. Some lawyers said that the decoration does not belong to the main structure of the housing, if the accident after the warranty period, the developer can refuse to provide compensation. Currently, the two sides are still negotiating on the issue of compensation. Chengdu City radio and television journalist He Yu recommended reading: Nanchong 5 year old girl from falling 17 floor that only left leg fracture (Figure) Langzhong a car falling 30 meters cliff driver died on the spot Leshan million district a little girl from five floor fall Manlianshixue (Figure) Mianyang district public walk was falling glass hit after death (Figure) Deyang on a construction site lift 18 crashes and 1 people were injured相关的主题文章: