Chengdu 30 city road inspection completed Red Road and other sections of the road need to operate a

Chengdu 30 City Road tube examination completed four Hongxing Road section of road to move a small operation in September 16th, WCC reporter learned from the Chengdu City Administration Committee, to ensure the safe operation of City Road, Chengdu City Management Committee at the bridge since early April 2016 began to organize the 30 City Road tube were detected, at present, the work has been completed and passed the expert review and acceptance. The physical examination for the 30 cities of the city roads, including the two ring road across the board, a total length of about 53 km, with a total area of about 2 million square meters. The main contents include the detection of conventional detection, structural strength detection, detection of three special categories totaling 9 items. How to detect? Not long ago, the people of Chengdu should be aware of some strange shapes on the street. They are "doctors" for the road". For example, test vehicle lateral force coefficient, as long as the road for a circle, you can through the detected data obtained sideslip resistance when the rain is wet and slippery this road. The stronger the anti sliding ability, the safer the road is on the road." The Management Committee of Chengdu road and Bridge Department official said. There are car seemingly ordinary, but in reality there is within the universe, there are some red dots at the bottom of the car, "this is the laser flatness detecting instrument, flatness detection special path, through the diffuse reflection principle, the laser beam can" see "the human eye can not recognize bump." So you can look in the flat cement road, found the vehicle slightly bumpy let the culprit "". In addition, there is also a small hammer deflectometer, like the cardiac pacemaker, with the moving front of the tractor, intermittent pounding the pavement. This "heavy" for a square meters of pavement applied 5 tons of pressure, and then through the sensor to collect data, you can know the bearing capacity of the pavement. The detection results of the 5 road to repair at present, these 30 roads have been completed and passed the examination of expert review and acceptance, the two section, KELONG Road, East Ring Road new road 25 road detection and evaluation of Grade A and a ring road south of three, Hongxing Road four section of the 5 road assessment level B. "A road condition, B road is required to repair." Chengdu City Bridge Management Committee responsible person said. The next step, Chengdu City Management Committee Office will bridge according to the disease type, size and order of priority, arrangements for the implementation of road maintenance, repair and overhaul maintenance work, ensure road safety and normal operation. WCC reporter Xie Ranan a week infraredimages: serious accident in Luzhou three vehicles collided 1 dead 5 injured in Sichuan two old people live in a cave for 54 years in Sichuan to live Shenxianjuanlv beauty teacher will see what the real Chengdu truancy maximum area illegally built buildings are a top Street Beauty whitening beauty legs相关的主题文章: