Changsha 14 year old girl to do surgery to worry about medical expenses good hearted anonymous

14 year old girl Changsha surgery worry about medical expenses well wishers donated 10 thousand yuan anonymous Title: who anonymously donated ten thousand yuan? The girl’s father wanted to say thank you to the Liuyang girl suffering from clubfoot unable to walk, his father wanted to give her daughter a pair of healthy feet because of cerebral palsy caused equinovarus, 14 year old clear (a pseudonym) almost crawl for ten years, not to mention the back schoolbag go to school. After her mother left home, father Yi Guijian alone to take care of her. For her daughter to go to school dream, in the afternoon of November 3rd, my father will take her daughter to Changsha, ready to allow children to undergo surgery. On the afternoon of November 4th, when the father and daughter for the expensive medical expenses to worry about, a well intentioned anonymous donation of ten thousand yuan to them. Who is the man who does not want to leave his name? Yi Guijian wants to find her and say thank you. The girl at the age of 4 years in 2002, unable to walk, was born in Liuyang Chun town crane source community. Yi Guijian said, it’s mother is Shaoyang Suining people. Can walk normally clear before, but from the age of 4, began limping walk. Yi Guijian found abnormal, with her daughter to the Xiangya Hospital, the hospital diagnosed on the hoof. Due to a poor family, the family has been unable to pay for the treatment of clear. At first, Yi Guijian had used "paper splint" and other methods, trying to correct her daughter’s foot, but not the slightest effect. Since then, it can only rely on the knees, supported by the strength of hands, step by step, struggling to move. At the age of 6, she begged her father to take her to school. From primary school is four or five miles distant, it is clear for it. Yi Guijian said, had wanted to let go to school, but worried about her daughter in school again injured, therefore, has been unable to go to school. On the afternoon of November 4th, the hospital was wearing a red down jacket, sitting in a wheelchair with his hand to turn the wheel, the bed filled with snacks. She will undergo surgery on the second day. See reporters, she tried to stand up. In my father’s arm, she stood up and went out, but soon due to center of gravity, fell on the bed. Yi Guijian said his wife at home when she was 5 years old to work in Guangdong, then no news. He nursed her daughter while working side, usually in the construction site for a part-time job. See the poor father and daughter, the local town government to solve the low for them, but 320 yuan monthly subsistence allowances is an utterly inadequate measure. My daughter has not yet studied Pinyin, usually in addition to I teach her, talk with the tv." Yi Guijian said, he is the most regrettable, is unable to give her daughter normal feet. I would like to thank the donation of good people in Liuyang local media that the father and daughter after the encounter was reported, causing the attention of people of good intentions. With the help of enthusiastic people, was sent to Liuyang, a department of orthopedics hospital treatment, a week later in November 3rd, was transferred to the Changsha ring Department of orthopedics hospital, plans for surgery in November 5th. The father and daughter for pre surgical expenses to worry about, November 4th 4 pm, a good Samaritan Hospital through contact, Alipay will donate $10 thousand to clear the surgery. "I don’t know this person. I really want to call her." Yi Guijian said. The hospital is responsible for the issue of a yellow lady, a woman to see the media reports, the initiative相关的主题文章: