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Changbai Mountain Tianchi, it is related with my Sohu before going to Lake tourism, Changbai Mountain Tianchi perhaps not in my dream destination list. Last winter, one of China’s three largest Tianchi Tianchi Lake in Arxan, because there is no surprise snow cover. But during the National Day holiday, the Changbai Mountain Tianchi, braved the rain and snow climb 1442 steps, in less than a quarter of the time in front of the completely disappeared, only a man can meet true feelings, making Changbai Mountain Tianchi, became unforgettable I travel a resume. Changbai Mountain west slope scenic gate. Domestic tourists photography Huang Hua are going to see the Changbai Mountain Tianchi, not from Songjiang Fusong County of Jilin province Baishan City town on the west slope of Changbai Mountain scenic area, is north from Antu County of Jilin Autonomous Prefecture of Yanbian two town scenic area. This from the scenic West Slope of the Songjiang town of Changbai Mountain, is the four slope, the most spectacular is the most typical area volcano physiognomy. The scenic West Slope developed relatively late to see Tianchi, from the back of the tiger to climb 1442 steps to the tianchi. From the gate area to step the starting point of the more than and 40 minute ferry car, you can clearly see from coniferous broad-leaved mixed forest to the coniferous forest, Yue Hualin, the vertical distribution of shrub forest. The west slope of the Tianchi observatory. Huang Hua is located in the border of Changbai Mountain photography is Korean mountain, is the birthplace of Songhua River, Tumen and the Yalu River. Due to the Changbai Mountain Lake slope all around the slope, naturally formed four different scenic spots in the southeast. Dongpo in North Korea, listen to local people say there are very few domestic tourists to climb the Dongpo area. The territory on the southern slope of Changbai Korean Autonomous County Baishan City, not open to the public. At present, the domestic tourists to see Changbai Mountain Tianchi, concentrated in the area of the west slope and North Slope area. Along the west slope of the 1442 steps. Huang Hua photography from the West down the path along the cliff slope overlooking. Photography of Huang Hua in the middle west slope along the cliff, is also provided with a rest corridor. Huang Hua photography a distance of 900 meters, the 1442 steps of the wooden plank, should be regarded as one of the highlights of the western slope of Changbai Mountain scenic spot in, this is the only way which must be passed into the west slope area to see all the tourists of Changbai Mountain tianchi. Because the morning began to overcast, rain and snow began to climb halfway. Along the way in the scenic staff said, quickly, otherwise it is possible to close the path along the cliff. So we went up the stairs. For tourists, can see Changbai Mountain Tianchi really is a kind of fate. Photography Huang Hua Tianchi mysterious waves on the water. Photography Huang Hua cloud over the Tianchi lake. All of the friends who have been to Huang Hua will say that it is a kind of fate to see Changbai Mountain tianchi. Because even in the same day, there may be some people can see some people can not see, that day we are. If there is no Songjiang town taxi driver said before departure to the scenic area will be blocked Road 7 points, we will not advance to set off at 6:30 and went up into the mountain, about 34 kilometers road smooth all the way; if the baby is not to climb 1400 steps in nearly 1000, our family came for Changbai Mountain Tianchi, it is.相关的主题文章: