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The Champions League for Sichuan Guangdong king Chinese war Tencent sports live video Sichuan and Guangdong will have to battle the European champions CSKA Moscow Tencent sports news September 20th European Basketball Championship China will in September this year, landing China, September 28th and 30, the 2015-16 Champions League winner, seven champions CSKA Moscow, will be launched between the two in Chengdu and Shenzhen and the CBA Champions Sichuan team and Guangdong team, eight crown Sports Tencent will live video of the two games. This offseason, basketball fans have a treat, not only has the NBA China tournament, the Champions League China, Champions League before the basket China company has officially announced that the Champions League will Chinese landed in September Chinese, Europe’s top basketball tournament game will continue this gene as the original, to provide the best Chinese fans spectators experience, the organizers specially arranged the strongest European teams with the best team in the China showdown. September 28th 19:30 and 19:30 in September 30th, the Moscow Central Army will be in Chengdu and Shenzhen, Sichuan and Guangdong to start two duel. CSKA Moscow is the traditional European giants, the team with the core of Serbia defender, led the team to win the Rio Olympics silver medal and the best defender in Europe, showing tremendous enthusiasm, French basketball star Colo and other core backcourt players. As the 2015-16 season won the UEFA Champions League, CSKA Moscow in history is the Champions League crown seven. The Sichuan men’s basketball team as the CBA season Champions, now has become the focus of the team in the league this summer, winning hero Hadadi and Harris keep the team, Neiyuan, veteran Liu Wei through a series of training and early warm-up match is the team and running well, the new season of the Sichuan goal is to get ready for battle. Defending. The eight time winner of Guangdong team is also a heritage full team, although Yi Jianlian has returned to the NBA effect, but in the summer, the Guangdong team took the two foreign aid Boozer and Donald Sloan, the 35 year old Boozer was in NBA for years, and twice all star team, is a the strength of the Titans, his jumper and tough style stability can also help the team. It is reported that in September 27th, the event organizers will also work with China Basketball Association jointly held in Chengdu coach training camp, the former NBA Broolyn Nets coach Hollins and former Barcelona coach Harvey (data) Pascal will attend the training camp. (cat bear)相关的主题文章: