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College-University Centennial College is a friendly place. People from different countries .e here to work, teach and learn and live amicably. There is simply no other way to put it. The campus is huge and ac.modates all possible facilities that you can possibly think of. Of course, fun is an important part of college life but you will really need to put sincere efforts at improving yourself intellectually and as a human being. There is no escape to it. If youre at Centennial, you will have to work hard, so that youre career-ready even before you graduate. Centennial gives you a mini-world feel. And its great to be here. When I was browsing Centennial student reviews online, many students wrote that the college has a serious case of friendliness. People will say hi to you whenever you cross paths even if you have never met them. You feel that you belonged here only all through your life. Not only students, even professors are very friendly. They are the masters of their respective subjects and still are very humble. They are always ready to help you and resolve your problems. I chose Centennial for a number of reasons. First, I enjoy being in small classes and .municating directly with the professors. At Centennial, you wont feel like a number. Second, the college looks at students from all angles and accepts those who best fit their criteria. This means you get to study and develop friendships with people who are intellectually sound. Third, the college offers numerous opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, focusing on your overall development. Fourth, being a .munity college it maintains quality standards when it .es to program curriculum, summer internships, qualification of professors and employment opportunities. Fifth, the college incorporates industry field placement in almost every course. Sixth, most of the programs are affiliated with educational or professional authorities. Seventh, the course fee is less as .pared to that at other colleges in Toronto. Its affordable. However, if you find the cost overwhelming, the financial aid department works hard to lessen your burden. They may help you in finding jobs, either on or off campus. Even if you have to slightly stretch your budget, I would say that the college is worth considering. The kind of education you get; exposure you have and opportunities you avail, everything is truly worth the cost. The school is great for international students as well. I think its a great school for everyone who prefers .munity college and wants to reduce the cost of education. Its a great place for those who want to study in a racially diverse yet amicable environment. You really get to explore the cultures around the world within the college campus. The college population is extremely diverse. You will learn a lot while at Centennial. I have been here for last one year and growing intellectually as well as mentally. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: