Overview The city Cazorla is situated in the province of Jan in Spain. As per the census of 2006 it has been estimated that this city has a population of about 8200 people. Cazorla is located at 836 M elevation on the western inclination of the Sierra de Cazorla. The second largest river in Spain the Guadalquivir originates from the mountains in the settlement. History The history of Cazorla is two thousand years old. It was called Carcacena when the Romans ruled this place. These settlements were both Iberian and Roman; this was also one of the first bishoprics of ancient Christian Spain. This acted as a strategic stronghold under the Moors and was guarded by a fortress and watchtower. In 1235 there was a bitter struggle between Moors and Christians and the town was used as an outpost by Christian troops. The two castles in this town indicate the turbulence that this town has undergone during various regimes. These were originally built by Moors but subsequently altered and renovated by their Christian conquerors. Climate The maximum and minimum average temperatures in this city are 34C in July and 2 C in January. Art and Culture There are a number of fascinating places in the old town that can be explored. The streets in this town are very steep and you will find a castle precariously overlooking the surrounding countryside. The Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla Segura y las Villas is a vast area of forests and river gorges and these are considered as protected areas. People visiting these areas make Cazorla as their base. Cuisine You can drink and eat in the spit-and-sawdust bars that are available in large numbers. They serve good tapas in addition to the popular drinks. You must go in for eating local food cooked on a wood fired range. One item that is popular is the conejo made from rabbit but it could deteriorate during high seasons. Sports and Entertainment Some of the popular sports played in this town are Fishing, Bowling, Rafting, Canoeing, Horseback Riding, Snow Skiing and Swimming. Adventure sports such as trekking, speleology; paragliding and hang-gliding are popular in the natural parks. Shopping Cazalla is considered as a shopper’s paradise. You can shop items such as ceramics, leather goods, flamenco costumes, embroidery, fans, pottery, straw hats, olive oil and local cheeses. Business The economy of Cazorla is highly dependent on tourism; it hosts events in July like Cazorla Blues. Olive oil is produced in large quantities which add up to the revenue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: