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Luo Xueming Gold end adjustment into upside good Hong Kong stocks 向井裕

Luo Xueming: Gold upside adjusted into the end of positive App: Sina Finance Hong Kong Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The Sina Hong Kong columnist Luo Xueming WeChat public number (xlgg-sina) the dollar index rebounded in late August 24th, gold big level diving final callback, gold adjustment to end into the upside, will cause the global stock market rising pressure is beneficial on the outlook of Hong Kong dollar index, is good. Wednesday in Shanghai and Shenzhen two city mixed, Shanghai refers to the overall presentation of concussion situation, the 10 day moving average, 5 day moving average all fell, closing the Shanghai to close at 3085 points. The main funds are flowing out, and the trend is in line with what I said on Monday morning, and this week it will be back down. This round of rebound unfortunately, liangnengbuzu lead market rebound height is limited, this monkey city pattern has been in the vicinity of 3098 down repeatedly, believe such persistent not too strong, having a variable, when? Up or down? It’s estimated that after Friday, when Yellen talks, the big city will have the directional choice. This week, the positive or negative of the week will have a directional signal for the future. Yang, the market continues to rise in finishing, Yin means that the weekly level adjustment will come. At present, A shares of public fund positions, passive position, and private positions is very low, the insurance fund positions a lot of 10% positions, more retail is watching short positions. In fact, the funds outside the market is sufficient, but how to stimulate interest in funds, market enthusiasm is the art of entry. Recent shipments ferocious, let the market popularity again downturn, approach mood is not high. High stability Kongpan Guo Jia to suppress the market enthusiasm, the financial sector is undoubtedly the main Jiancang enthusiasm poured a pot of cold water. In the rush down, it is recommended to stabilize low absorption. Strong support position 2975, short line support 3070. After A shares of blue chips will become funding sought after object, its growth, ability to fall to attract retail investors. Moving round the market trend trend is obvious, pay attention to liquor, household appliances, medicine, brokerage, financial sector, or to avoid too large stocks, placards concept, insurance, chemical plate. The Hang Seng Index Wednesday U.S. stocks overnight received positive influence to the high above 23000 points after the turn down, fell below the 10 antenna, the highest decline reached 300 points. At the end of the session, the Hang Seng Index closed at 22820 points, down 178 points, and the total turnover was HK $61 billion 900 million. Hong Kong stocks fell momentum today become apparent, prior to the consolidation work not completed. Long low defense is strong, I believe there is support below. From the banker’s point of view, in the world is optimistic about Hong Kong stocks, the performance of the rapid drop test play, recover a large number of cattle certificate, is indeed a brilliant idea. Chinese bank and Ping China big selling enterprises index signs on the afternoon

罗学铭:黄金结束调整步入上攻 利好港股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   文 新浪港股专栏作家 罗学铭 微信公众号(xlgg-sina)   美元指数得到反弹,黄金8月24日晚出现大级别跳水最后回调,说明黄金调整要结束步入上攻了,将会对后市美元指数造成压力有利全球股市上升,对港股是利好。   周三沪深两市涨跌互见,沪指总体呈现震荡走低态势,10天均线、5天均线都失守了,收盘时上证收报于3085点。主力资金在不断流出,走势符合我周一早盘时文章说的本周将会冲高回落。   这轮反弹很可惜,量能不足导致反弹高度有限,大盘这样的猴市格局一直在3098附近上落反复,相信这样的持续性不会太强,后市有变盘,何时变?向上还是向下?估计要周五耶伦说话过后大市才有方向性选择,本周周线收阳还是阴将对后市具有方向性信号。阳,后市继续升势中整理,阴意味着周线级别调整要来了。   目前A股公募基金仓位高,被动仓位大,而私募仓位很低,保险资金仓位很多是一成仓,散户更多是空仓观望。其实场外资金是充足的,但要怎样挑起资金兴趣市场积极性进场是门艺术。近期出力出货凶狠让市场人气再次低迷,进场情绪不高。郭嘉的高度维稳控盘打压市场积极性、主力减仓金融板块无疑泼了热情一盆冷水。在冲高回落中,还是建议低位企稳吸纳。强支撑位2975,短线支撑3070.。后市A股绩优蓝筹股会成为资金追捧对象,其的成长性、抗跌能力吸引散户。市场走势轮动趋势明显,关注白酒、家电、券商、医药、金融板块,回避涨幅过大个股、举牌概念、保险、化工板块。   周三恒指受隔夜美股收阳影响,高开至23000点之上后掉头向下行,跌穿10天线,最高跌幅达到300点。截至收盘,恒生指数收报22820点,跌178点,全日成交额619亿港元。   港股下跌动力今天变得明显,此前的整固功亏一篑。多头低位防守意欲强,相信下方是有支撑的。站在庄家角度分析,在全世界都看好港股情况下上演这出快速下探好戏收回大量牛证,的确是一高招。   中国银行与中国平安的卖盘很大,国企指数午后企稳迹象明显。股王腾讯如我分析一样,出现回调,令到大市没有领头阳。国企四大天王中国平安、中国移动、中国海洋石油、中国建设银行表现强差人意,加上腾讯回调,对大市非常不利。港股目前是全球估值最低的市场,属于价值洼地,非常适合中长线投资,出现这样级别的回调是买入机会。深港通落地会让南下资金源源不断进入,不宜盲目看空港股,指数快速下跌后带来的是风险得到释放,后市将会看好。   外围有一个好消息,OPEC第三大产油国伊朗已经确定参加9月26至28日在阿尔及利亚召开的OPEC会议。对石油是利好,支撑着美股,令其相对稳定保持向上势头。美国7月份新房销售量为65万间,好于预期。八月份PMI生产指数为52.1与预期有出入。好坏参半的数据相对会对周五耶伦讲话造成压力。美元指数得到反弹,黄金8月24日晚出现大级别跳水最后回调,说明黄金调整要结束步入上攻了,将会对后市美元指数造成压力有利全球股市上升,对港股是利好。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Qianhai Kaiyuan Yang Delong at the end of the year is expected to appear this year best rebound 江西师大附中吧

Qianhai open source Yang Delong: the end of this year is expected to appear the best wave of rebound We want you! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Fund, insurance, securities and other financial institutions ability to manage information, which is better? Please click on the vote to select the strongest organization in your mind! Qianhai Kaiyuan Yang Delong: at the end of the year is expected to appear this year best rally Qianhai Kaiyuan fund managing director and chief economist of the property market regulation forced out of funds to promote the stock market Manniu market? There is a saying that the market is always in despair, in the hesitation, perish in madness. Now, the market is starting to hesitate. Before and after the Spring Festival this year, when the stock market fell to more than 2600 points, it should be said that the market is pessimistic, we are desperate for the future, worried that because of the Spring Festival during the U.S. stock market crash, A shares opened may be directly rushed to 2000 points. But in fact, it was this desperation that led to a rally in the market. Now, the market has gradually from the rebound to manniu. In the second half of the year I had proposed a point of view, is the market’s rebound has established Manniu trend. But Manniu feature is slow, it is not the kind of stock market experience before us, soon rose up quickly fell down, but narrowing in amplitude, a process at the bottom of the rising. Manniu factors driving now, mainly from the capital side. Now China’s M2 has reached 150 trillion, more than two times of GDP, and the international is generally about twice the proportion, that is to say, China’s currency is super, which led to the flow of funds in different markets. In the past, we see the seesaw effect of the property market and the stock market is not strong, but in the past three years, this effect is very obvious, that is, the stock market is strong, the property market fell; the property market is strong, the stock market fell. The main reason is that the economy is in transition, the real economy is not too many investment opportunities to absorb liquidity, not so much, these funds will run in different markets. We see, in fact, this year, in addition to the stock market rose little, the property market is skyrocketing, or even doubled, the commodity futures market is skyrocketing, gold prices also rose. This year, basically, except for the stock market, the other are soaring. Now the property market regulation can be said to have been effective, many cities in the property market has been volume and price down, especially in Shenzhen is more obvious, its turnover decreased by seven percent, eighty. In this case, the first volume fell down again. With this expectation, the funds will flow out of the property market, constantly looking for new opportunities. And A shares in the blue chip is a valuation depression, so this is the most important factor affecting the market. In fact, as long as the fundamentals of our economy do not fall sharply and maintain a steady growth of about 6.5%, the basic impact on the stock market has been reflected in the price of the stock market now. In fact, the market should look forward to, not to say that now we will sell the house immediately to stock, the sale of the house also takes one or two months. It will take time for the outflow of funds from the property market

前海开源杨德龙:年底有望出现今年最好一波反弹 We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   前海开源杨德龙:年底有望出现今年最好一波反弹 前海开源基金董事总经理、首席经济学家   调控逼出楼市资金 推动慢牛行情   ?股市里面有一句谚语叫行情总是在绝望中产生,在犹豫中展开,在疯狂中灭亡。现在来看,市场就在犹豫中开始展开了。在今年春节前后,当股市跌到2600多点时,应该来说市场是一片悲观的,大家对于后市是绝望的,担心因为春节期间美国股市出现的大跌,A股开盘可能直接就奔2000点了。但事实上,正是这种绝望的时候,市场产生了反弹的行情。那么现在,市场已经逐渐的从反弹走向了慢牛。   在下半年我当时提出一个观点,就是市场的反弹已经确立了慢牛的走势。但慢牛的特点就是慢,它不像我们之前经历的那种股市,很快指数涨上去,很快指数跌下来,而是在震幅不断收窄,底部不断抬升的一个过程。现在推动慢牛的因素,主要是来自于资金面。现在我国M2已经达到了150万亿,超过了GDP的两倍,而国际上一般是一倍左右的比例,也就是说我国的货币是超发的,这样就导致了资金在不同的市场里流动。   在过去,我们看到楼市和股市的这种跷跷板效应不强,但近三年来这种效应非常的明显,就是股市强,楼市跌;楼市强,股市跌。其主要的原因就是经济处于转型期,实体经济没有太多的投资机会,吸纳不了这么多的流动性,这些资金就在不同的市场里面流窜。我们看到其实今年以来,除了股市涨得少之外,楼市是暴涨,甚至翻了一倍,大宗商品期货市场也是暴涨,黄金价格也是大涨。今年基本上是除了股市以外,其他都是大涨。现在楼市调控可以说已经是见到成效了,很多城市的楼市已经出现量价齐跌,特别是深圳更加明显,其成交量下降了百分之七、八十。在这种情况之下,先量跌,再价跌。有了这种预期,资金就会从楼市中流出,不断的寻找新的机会。而A股里蓝筹股是一个估值的洼地,所以这是影响行情的最主要因素。实际上只要我们经济的基本面不出现大幅的下滑,保持平稳的百分之6.5%左右的基本增长,那么基本面对于股市的影响就已经反应在现在股市的价格里了。   其实对于市场应该看预期,而不是说现在我们就马上把房子卖了去炒股,卖房子也是需要一、两个月的时间。资金从楼市流出需要时间,我们只要预期到在未来的一、两个月,楼市资金会不断的流出去找出口,正如我身边认识的一些人听从我的建议,从九月份的时候就开始把房子卖掉去逐渐的抄底蓝筹,所以资金是分批流入股市的,这样的话场内的资金就会加仓。现在A股投资者的仓位是比较低的,很多大的私募甚至仓位不到两成,而很多保险公司的仓位也才一成。对于保险公司来说,它最多可按百分之三十的资产来配置股票,而现在的仓位才一成,由此看来其实保险公司是存在比较大的加仓空间。因此,我们只要预期到楼市出现了拐点,那么股市的资金就会逐步内部加仓,同时加上外部的流入,使得市场出现逐波的反弹。如果说楼市资金马上流入到股市,可能市场就不是现在这个形势了,而是快牛了。所以我们说目前市场是慢牛的原因,就是因为资金是一波一波进来的。   从美联储加息的角度来看,我觉得其加息已经可以说是在大家预期之内,那么人民币也可以说是在有序的进行贬值。对于管理层来说,我觉得央行目前是让人民币进行一个市场化的贬值,因为我们看到,其实欧元、英镑都在进行贬值,而人民币其实是在跟随这些货币进行贬值。然而如果美元走得太强,央行也会防止人民币出现一次性大幅贬值,汇率出现不稳定的情况。因为我们刚刚加入SDR,央行不可能让人民币出现大幅贬值的,所以我觉得汇率上,可能还是会延续这种小幅贬值、慢幅贬值的走势。   ?现在蓝筹股的机会应该说是相对比较确定的,在八月份我当时就写了一篇报告叫积极迎接蓝筹并购时代。我们注意到,从去年股灾之后到现在,经常会看到一些优质的蓝筹股,特别是股权分散的蓝筹股,频频被举牌。这其实就反应了产业资本对蓝筹股价值的认可。经过了去年的股灾之后,投资者也发现,与其去追一些题材股、讲故事的股票,不如去买一些优质的蓝筹。因为最终股价是由业绩来决定的,而不是以故事来决定的,讲故事的股票往往兑现不了。去年很多投资者也是因为追涨那些题材股后来损失非常大,所以股灾对于投资者来说是一种风险教育。   而从产业资本的角度来说,现在经济处于转型期,在转型的过程中大家可能看好的是一些新兴行业,但新兴行业往往还处于一个发展的初级阶段,胜负未分,很难说哪一家公司能成为行业龙头。比方说电商,十年前有几千家甚至上万家的电商,但最后剩下来的就是阿里、京东这种大的电商,其他几乎都死掉了。那么投资这种新兴行业是存在很大风险的。对于产业资本来说,与其去投一些不确定性很强的新兴产业,不如去买传统行业的龙头股。因为传统行业的龙头经历了几十年市场的检验,已经属于胜负已分的行业。那么买这些龙头股,当年就可以实现分红,并且现在经过股灾之后的股价也是很低的,这时就应该说是布局的一个好时机。   ?关于我提到的布局方向,如一带一路,白酒,券商,军工等,这些方向现在已经开始逐步兑现了。比如说一带一路最近受益于PPP工程超预期,以轨道交通为代表的这些中字头板块已经出现了大幅上涨,很多个股甚至出现了五连阳,六连阳,涨幅也超过了百分之二到三十。这个板块现在应该说还没有涨完,其与高点相比,应该也是打个四至五折,打折还比较多,后续还可继续关注。本周行情很明确,就是白酒、医药、券商表现突出,这个其实是炒深港通即将开通的预期。   本周是十月份最后的一个交易周,从下周开始我们就会期待在十一月份某一个周一会宣布深港通开通。虽然具体哪一个周一不知道,但是在深港通开通之前,大家一定会提前布局相关受益的板块。深港通受益的板块首先是港交所稀缺的,比方说白酒、医药、军工,这些都是港交所没有的。那么其开通后,有可能成为外资买的对象。其次券商是受益的,虽然其在今年上半年表现不佳,主要是因为去年上半年业绩太好,所以今年上半年券商业绩普遍是下跌百分之五十,但是我们把时间点切换到下半年的话,券商的业绩开始同比、环比都有所改善。去年下半年开始出现千股跌停,经纪业务开始大幅下滑,两融规模下降一半,所以去年下半年券商的业绩是比较低的,这样的话,今年的券商从全年来看,抛除2015年这种极端的情况,其实它的业绩是历史上最好的,甚至超过了07年的盈利。那么这样的话,大盘一旦突破前期的反弹高点之后,券商股的反弹也是比较确立的。   ?我觉得做投资的话,眼光要放得相对长远。因为在慢牛行情里市场的波动是比较小的,就是说股票的价格会出现回撤,涨多了出现回撤肯定是正常的,但是我们也要看趋势是不是往上的。比方说从去年年底我推荐白酒板块到现在,很多白酒股已经是远远跑赢大盘,虽然是经历了熔断,但今年上半年其中的很多价格还是创了新高,比如茅台。如果你在这中间做波段,可能很难做得称心称意。但是如果说你从去年年底一直持有到现在,那你实则是赚钱的,甚至赚了百分之四、五十。然而你拿其他股票可能是亏钱的,这就是说投资者需要把握一个相对长的趋势,而不是看一两天的波动。   比方说在深港通开通之前,大家可能会炒一波白酒、医药这些相关板块。而炒完之后,等到深港通开通,利好出现,可能会有一部分获利盘回吐,然后股价出现一定的回调。但是因为整个市场的重心在不断的上移,大家对这些白马股的配置比例在提高,那么市场调整之后就会很快的又有资金去接,又创一个反弹的新高,所以这种情况下我觉得波段是非常难做的。那么,现在的策略就应该是买入持有。对于持有其他股票品种的投资者,我建议大家应该积极调仓换股。其实从国家队的调度来说,也是在调仓换股。我们可以从披露的一些半年报看出,他们对于一些涨幅很大的一些小盘股、题材股在减仓,而对于一些蓝筹股在集中加仓。这就表明大资金实则是在集中,在换仓。所以对于普通的投资者来说,我们应该跟随产业资本的脚步走,跟着政府的政策引导来走。今年出台的一系列的政策,都是意在打击炒题材。如果炒题材股,可能拉一个涨停就会受到监管,相反像一些大盘蓝筹股,即使出现连续的大阳线也没有人去问。由此可见,政策就是非常明显的在引导投资者去进行价值投资,去买好股票。   ?若做中长线的投资,而不是做短线,现在是可以渐渐满仓的。例如前海开源基金在去年五月二十一号发布的公告,当时创业板泡沫太大,我们进行全面的减仓,集体空仓,一直空了将近九个月。因为我们认为趋势下降的时候就不要抄底,也不要抢反弹。等到今年春节之后,我们认为大盘已经见底了,所以就一次性把仓位加到九成,一直到现在都没有减仓。这就说明我们做的是大的趋势。现在我们既然判断后市是一个慢牛的行情,底部会不断抬高,那么这些蓝筹股的估值会出现提升,所以现在就是可以把仓位加到八成以上,到九成,这样的话就不用做中间的波段,而是通过“买入并持有”来分享牛市上涨的收益,用一个专有名词来说,其实就是乘坐收益率曲线,乘坐大盘不断上升的曲线就可以了,少做中间的波段,因为往往中间波段做的收益率都是负的。   ?其实慢牛的周期应该是比快牛要长一些。快牛我们看到往往一年就走完了,甚至有的不到一年就走完了,而慢牛的行情往往持续到两年以上,这就是说今年到明年都可以买入持有。同时,可能行情中间会面临回调,但对于回调我觉得是一个加仓的机会。虽然市场可能在指数上不会涨那么快,但是个股的机会会很多,特别是蓝筹股的估值会提升。关于价值中枢,市场从春节之后开始就是走两步退一步,每一次调整的底部都在抬高。比如说第一次调整到2700就止住了,第二次到了2830,第三次到了2930,第四次到3000就已经止步了,这一次回调可能连3000都到不了。这就是说市场回调的底部在抬高,如果是想抄底的话,可以按照走两步退一的格局,就是说这一波如果涨了两百点,那么回调可能就是一百点,在中间位置上可以考虑抓住一个加仓的时机。   举牌本质是低估,股权转让为重组   ?对于举牌概念,我已经提示了半年的时间了,就是说从股灾之后,大家会发现这个举牌量会越来越多,这是因为一些很好的公司在股灾过程中被错杀了。其实这些公司的股价已经是被严重低估,这就吸引了很多产业资本的关注。从历史来看,产业资本进入的时点都是比较好的,比一般投资者的眼光和战略会更高。因为他们并不看重短期的波动,所以更多的会是在市场悲观、恐慌的时候去买入的。这种投资风格实则有点类似巴菲特,就是在牛市里其实是不买股票的,相反只有在股灾的时候才会买。正如巴菲特所说,股灾是上帝送给价值投资者的礼物。但是在中国,真正能够接到礼物的人很少,只有一些有眼光的产业资本,包括前海开源在今年的2600点加仓,就是说如果你想接到礼物,就需要一个克服恐慌的理念。因此,我们要从举牌上、表象上看本质,那就是这些蓝筹股被低估了。   ?至于股权转让,其实更多涉及到的是行业的重组,就是说很多行业可能都存在过度竞争、集中度不高等种种的问题。通过并购重组可以提高行业的集中度、提高龙头公司的市场地位,有利于改善行业的经营,比方说最近关注的宝武合并,这样可能就会改变钢铁行业高度竞争的形态。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Half the 16127th lottery announcement first prize vacancies accumulated in 20943- Sohu 双性小皇帝

Half the 16127th lottery announcement: first prize vacancies accumulated 20943- Sohu date: August 27, 2016 the national lottery sales: 13050 yuan. The Aya GF Aya GF Clement Clement Lou Watt Ruwaini       Mooney       graph consisted of;     Orlean Orlean, the Sitebaositebao Aya g Aya Krone     srang;     M & nbsp;       sub sleep; sleep blue     Ruslan     Auxerre, Auxerre the period winning prizes winning bonus for each note should send the total prize 0 note first prize, 0 yuan a total of 0 – 0 yuan note 20943.36 yuan prize rolled into the next prize pool. The deadline for the period of awarding the October 26, 2016, overdue for Qijiang treatment. 半全场第16127期开奖公告:头奖空缺滚存20,943-搜狐开奖日期:2016年8月27日  本期全国销售额:13,050元。 主队 阿雅GF 阿雅GF 克莱蒙 克莱蒙 特鲁瓦 特鲁瓦 尼  姆 尼  姆 图  尔 图  尔 奥尔良 奥尔良 客队 斯特堡 斯特堡 阿雅克 阿雅克 朗  斯 朗  斯 亚  眠 亚  眠 兰  斯 兰  斯 欧塞尔 欧塞尔 结果 本期中奖情况 奖级 中奖注数 每注奖金 应派奖金合计 一等奖 0注 — 0.00元 合计 0注 — 0.00元   20,943.36元奖金滚入下期奖池。  本期兑奖截止日为2016年10月26日,逾期作弃奖处理。相关的主题文章:

Mwc2016 HUAWEI or push P9 phones and matebook notebooks 寻找冷恒

MWC2016: HUAWEI P9 MateBook notebook and mobile phone or push with the Barcelona MWC2016 conference approaching, major electronics manufacturers have released MWC2016 new conference invitation. Following LG electronics, Samsung and other invitations, HUAWEI also confirmed that the new product conference will be held in February 21st. But HUAWEI is only issued to the media MWC2016 new conference invitation, and no mention of what HUAWEI will release a new product, only that mobile devices will release new products to meet the needs of a new generation of mobile innovation, also did not disclose the specific products. There are rumors that HUAWEI is likely to launch a new generation of flagship smartphone P9 and the new MateBook two in one notebook products. At the same time, there are also news that HUAWEI may also be released shortly after the Mate 8 to the global MWC2016. According to earlier news that HUAWEI P9 will have a standard version of the P9, Lite, P9 low-cost version of the P9 Max and P9 enhanced version of the four version, do not support QHD resolution (1440×2560), using 5.2 inch touch screen, and is equipped with a new 950 kylin eight core processor, equipped with 4GB large memory, the main camera will support optical anti shake function.. Among them, the HUAWEI P9 enhanced version of the camera will use dual lens design, it will install dual 12 million sensors. And HUAWEI MateBook two in one notebook products will use Intel platform, support Windows 10+Android dual system, flagship portable and light market. It is worth mentioning that, LG, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers will also hold a new conference in February 21st, or will launch LG G5, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge intelligent mobile phone. Since manufacturers have chosen to debut during the MWC2016, it will never be simple, maybe there will be surprises, let’s wait and see!

MWC2016:华为或推P9手机和MateBook笔记本   随着巴塞罗那MWC2016大会的临近,各大电子设备厂商纷纷放出MWC2016新品发布会邀请函。继LG电子、三星等放出邀请函后,华为方面也证实了将在2月21日举行新品发布会。   不过华为只是向媒体发出了MWC2016新品发布会邀请函,并没有提到华为将发布什么新产品,只表示将会发布移动设备新产品满足新一代移动创新的需求,具体产品还没有透露。   有传闻称,华为很有可能推出新一代旗舰智能手机P9和新款MateBook二合一笔记本产品。同时也有消息称,华为也可能在MWC2016发布会上将刚刚发布不久的Mate 8推向全球。   据此前消息显示,华为P9将有标准版P9、低价版P9 Lite、P9 Max以及P9增强版四个版本,均不支持QHD分辨率(1440×2560),采用5.2英寸触控屏,并搭载全新的麒麟950八核处理器,配备4GB超大 内存,主摄像头将支持光学防抖功能。。其中,华为P9增强版的摄像头会采用双镜头设计,它会安装双1200万传感器。   而华为MateBook二合一笔记本产品将采用英特尔平台,支持Windows 10+Android双系统,主打便携与轻薄市场。   值得一提的是,LG、三星等手机厂商也将在2月21日举行新品发布会,或将推出将LG G5、Galaxy S7和Galaxy S7 Edge智能手机。既然厂商们都选择在MWC2016期间亮相,就绝对不会简单,说不定会有意外惊喜,让我们拭目以待吧!相关的主题文章:

Hongkong’s economy will continue to perform better this year. The retail industry suffered a negative growth. As one of the economic pillar industries 大连话张飞骂曹操

The retail industry suffered negative growth in institutions that Hongkong’s economy is still good Sina Finance client this year: the most profitable investors have a negative growth of 3.7% in Hong Kong level2 market through 2015 Hongkong retail institutions cards. Some agencies believe that this trend will continue in Hongkong retail industry this year. However, under the pull of infrastructure and other industries, Hongkong’s economy will continue to perform better this year. The retail industry suffered a negative growth. As one of the economic pillar industries, the retail industry in Hongkong has maintained rapid growth, but the retail industry in Hongkong has shrunk significantly in 2015. According to the statistics of the government of Hongkong, the total retail sales in December 2015 amounted to about HK $43 billion 700 million, falling for 10 consecutive months, a significant decrease of 8.5% compared to December 2014; retail sales in 2015 amounted to HK $475 billion 200 million, down 3.7% from 2014. The spokesman for the census and Statistics Department of Hongkong points out that the retail sales prospects of Hongkong will continue to be subject to the weak performance of inbound tourism in the short term. The Hongkong government will pay close attention to the negative impact of peripheral factors such as the recent capital market volatility, global economic outlook and the normalization of U.S. interest rates on consumer willingness, and will continue to pay attention to the impact of Hongkong’s retail performance on the overall economy and the employment market. Hongkong’s economy maintained good growth in 2015 due to the growth of infrastructure, finance and other industries. University of Hong Kong released at the beginning of the January report shows that in the fourth quarter of 2015, Hongkong economy grew 2%, 2.4% growth in 2015. Among them, in the fourth quarter of 2015, Hongkong’s private consumption expenditure increased by 3.1%, the government spending on consumption increased by 3%, but the export of goods decreased by 3.5%, and the total investment decreased by 4.9%. Hongkong’s unemployment rate remains at 3.3% level, still in an ideal state. The overall economic performance is good, from the point of view of the major agencies, Hongkong’s economy will still have good performance in 2016. University of Hong Kong released a report that in the first quarter of 2016, private consumption expenditure and government expenditure on economic growth will increase by 2.8% to 3%, but exports and investment will continue to decline, with a drop of 4.9% and 5.1% respectively. In the first quarter of 2016, Hongkong’s economy grew by 1.8% in real terms, and its economic growth rate in 2016 would be lower than 2%, lower than in 2015. Huang Yongshi, senior economist at Hang Seng Bank, said that earlier this year, the international crude oil producers failed to reach a consensus on the issue of production reduction, and the stock market, especially the stock market in China, was in turmoil, and the overseas financial markets were in turmoil. But if oil prices fall due to changes in supply, Hongkong will not only promote economic growth, but also reduce inflationary pressures. On the other hand, the volatility of the financial market may lead to a weakening of the business climate and consumer confidence, which has overshadowed the economic outlook of Hongkong. In view of the fact that there is a great uncertainty in the external environment, the January economic growth in 2016 may imply the tempestuous waves or will be inferior to 2015. The bank’s forecast for Hongkong’s economic growth in 2016 is 2.4%, and the risk of economic downturn has increased. Citigroup Report

零售业遭遇负增长 机构认为今年香港经济仍向好 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   2015年香港零售业出现3.7%的负增长。部分机构认为,今年香港零售业这一趋势仍会延续。不过,在基建等行业的拉动下,香港经济今年仍会有较好表现。   零售业遭遇负增长   此前,作为经济支柱产业之一的香港零售业一直保持较快的增长,但2015年香港零售业明显萎缩。   香港政府统计处数据显示,2015年12月零售业销售总额约为437亿港元,连续10个月下跌,较2014年12月大幅减少8.5%;2015年零售业销售总额为4752亿港元,较2014年下跌3.7%。香港统计处发言人指出,香港零售业销售前景短期内仍会受制于访港旅游业的疲弱表现。香港政府将密切关注近期资本市场的波动、全球经济前景和美国利率正常化等外围因素对消费意愿的负面影响,也将继续留意香港零售业的表现对整体经济和就业市场的影响。   由于基建、金融等行业的增长,2015年香港经济仍保持较好增长态势。香港大学1月初发布的报告显示,2015年四季度香港经济实际同比增长2%,2015年增长2.4%。其中,2015年第四季度香港私人消费开支增长3.1%,政府消费开支增长3%,但货品出口下降3.5%,投资总额下降4.9%。香港失业率则保持在3.3%水平,仍处于较理想状态。   经济表现总体向好   从各大机构观点看,2016年香港经济仍会有较好表现。香港大学发布报告认为,2016年第一季度,拉动经济增长的私人消费开支和政府消费开支仍将增长2.8%至3%,但货品出口和投资仍会下降,两者的降幅分别为4.9%和5.1%。2016年第一季度香港经济实际增长1.8%,2016年经济增速将低于2%,比2015年低。   恒生银行高级经济师黄咏诗认为,今年年初,国际原油生产国未能就减产问题达成共识,加上股票市场特别是中国内地股票市场出现震荡,海外金融市场表现异常动荡。但油价若因供应变化而下挫则利好香港,不但可推动经济增长,亦可减少通胀压力。另一方面,金融市场大幅波动,则可能使商业景气及消费信心转弱,因而令香港经济前景蒙上阴影。鉴于外围环境存在极大的不确定性,1月的惊涛骇浪可能暗示2016年的经济增长或会逊于2015年。该行当前对香港2016年全年经济增长预测为2.4%,经济下行风险有所增加。   花旗集团报告则预期2016年香港经济增长2%,略低于2015年预测数字2.5%。除内地因素外,全球贸易活动温和复苏以及入境旅客增长减慢,都对香港经济构成压力。整体而言,今年各行各业都会遇到挑战。香港零售业及酒店业经营环境承压,会推高失业率,预期会由2015年的3.3%增加至3.7%。不过,香港大型基础设施建设将继续推进,经济不至于大幅滑落。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: