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G20 Shanghai conference or focus on financial security network security into a global issue – Sohu F ed2k 杨棋涵

G20 Shanghai conference or focus on the financial security network security issues – global financial Sohu, according to foreign media reports, informed officials, how to strengthen the safety net of the global financial system will be discussed in the group of twenty finance ministers meeting in Shanghai this week. Coincidentally, in the recently released national Ministry of science and technology of the batch of national key R & D plan key projects, network security and public security prevention and control and other related information security, public safety special finalists, visible to all areas of global security related stock movements control gateway is to strengthen attention. G20 members will seek to improve the financial security network security network industry development or speed according to foreign media reports, the meeting has not yet been made public by the unidentified informed officials said, to discuss topics will include how to coordinate the foreign exchange reserves, regional emergency financing agreement, central bank swap lines and the International Monetary Fund and other resources available to deal with any possible economic crisis. This year, the global stock market sell-off and currencies volatility rose sharply, caused many of the major economies to strengthen policy coordination to market on the February 26-27 meeting in Shanghai is also increasing attention. Although the former officials believe that the countries to take joint action to deal with the possibility of market turmoil is very small, but the trend is expected to continue development, help to achieve some small agreement, especially to help non developed economies. Informed sources also said that the continued outflow of funds in emerging countries under the background of the group of twenty officials will also discuss the response to the sharp volatility of capital flows and strengthen the bonds of collective action to avoid a disorderly default IMF and reform measures. The International Financial Association estimates that only $3 billion 600 million has gone out of emerging markets in January alone, lasting for a record 7 months. Although the security network has existed, the structure is different. In Asia, in addition to the foreign exchange reserves and the development bank may provide assistance, some countries can also start the "Chiang Mai agreement" — the pool of foreign exchange reserves Chinese, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries, to create effective 2010. In addition, China has signed RMB swap agreements with several countries. The national key special involving a number of Public Security Internet Security Law hope to accelerate the introduction of nano science and technology, since the publication of high performance extreme as the 2 batch of national key R & D plan after the day before, the Ministry of science and technology, once again announced the third batch of 6 national development plan key projects, including public safety risk prevention and emergency technical equipment special, before the announcement the second batch of special, special columns in cyberspace. According to the Economic Information Daily reported, "key research and development plan", will bring related industries leap forward development. Taking Cyberspace Security as an example, network security has become a part of national security, with the security of cyberspace becoming the focus of attention all over the world. As early as 2007, approved by the Ministry of education, the establishment of the University Information Security Professional Teaching steering committee. Last year, "Cyberspace Security" officially approved to become a national discipline." In this regard, insiders said. He said that China’s first "Internet Security Law" is expected to accelerate the introduction of the order

G20上海会议或聚焦金融安全 网络安全成全球议题-搜狐财经   据外媒报道,知情官员透露,二十国集团的财长本周在上海会晤期间将讨论如何加强全球金融体系的安全网。无独有偶,在近期国家科技部公布的三批国家重点研发计划重点专项中,网络安全和公共安全防控等多项涉及信息安全、公共安全的专项入围,可见,全球对于各个领域安全 相关公司股票走势 防控网关注度正在加强。   G20成员国将探讨改善金融安全网络 安全网络业发展或提速   据外媒透露,以会议安排尚未公开为由不愿透露身份的知情官员们称,待讨论的议题将包括如何协调各国外汇储备、区域性应急融资协议、央行互换额度及国际货币基金组织等现成资源来应对任何可能发生的经济危机。   今年来全球股市遭遇抛售且汇市波动急剧上升,引发了多方对各大经济体加强政策协调的呼吁,市场对2月26-27日上海会议的关注度也在加大。尽管前官员们认为各国采取联合行动应对市场动荡的可能性很小,然而这种趋势有望继续发展,有助于达成一些小型协议,尤能帮助非发达经济体。   知情人士还表示,在资金持续流出新兴国家的背景下,二十国集团的官员们还将探讨应对资本流动急剧波动和加强避免债券无序违约集体行动的措施以及IMF改革等措施。   国际金融协会预计,仅1月份就有36亿美元流出新兴市场,持续时间达到了创纪录的7个月。尽管安全网络业已存在,但结构各异。在亚洲,除了各国外汇储备和开发银行可能提供的援助外,一些国家还可以启动“清迈协议”–这个由中国、日本、韩国及东南亚十国创建、2010年生效的外汇储备资金池。此外,中国还和多个国家签订了人民币互换协议。   多项国家重点专项涉及公共安全 互联网安全法望加速出台   自公布纳米科技、高性能极端等2批国家重点研发计划专项后,日前,科技部再度公布第三批6项国家重点研发计划重点专项,其中包括公共安全风险防控与应急技术装备专项,在之前公布的第二批专项中,网络空间安全专项在列。   据经济参考报报道,“重点研发计划的出炉,必将带来相关行业跨越式发展。以网络空间安全为例,随着网络空间安全问题成为全世界关注的热点,网络安全已经成为国家安全的一部分。早在2007年经教育部门批准,成立了高等学校信息安全类专业教学指导委员会。而去年‘网络空间安全’正式获批成为国家一级学科。”对此,有业内人士表示。他透露,中国首部《互联网安全法》有望加速出台,目前《网络安全法草案》已通过全国人大审议并完成公开征求意见,根据我国立法的三审制度,两会期间有望迎来第二次审议。   银河证券分析师表示,网络强国战略将是十三五规划的重要组成部分,核心是网络安全。另外,《网络安全法(草案)》两会期间有望迎来二审,目前窗口期已经打开。A股中蓝盾股份、绿盟科技、启明星辰等上市公司,涉及网络安全相关业务。(中国证券网)相关的主题文章:

Insurance funds placards tide risk surge, half a year placards 46 times – Sohu Finance 南京晓庄学院人事处

Insurance funds placards tide surge risk half attacked 46 times – Sohu financial insurance funds frequently placards there will be some risk, including the subject of quality may be worse than expected, it cannot guarantee the fair value of the sale of the investment exit is higher than the cost of buying resulting losses. More importantly, liquidity risk. This is mainly because of China’s insurance companies rely on the rapid accumulation in the mode of asset size, which must be on the liability side by commitment to customers better returns to related stock movements accumulated premiums, this will end strategy debt duration is very short, life insurance companies placards more long-term debt even three years once, the asset side yields can not keep up, the liability side promised yield decline, it is easy to produce concentrated surrender, there will be serious pressure on cash flow. In this wave of "placards tide", Qianhai life into the eyes of people. The company was founded in February 2012, registered capital of 4 billion 500 million yuan of insurance institutions, by Baoneng Investment Group Chairman Yao Zhenhua through its huge Shenghua joined 6 other companies initiated the establishment of Yao Zhenhua as chairman of Qianhai life. Wanbao raise a Babel of criticism of struggle "makes Qianhai life a famous battle". According to Vanke A announcement, as early as January 2015, Qianhai life on the stock exchange to buy Vanke A shares. And for the first time, the placards were July 2015. Vanke announcement shows that as of July 10th, Qianhai life through the two market cost 8 billion yuan to buy Vanke A about 552 million shares, accounting for about 5% of the total share capital of Vanke A. Less than half a month’s time, in July 24th, Qianhai life and its concerted action on the huge Shenghua two degrees placards Vanke, China Vanke holds shares 1 billion 105 million shares, representing the total share capital of Vanke 10%. As of December 18, 2015, Vanke in the total share capital, the treasure Department (Qianhai life and Ju Shenghua) held 24.26%, Huarun group holds 15.29%, Ampang insurance holding 6.18%, the representative of China Vanke partner Jinpeng information management plans to hold 4.14%, Germany won the No. 1 information management plans to hold 2.06%. Previously, shaonenggufen announced that the Qianhai life through the stock market two to buy 54050360 shares of the company, shaonenggufen now accounted for 5% of the total share capital, and does not rule out the possibility of further increase in the future; earlier, Qianhai life through the two grade market has bought 9.1% of the torch high, 16.32% CSG, and participated in the CSG non-public offering, once approved by the SFC, Qianhai life and its concerted action stake will increase to 20%. However, at the beginning of the year, the situation worsened. According to the latest news, because of the increasingly tense capital chain of Bao energy system, it has agreed to withdraw from the position of the largest shareholder of Vanke, reduce part of the shares, positioning as financial investors. At the same time, there are market rumors that the actual control of Yao Zhenhua energy system has decided to reduce part of Vanke shares. In this regard, Qianhai life related departments responded publicly: "laws and regulations on the reduction of possession of relevant provisions, the company comply with national laws and regulations."." Reporters noted that the last increase of treasure system Vanke is in 2"

保险资金“举牌潮”风险激增 半年举牌46次-搜狐理财   保险资金频繁举牌会存在一定的风险,包括标的质量可能不如预期,这样就不能保证投资退出时出售的公允价值高于买入成本从而产生亏损。更加重要的是流动性风险。这主要是由于我国保险公司在该模式下依赖快速累积的资产规模,从而必须在负债端通过承诺客户较好的收益率来 相关公司股票走势 积聚保费,这样的策略负债端久期会很短,寿险公司目前举牌比较多的负债久期甚至也就三年左右,一旦资产端收益率跟不上,负债端承诺的收益率下滑,很容易产生集中性退保,届时将有比较严重的现金流压力。  在这一波“举牌潮”中,前海人寿进入人们的视野。这家成立于2012年2月、注册资本45亿元的区域性保险机构,由宝能投资集团董事长姚振华通过旗下的钜盛华联合另外6家公司发起设立,姚振华出任前海人寿董事长。  沸沸扬扬的“万宝之争”让前海人寿“一战成名”。根据万科A公告,早在2015年1月,前海人寿就通过证券交易所买入万科A股股票。而第一次构成举牌为2015年7月。万科公告显示,截至7月10日,前海人寿通过二级市场耗资80亿元买入万科A约5.52亿股,占万科A总股本的约5%。  半个月不到的时间,7月24日,前海人寿及其一致行动人钜盛华对万科二度举牌,持有万科股份11.05亿股,占万科总股本的10%。截至2015年12月18日,在万科总股本中,宝能系(前海人寿和钜盛华)持有24.26%,华润集团持有15.29%,安邦保险持有6.18%,代表万科合伙人的金鹏资管计划持有4.14%,德赢1号资管计划持有2.06%。  此前,韶能股份公告称,前海人寿通过二级市场买入公司股份54050360股,占韶能股份现在总股本的5%,且不排除未来进一步增持的可能;更早些时候,前海人寿通过二级市场先后购买了9.1%的中炬高新,16.32%的南玻集团,并参与了南玻集团非公开发行,一旦获证监会批准,前海人寿及其一致行动人持股比例将提升至20.00%。  然而,猴年伊始,情况急转直下。最新的消息称,由于宝能系资金链愈发紧张,已同意从万科第一大股东的位置上退下,减持部分股份,定位为财务投资者。与此同时,有市场传言称,宝能系实际控制人姚振华已经决定减持部分万科股份。  对此,前海人寿相关部门公开回应称:“法律法规对减持有相关规定,公司遵守国家法律法规。”记者注意到,宝能系最后一次增持万科是在2015年12月24日前。依据规定,持股5%以上的股东在6个月内不能进行双向交易,宝能系要减持万科,需要等到6月24日之后。  “万宝之争”只是这一波保险资金“举牌潮”的缩影。这段时间,资本市场的糟糕表现让不少举牌资金陷入困境。保险资金“举牌潮”风险激增。  半年举牌46次  根据《国际金融报》记者不完全统计,2015年7月19日-2016年1月18日,保险资金共举牌上市公司股票46次,涉及上市公司26家。这些被举牌的上市公司股价究竟表现如何?保险资金的“疯狂”举牌是获得高额回报还是惨遭“滑铁卢”?  “最保险”发布的数据显示:截至2016年1月18日收盘,除万科A处于停牌状态外,共有16家曾被保险资金举牌的上市公司股价低于累计举牌交易均价,另有9家上市公司股价高于均价(累计举牌交易均价是指以保险资金最后一次举牌某上市公司股票的时间为节点,对其此前若干次举牌价格汇总计算出的平均数值)。  也就是说,截至1月18日收盘,共有16家被保险资金举牌的上市公司股价低于累计举牌交易均价,保险资金对于这些上市公司股票的投资处于浮亏状态。  其中,包括中青旅、大商股份、东新高湖、华鑫股份、新世界、同仁堂、金融街、三特索道、南玻A、合肥百货、韶能股份、明星电力、中炬高新、真视通、天孚通信、鹏辉能源等。  具体而言,截至1月18日,中青旅报收于20.30元,累计举牌交易均价为20.93元,前者与后者之差为-0.63元。以此类推,大商股份为-6.62元;东新高湖为-2.09元;华鑫股份为-4.08元;新世界为-5.83元;同仁堂为-1.75元;金融街为-0.62元;三特索道为-0.12元;南玻A为-2.16元;合肥百货为-0.1元;韶能股份为-0.55元;明星电力为-0.78元;中炬高新为-3.78元;真视通为-12.68元;天孚通信为-5.99元;鹏辉能源为-13.2元。  其中,中融人寿举牌的鹏辉能源、真视通价差最大;前海人寿举牌的合肥百货和君康人寿举牌的三特索道价差最小。  同时,9家上市公司股价高于均价,表明保险资金对于这些上市公司股票的投资处于浮盈状态,这在当下股市震荡不安的情形下实属不易。  这些“幸运儿”分别为:承德露露、京投银泰、凤竹纺织、万丰奥威、浦发银行、天宸股份、金凤科技、欧亚集团和南宁百货。  截至1月18日收盘,承德露露报收于13.56元,累计举牌交易均价为13.38元,二者之差为0.18元。以此类推,京投银泰为1.83元;凤竹纺织为0.83元;万丰奥威为8.45元;浦发银行为1.39元;天宸股份为1.6元;金风科技为0.65元;欧亚集团为0.86元;南宁百货为1.29元。  其中,百年人寿举牌的万丰奥威涨幅最大;阳光人寿举牌的承德露露、凤竹纺织,安邦保险举牌的金风科技、欧亚集团涨幅较低。  那么,在动荡的资本市场中,保险资金还能撑多久?  “举牌潮”实属无奈  要回答这个问题,先要知道保险资金“举牌潮”的内在原因。  复旦大学中国保险与社会安全研究中心主任许闲在接受《国际金融报》记者采访时指出:“举牌潮的重要原因是我国长期社会投资回报率下降,保险公司需要通过举牌并不断增持股权资产以达到按照长期股权投资核算这些资产来锁定长端收益率,屏蔽公开市场价值波动带来的成本。”  近期,保险资金大规模举牌上市公司符合市场经济发展的规律,是保险业发展壮大和保险资金市场化配置资源的必然结果,也是对“市场发挥配置资源决定性作用”这一理念的实践运用。  “保险资金运用的本质是资产负债管理,险资本轮举牌也离不开这一本质,部分激进的保险公司将原来的负债驱动型转变为资产驱动型。”许闲进一步分析说,“频繁举牌是保险公司资金运用的一种表现形式,受到宏观环境、投资选择、公司战略等多种因素的影响,有的公司举牌甚至是一种无奈的选择。”  举牌是无奈的选择?  北京保险研究院给出了相似的判断:近期保险资金举牌上市公司的行为,是在监管政策、会计准则和经济金融形势合力之下的市场行为,有着内在的市场化逻辑,且此类市场行为将在利率下行周期的“资产配置荒”环境下将继续上演,甚至会“愈演愈烈”。  “在我国央行连续降准降息、货币供给比较宽松的背景下,保险公司实际上可以选择的高回报投资标的和渠道十分有限。”许闲告诉记者,近年来,保监会陆续放开了普通型(2013年8月)、万能型(2015年2月)和分红型(2015年10月)保险产品的最低保证利率的上线,保险公司可以结合本身的业务风险结构、公司风险管理水平和保险资金运用能力等多种要素进行定价,保险公司的压力由此而来。  为了在市场上占有自己的一席之地,保险公司不得不各显身手,市场上也出现了各种高回报的保险产品。比如前海人寿、国华人寿、生命人寿、华夏人寿和恒大人寿等企业的结算利率均超过6%,再加上手续费等,保险公司资金运用的收益率只有超过10%,才能弥补对投保人的支出成本。  “其实,保险公司也存在着"资金荒"。一方面是资本市场上对权益类、不动产、和其他金融资产的疯狂角逐,另一方面又是企业内部运营对资金需求的增大。”在许闲看来,内部资金的需求来自于多个方面,一方面许多保险公司产品的定价利率已经高于中央国债登记结算公司公布的十年期国债收益率,另外保险公司的负债久期在拉长,也进一步增加了保险公司的资金压力。  除此以外,由于规模保费增长较快导致的险资对权益类资产的更加青睐。2015年前10月,我国寿险规模保费2.04万亿,同比增长40%;其中新增万能险和投连险合计6564亿,同比增长91%。万能险和投连险带来较大的配置压力。在市场收益率下行以及债券市场下行的背景下,大宗股票配置成为解决资产配置荒的主要办法。  可以显见的是,明天系(华夏、天安)、宝能系(前海人寿)、安邦系、生命以及国华这些主打万能险的机构,举牌都比较激进,前10月这些公司规模保费增速都在100%以上;而同期上市公司保费增速不足20%。  震荡市积累风险  保险资金偏爱权益类资产,“疯狂”举牌也就可以理解。那么,再回到之前的问题:在动荡的资本市场中,保险资金还能撑多久?  北京保险研究院坦言,由于股票市场的剧烈动荡导致了一些公司投资浮盈波动剧烈,也有一些投资较为激进的保险公司可能面临偿付能力不足问题,部分举牌的保险公司面临集中性和流动性的风险,个别举牌公司甚至可能利用信托计划等方式进行不正当利益输送。  在许闲看来,“保险资金频繁举牌会存在一定的风险,包括标的质量可能不如预期,这样就不能保证投资退出时出售的公允价值高于买入成本从而产生亏损。”  此外,更加重要的是流动性风险。许闲分析说:“这主要是由于我国保险公司在该模式下依赖快速累积的资产规模,从而必须在负债端通过承诺客户较好的收益率来积聚保费,这样的策略负债端久期会很短,寿险公司目前举牌比较多的负债久期甚至也就三年左右,一旦资产端收益率跟不上,负债端承诺的收益率下滑,很容易产生集中性退保,届时将有比较严重的现金流压力。”  “在目前的市场环境下,保险资金很难独善其身,全身而退。”一家保险资管负责人告诉记者,“保险资金举牌的上市公司股票大多数还是处于亏损状态,如果股市继续下跌,剩余盈利的股票恐怕也会难以支撑。其中,以杠杆资金为主举牌上市公司股票的保险资金尤为值得注意。”  其实,保监会已经注意到了“举牌潮”可能存在的潜在风险。保监会有关负责人在保险行业风险防范工作会议上表示,资本市场波动性加大是当前保险资产负债管理中存在的风险和问题之一。当前,股票投资浮盈波动剧烈,一些投资较为激进的保险公司面临偿付能力不足风险,部分保险公司举牌上市公司股票面临集中度和流动性风险。  “保险公司的资金运用,最终还是应该回到稳健经营上来。”许闲告诉记者,“随着越来越多的保险公司选择"资产驱动型"的企业战略,可能会使得这些保险公司过度使用杠杆,市场脆弱性变大。”  反观日本、美国等成熟国家的案例,固定收益投资都应该在保险资金的运营中占有重要的作用。根据微信公众号“保险智库”所计算的汇总数据,日本在2008年金融危机以后,固定收益率的资产实际上都占全部资产运用的50%以上(51.70%-54.99%),而保险公司投资权益类资产和不动产投资的比例较小,2008至2013年日本寿险公司保险资金投资权益类的比例区间为4.51%-5.86%,投资不动产的比例区间为1.80%-2.14%。  “可见,固定收益投资还是应该成为保险资金投资的重要对象,保险公司资金运用切莫舍本逐末。”许闲强调,“当然,保险公司这种所谓的资金荒是暂时的。我国近年来经济发展进入新常态,减缓的经济增速和较低的市场利率使得保险公司不得不追求长久稳定收益的投资,尤其是对于一些中小型的保险公司,激进的投资策略可能是其弯道超车的潜在机会。不过,随着我国经济转型升级的深化发展,保险公司的价值投资会逐渐回归理性,资本市场会逐渐变得成熟,投资渠道逐步增加,保险资金的资金荒也会逐渐褪去。”相关的主题文章:

The key period of Chinese insurance business in the new head coaching new challenges – Sohu financin 零七八碎的意思

The key period of Chinese insurance business in the new head coaching bottleneck of the new challenges of Sohu financial management 30 years of the establishment of China United Property Insurance have been brilliant, also suffered a downturn, is currently being integrated into the group development strategy, however, has encountered the bottleneck of the development of business structure is single, instead of taking the fare is relatively backward, once driving mechanism business ahead of the weak competition. The "man" of the Chinese property insurance is experiencing a difficult transition. The key period of the insurance guarantee fund to take over coaching experience, East Fangzi tube after the intervention, the insurance and into the stable development period. However, with the development of the insurance industry into the fast lane, China Insurance property left behind signs. During the critical period, PICC changed its core executives. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission official website disclosure, Wang Lizhi was officially approved as the general manager of the company, and the day before, the Chinese insurance official website announced that the release of significant events, the company in 2016 the fourth session of the first meeting of the board of directors, agreed to appoint Wang Lizhi as general manager of the company, agreed to Luo Haiping resigned general manager. Luo Haiping still holds the post of chairman of the board of directors, the newly appointed Wang Yi is an old insurer. He joined the CPIC in the insurance management work in 1992, and served as deputy general manager of CPIC in 2012. In addition, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission also approved Liang Yinghui, general manager of PICC Xinjiang branch, as the deputy general manager of the company, helping Wang aspire to work. Liang Yinghui is the old man born in China Property insurance. As a company founded 30 years of insurance companies, the insurance by the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps was established, the registered capital of 14 billion 640 million yuan, including the operation of property insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance and guarantee insurance, short-term health insurance and accident insurance. In 2009, the company had a large gap in solvency due to rapid expansion, and the insurance guarantee fund was taken over. Li Yingchun, who was born under supervision, was sent to the China joint holdings management group as the leader of the group. In 2010, the internal control work group of China Insurance Regulatory Commission withdrew from China Union, and Li Yingchun remained chairman and general manager. In 2012, the Oriental Information Management Company entered the China United holding company, and indirectly controlled picc. In addition to the insurance, the controlling shareholder of the company holding the insurance this year executives are also constantly changing, such as the first half, the replacement of the directors and supervisors of 10 people, entering the third quarter, the Chinese insurance holding executive shake up to further accelerate, 9 months, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a series of 5 on Chinese insurance holding appointments. As a 30 years old insurance companies, executives such a big face is relatively rare. China’s property insurance company, which has run into a bottleneck in Xinjiang Construction Corps, has the advantages of traditional, wide branches and strong intermediary channels. It has been more competitive in the property insurance market, especially in the rural insurance market. In 2006, PICC achieved premium income of 15 billion 60 million yuan, an increase of 43.82%, the business scale ranks fourth in the national property insurance market, the market share increased by 1.3%. And this 15 billion 60 million yuan premium income equivalent to 628 million yuan in 2002 more than 20 times. Because of the rapid development of business, China Insurance property appears red light of solvency.

中华财险关键期换帅 新掌门遇业务瓶颈新挑战-搜狐理财  成立30年的中华联合财险有过辉煌,也遭遇过低迷,目前正在融入集团化发展战略中,不过,却遇到了发展的瓶颈,业务结构较为单一、商车费改相对滞后,曾经拉动业务前行的大机构竞争乏力。“三十而立”的中华财险正在经历艰难转型。   关键期换帅   经历了保险保障基金接管、东方资管介入之后,中华财险惭入稳定发展期。不过,随着保险业发展进入快车道,中华财险出现掉队的苗头。关键时期,中华财险更换了核心高管。   日前,保监会官网披露,汪立志正式被批准出任公司总经理,而在前一天,中华财险官网发布重大事项公告称,经公司2016年第四届董事会第1次会议审议,同意聘任汪立志为公司总经理,同意罗海平辞去总经理职务。罗海平仍担任董事长一职,新上任的汪立志可谓是一位老保险人,早在1992年加入太保从事财险管理工作,2012年出任太保财险副总经理。   此外,保监会还批准中华财险新疆分公司总经理梁英辉出任总公司副总经理,辅佐汪立志工作。梁英辉可谓是中华财险土生土长的老人。   作为一家成立30年的财险公司,中华财险由新疆生产建设兵团组建成立,目前注册资本146.4亿元,经营范围包括财产损失保险、责任保险、信用保险和保证保险、短期健康保险和意外伤害保险等。2009年该公司曾因快速扩张造成偿付能力出现较大缺口,被保险保障基金接管,监管出身的李迎春被派驻中华联合控股管理工作小组任组长。2010年,保监会内控工作组撤出中华联合,李迎春留任董事长兼总经理。2012年,东方资管进入中华联合控股公司,间接控制了中华财险。   除了中华财险外,该公司的控股股东中华保险控股今年以来高管也不断更换,如上半年,更换董事和监事10余人,进入三季度,中华保险控股高管换血进一步加速,9月以来,保监会接连发布五则关于中华保险控股的人事任命。作为一家经营了30年的老险企,高管如此大变脸较为鲜见。   业务遭遇瓶颈   发家于新疆建设兵团的中华财险具有传统的优势,分支机构广、中介渠道强,一直在财险市场尤其是农险市场具有较强的竞争力。2006年,中华财险实现保费收入150.6亿元,同比增长43.82%,业务规模居全国财险市场第四位,市场份额同比提升1.3%。而这150.6亿元的保费收入相当于2002年6.28亿元的20多倍。   正因为业务发展迅猛,中华财险出现偿付能力亮红灯的尴尬局面。据悉,当时保险业务承保质量并不高、公司管理也存在漏洞导致一度陷入危机。   任凭在传统渠道方面的发力,在随后的十年间,中华财险的业务规模仍在持续增长。不过,面对行业爆发式增长,中华财险市场发展显得有些缓慢。   值得关注的是,今年上半年中华财险保费出现负增长,保费收入214.51亿元,同比下滑1.74亿元。而上半年全国财险市场保费收入4301.96亿元,仍为上涨,同比增长7.07%。   对此,中华财险内部人士解释称,公司保费收入主要依赖几个保险大省,上半年保险大省增长乏力导致公司业务整体放缓。据了解,在中华财险系统内部,河北、河南、新疆、湖北、浙江等算得上是保险大省。记者查阅相关资料发现,上半年中华财险各地大机构的市场份额均出现下滑,其中内蒙古市场份额下滑最为明显,由去年上半年的16.16%下滑至12.6%。去年上半年,中华财险市场排位冲上第二,下半年到现在,再次滑至第五位。   中华财险如何激发各机构的活力将成为新任总经理汪立志的一大挑战。   目前,中华联合拥有遍布县乡的基层服务网络,服务网点数量在行业排名第二。目截至2015年底,中华联合在全国设立了31家分公司,2家分公司营业部,242家中心支公司。   渠道单一成短板   对于中华财险业务放缓的原因,公司内部人士认为,一方面在于业务结构较为单一,目前市场不断有公司推出创新型产品,而中华财险仍就依靠传统的车险、责任险、农险等,渠道铺设也是中华财险的短板。   据了解,中华财险在渠道方面多年以来一直依赖中介机构和代理人员,而目前市场上很多公司早已开始搭乘互联网平台发力网络销售,这对于中华财险而言还只是一种奢望。   值得一提的是,中华财险车险在费率市场化改革方面出现了策略失误,导致业务方面被竞争对手甩掉一大截。对此,中华财险相关人士也表示,公司对市场的判断不是很准确,有些公司在车险费改之后采取了低费率、高费用来挖掘价值客户,而公司没有进行策略调整,受到了一些冲击,车险保费收入出现了负增长。   除了业务发展表现不佳,中华财险还因车险综合成本率较报批请示及其补正材料中报送的车险预期综合成本率发生重大偏离,今年5月被保监会严令暂停部分地区车险费改新品。这对于业务明显放缓的中华财险来说,无疑是雪上加霜。   虽然业务放缓,但中华财险的盈利能力仍表现出强劲的实力。中华财险2015年年报显示,公司总资产530.34亿元,已赚保费354.15亿元,净利润24.46亿元,同比增长31.9%。北京商报记者注意到,中华财险去年31亿元的投资收益直接助益其净利润,但在今年的投资环境下,净利润势必受到影响。根据中华财险二季度偿付能力报告显示,上半年其净利润约为10亿元。   从中华财险经营的主要险种来看,2015年度保费收入居前5位的商业保险分别是车险、意外伤害及健康险、责任险、企业财产险、工程险。   突围寻出路   目前,中华保险控股制定了2014-2018年五年战略规划,产、寿、资同时发力,通过启动产险卓越工程全力推进电商战略,强化集团IT体系建设等举措推进集团化进程。中华寿险公司已于2015年开业,万联电商作为中华保险探索互联网保险的重要抓手,也已于2015年年中挂牌开业,中华保险集团的雏形已经初步形成。中华联合控股的集团化运作,对于中华财险未来业务联动发展很可能产生助力。   其中,万联电商的成立被公司赋予重要意义,以试图改变以往渠道单一的局面。据了解,万联电商成立后将致力于打造一个为集团和股东单位各子公司产品销售、客户关系管理、股东集团资源整合提供服务的综合性电商平台,该电商公司除了助力中华财险销售产品外,还会与寿险公司进行对接,帮助销售寿险公司的产品,还会协助其股东公司销售相关产品,并为集团各子公司客户提供基于互联网平台的良好服务。   不过,保险公司目前所设立的电子商务公司在发展过程中并非完全尽如人意。某保险公司战略发展部门人士坦言,自己所在保险公司设立的电子商务公司,成立至今并没有什么实质性的进展。有些保险公司在电子商务领域尚未有清晰的路径和十足的把握,目前的人均产出较低。已开业主打网销业务的中华人寿,很可能为财险发展互联网业务提供经验。   值得关注的是,中华联合控股总经理李迎春曾透露,在中华联合控股的战略框架内,要力争在2020年全面建成中华保险集团,在加强集团化建设方面,确保资产管理公司尽快批筹开业,力争农业保险公司尽快批筹,还要择机成立财富管理(销售)公司和养老年金公司。 届时,中华财险的农险业务很可能将剥离至农险公司,自身需要更多的业务创新来闯出一条路。相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong Stocks Index in August rose 5% expert September hike shadow 大庆师范学院

Hong Kong Stocks Index in August rose 5% expert: September hike shadow hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference Hong Kong stocks also worth the investment? What is the problem? Where is the future? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Sina Hong Kong News in August last trading day, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index fell below twenty-three thousand, the market on Friday (2 days) U.S. payrolls data, Hong Kong stocks this morning opened 26 points after a narrow range, a day or 39 points, at 22976 points. The country fell 55 points, at 9541 points. Board turnover 68 billion 842 million yuan, 13% more than the day, U turnover reached 6 billion 738 million yuan, accounting for turnover of nearly 10%. Check the 8 month, as part of the performance period, the blue chip performance, plus the Shenzhen Tong news to stimulate the continuation of HSI 7 month rally, and had exceeded 20000 sanguankou and a 9 month high. The Hang Seng Index rose 1085 points a month or 5%. While the index of state-owned enterprises accumulated up 582 points or 6.5%, at 9541 points. In August the best and worst performance in August, the Hang Seng Index constituent best and worst in September and refers to the constituent stocks of the Fed will raise interest rates on interest rates, capital market concerns, but Hong Kong stocks trend in September, two securities expert opinions are different. CMB international strategist Su Peifeng said that since June the British and European referendum after low, Hong Kong has been tired up more than 3000 points, because the market for central banks will drain, make money into Asian stock market. But judging from the recent months in Europe, Britain and Japan on a small scale, the future of Hong Kong Limited help. Su’s expected the United States this year will increase interest rates, but larger opportunities will be postponed until December, unless this Friday (2 days) announced the payrolls data such as "surprise", otherwise the September rate hike may not. However, because of the interest rate before the worries, Hong Kong stocks next month or occasion is adjusted to 22000, if interest rates fall deeper will come true. Su Peifeng added that, at the beginning of the September G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou in October Chinese false, and the six plenary session, investors will have the vision of stabilizing measures. However, the recent performance of A shares is stable, Hong Kong stocks tend to follow the peripheral development, also affect the trend of A shares on the Hong Kong stock co.. Financial commentator Li Weijie said that the recent good news directly on the Hong Kong stock have been digested, expected in September will be more passive to Hong Kong stocks, mainly from the impact of foreign capital. He pointed out that because the currency is pegged to the dollar, Hong Kong stocks and Hong Kong dollar in Europe off after the more strong and stable. Hong Kong stocks are expected next month to challenge the 23500 level support for the 21700 level, at the beginning of the month will be to narrow the development. Li Weijie believes that the U.S. Federal Reserve if interest rates next month, will have a negative impact on emerging markets, while Hong Kong stocks will also take a wait-and-see attitude. The next month on Europe

港股恒指八月涨5% 专家:9月加息阴影笼罩 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   新浪港股讯 8月最后一个交易日,港股恒生指数跌破二万三,市场观望周五(2日)美国非农就业数据,港股今早高开26点后窄幅上落,全日跌39点,报22976点。国指跌55点,报9541点。主板成交688.42亿元,较昨日多13%,当中U盘成交达67.38亿元,占全日成交近一成。   盘点整个8月,因处业绩期,部分蓝筹股表现理想,加上“深港通”消息的刺激,恒指延续7月升势,并曾突破二万三关口兼创9个月高位。恒指一个月涨1085点或5%。国企指数则累升582点或6.5%,报9541点。 8月份表现最佳及最差恒指成份股 8月份表现最佳及最差国指成份股   而9月份美联储将议息,市场忧虑加息资金,然而港股9月的走势,两位证券专家意见各有不同。   招银国际策略师苏沛丰表示,自6月份英国脱欧公投后低位计,港股至今已累飙逾3000点,皆因市场憧憬各国央行会放水,令资金流入亚洲股市。但观乎近月欧洲、英国及日本的放水规模细,未来对港股的帮助有限。苏氏预期美国今年内会加息,但较大机会会延至12月,除非本周五(2日)公布的非农就业等数据有“惊喜”,否则9月份加息可能不大。不过,因议息前的忧虑情绪,港股下月或借势调整至22000,若加息成真将跌得更深。   苏沛丰续指,9月初G20峰会将假杭州举行,10月中国又有六中全会,投资者皆憧憬会有维稳措施。惟近期A股表现平稳,港股则倾向跟随外围发展,A股走势对港股影响亦有限。   财经评论员李伟杰表示,近来对港股的直接利好消息均已被消化,料9月港股会较被动,再上冲力主要来自外国资金。他指出,由于港元与美元挂勾,港股和港元在脱欧后更为强势和稳定。预计港股于下月能挑战23500水平,支持位为21700水平,月初将以窄幅发展。   李伟杰认为,美国联储局若于下月加息,将会对新兴市场带来负面影响,而港股亦会持观望态度。其又估计下月欧洲央行议息将不会带来大变化,而日本的经济数据较预期差,不排除日本会再次推行“直升机撒钱”等政策,但作用有限。   李氏亦预料,中央政府或在此期间会作股市稳定措施,G20峰会前后的A股会持续稳定,惟不会有大惊喜。而若要A股成交量上升,中央政府需推出相关政策吸引投资者,相信3000至3100水平会是新整固。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

St Shun vessel company 25 million yuan of overdue securities financing Sohu 威海海洋职业学院

*ST Shun vessel company 25 million yuan of overdue financing – Sohu securities panorama news network February 19th *ST Shun ship (002608) on Friday afternoon announcement that the company is a subsidiary of Jiangsu sainty ship development limited due to the tight liquidity, resulting in overdue financing situation. Announcement shows that the development of the company in August 2015 17, the Bank of Nanjing Limited by Share Ltd for the 1 bank acceptances business, par value of 50 million yuan, 25 million yuan deposit related stock movements, financing exposure for 25 million yuan. The financing business has expired, the company failed to develop the acceptance drafts. As of February 17, 2016, the company owned subsidiary of overdue amount of financing 60 million yuan. The company said, in view of the above situation, the company is actively studying countermeasures. At present, the company is actively negotiating with financial institutions, for proper handling of these overdue financing. Because of the above treatment scheme financing overdue items are still under study, so this announcement of the financing of overdue matters influence on the company’s current period profit or profit after is uncertain. (cninfo-new disclosure szse_sme bulletin_detail panorama network) true 1201986967 announceTime=2016-02-19%2011:40 Author: Lai Jianing?

*ST舜船子公司2500万元融资款逾期-搜狐证券   全景网2月19日讯 *ST舜船(002608)周五午间公告称,公司子公司江苏舜天船舶发展有限公司由于资金周转紧张,造成融资款逾期的情况发生。  公告显示,发展公司于2015年8月17日向南京银行股份有限公司申请了1笔银行承兑汇票业务,票面金额为5000万元,保证金为2500万元 相关公司股票走势 ,融资敞口为2500万元。现该笔融资业务已到期,发展公司未能承兑该银票。截至2016年2月17日,公司控股子公司逾期融资额6000万元。  公司称,针对上述情况,公司正在积极研究应对措施。目前,公司正积极与金融机构协商,争取妥善处理上述逾期融资款。因上述融资款的逾期事项的处理方案尚在研究中,故本次公告所述的融资款逾期事项对公司本期利润或期后利润的影响尚无法确定。(全景网)   cninfo-new disclosure szse_sme bulletin_detail true 1201986967?announceTime=2016-02-19%2011:40  作者:赖嘉宁相关的主题文章: