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Beautiful shape but there are security risks packaging in the killer – People’s Health Channel –

Beautiful shape but there are security risks: packaging, "killer" – People’s Health Channel – people with the development of the Internet, people’s lives more and more convenient. Now, all kinds of takeaway, tea room service, so that we can stay at home and enjoy a variety of delicacy. Today, let’s talk about the hidden dangers of these designs, which are getting better and better. Some unscrupulous traders in order to reduce the cost, will use plastic tableware some quality standards for food. These plastic tableware with adjacent benzene two formic acid ester plasticizer plasticizer etc., these are often used for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, can make hard plastic become more soft and elastic. According to the global network reported, including plasticizer titanate, can interfere with the endocrine system of human body, especially the impact of the male reproductive system, there are hazards to the fetus malformation. Service personnel in plastic tableware packing food for the customer (source: Xinhua News Agency Liu Junxi) in addition to takeaway packaging, coffee, tea, instant noodles, potato chips and other food and beverage packaging is also a security risk. According to the "West China Metropolis Daily" reported that in the selection of food, fruit preservation film, you should try to choose PE material or PVDC material cling film. When using a plastic wrap, avoid heating or wrapping the food with food. In addition, the need to pay attention to the use of microwave heating plastic boxes, plastic boxes will release some plasticizer after heating, harmful to the human body. According to the "Health News" reported that the plastic packaging of different figures represent different materials, the number "1" to the number "7" on behalf of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), HDPE (high density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), LDPE (low density polyethylene), PP (poly (propylene), PS PC (PS) and other classes). In the plastic material, only PP (polypropylene) can be used for the production of microwave meal, 130 degrees high temperature resistant, can be used for heating. Needs to be emphasized is that there is a box body and a box cover box are made of different materials, some of the poor heat resistance, to separate with the box body, not at the same time in microwave oven. (Liu Lu) this paper by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, associate professor Wang Donge conduct scientific checks.   (commissioning editor: Yao Xinyu, Zhang Xi)相关的主题文章:

Physical examination of those things – what is the significance of urine routine examination – Sohu -demonophobia

What is the physical thing — the routine examination of the urine? – what is the Sohu health 306 health management routine examination of the urine? Urine is a preliminary examination can not be ignored in clinical practice, many early renal lesions can appear albuminuria or urinary sediment in formation. Once found abnormal urine, often the first indication of kidney or urinary tract disease. In ancient China, there is a view of "urine disease", which shows its importance. The urine routine examination, can also assist in the diagnosis of other diseases, such as diabetes, acute pancreatitis, acute and chronic hemolysis, acute and chronic hepatitis, hypertension, acute mercury poisoning. Therefore, the routine urine examination is an important examination method for the most simple, painless, rapid, and it is also one of the indispensable basic project in health examination. Should pay attention to what matters before the routine examination of the urine? 1, urine samples of the time: general should try to use fresh morning urine, because the night drinking less, kidney to multiple components in urine are stored and concentrated in the bladder, easy to check, increase the positive rate. If it is not convenient to do, other random urine can also be retained. However, it should be taken as a good urine. 2, the general requirements of women to take urine samples to avoid the menstrual period, in order to prevent vaginal secretions mixed with urine; men do not mix prostate fluid, etc., so as not to affect the results of the examination. Such as urine bacteria culture, to carry out external disinfection or cleaning. 3, urine specimens must be fresh. The urine parked a few hours later, white blood cells can be damaged and cause pyuria disappeared, glucose is bacterial decomposition, tube damage, cell lysis, red blood cell change problems will arise, will affect the accuracy of inspection results. 4, stay in the middle of urine. According to the sequence of urination, urine can be divided into anterior, middle and posterior segments. Because the forepart urine and the back section of the urine is easily contaminated, therefore, urine and urinary bacteriology inspection generally urine. 5, the amount of specimens should be sufficient, in general, the conventional detection and collected 20 milliliter, such as the need to do is to separate urine specific gravity detection at least 100 ml of urine and other special inspection should be required to take adequate amount. 6, do not eat a large number of vitamin C fruit, food, do not take a large number of vitamin C drugs, so as not to affect the accuracy of results. 7, keep the container specimens to clean, dry, bacterial culture specimen containers to prevent bacterial contamination; disinfection, take timely after inspection, if not timely submission, should be kept at 4 DEG C, the specimen must avoid sunlight, to prevent the decomposition of bilirubin in urine. 8, check and try not to strenuous exercise or overwork. 9, some urinary tract infection often pyuria is intermittent, so it should repeatedly check the urine routine, not with a results. 10, the use of antibiotics after inspection may affect the results of urine. (Editor: Jia Haiying editor: car Cheng Hua proofread: Wang Zhen) by No.306 Hospital health management center of editing, belongs to original author, please indicate the source相关的主题文章:

Yiwu guy to spend more than 20 thousand to build a F1 car that you want to do a Maybach (Figure)-巴雷特m82a1

Yiwu guy handmade flower more than 20 thousand F1 racing says to want to do a Maybach (Figure) Yiwu small handmade flower more than 20 thousand F1 racing Yiwu guy handmade flower more than 20 thousand F1 car in Yiwu there is a guy with a hand built F1 racing, the news recently maxed out the circle of friends, many people also specially come to see. The car look, some people even willing to pay for it. Yesterday, the evening news reporter went to the village of Yiwu Jiangdong Street Bailian asked the young man, an old roadside rest admiring a guy, "the brain is very good, even the car made out." The elderly also take the initiative to bring the reporter found the guy’s car. Here, the reporter saw the legendary F1 formula car. His car appeared on the network after the people often see him for a fresh guy named Lin cars less for the more than and 30 year old, but he is not at home, only his wife in. Yiwu guy spend more than 20 thousand handmade F1 racing his home is a half – and a half of the farmers in the room, there is a small courtyard in the middle of the 3. The middle of the yard, an ordinary car three car length of the car some old cloth covered, showing only four wheels. "This is what my husband made." She was embarrassed to say. Who drove the old cloth, the car appeared in front of a weld on the body, and iron beat mark. In recent days, more than a little rain, the body is rusty, only in the rear part of the spray paint some. Compared with the body, the four sturdy wheels are particularly eye-catching. Seeing him will not come back, the reporter had to contact him on the phone. Originally, a few days ago, Lin less for himself just made good car pulled to the road test car, the maximum speed can run up to 60 kilometers, has caused a sensation throughout the village, many people came from the home crowd, and took photos to the circle of friends. He became famous all of a sudden. These days he often received a phone call, some people come to see the car every two or three days. The engine is Taobao bought this car spent twenty thousand yuan less for Lin said his childhood had cars dream, but the real beginning of cars, from the beginning of 2013. That year he did jewelry business, there is a period of time less orders, more idle, they can not think about a round childhood dream. So, he is looking for information on the Internet, starting from the transformation of the electric tricycle, mounted on the cab, install the lamp, the distance is a kind of power, but a point of difference. Then he thought of a gasoline powered car. "I made 6 cars before the car." Some of his words of pride, it is these experiences, so he accumulated some experience. "I can’t draw a low cultural level, the car is his drawings, with a monolithic block trying to do out." He said that the car looked simple in fact difficult to do, no drawings, two no accessories; no tools, all by his own three. Fortunately, he was a teenager with cousin learned welding craft, in front of a few car experience plus, took two months and finally made out. The engine is coming from the Internet, some accessories are purchased on the market, about twenty thousand before and after the purchase.相关的主题文章:

The Belgian sports scholars called for more Chinese football management personnel to learn –

The Belgian sports scholars called for more Chinese football management personnel to "learn" – Beijing, China News Agency, Brussels (reporter Shen Chen) in October 6, the Belgian famous sports scholar Josh recently pointed out that China football to the sustainable and healthy development, not only need to strengthen the technical and tactical aspects of learning, more needs in football management under large strength, catch up with the advanced level in the world. Brussels (the Netherlands), free university sports management professional tutor Professor Josh in an interview with News Agency reporters interview made the above statement. His figurative analogy points out that a football game is not limited to two goals or a court. Around this field, there are many derivatives industry need football to management. He called for more Chinese football managers to Europe to learn management experience and knowledge. Only in this way can we improve the level of Chinese football. Josh is also the founder of the international football business school. In the class of International Football Business College, there will be many professors of economics, finance, management, sports medicine, news and so on. In Josh’s view, football is a university asked, not just football skills and tactics. If you want to be a good football manager, you must have all kinds of experience. Recently, foreign disclosure, China intends to bid for the 2030 world cup. Josh believes that in order to host the world cup, the national team is good or bad results, on the one hand, how to organize and manage the game is crucial. Europe is the birthplace of modern football, held over the world cup, in the football tournament organization, management has a unique advantage. At the same time, FIFA headquarters in Zurich, switzerland. Chinese football managers should come to Europe to learn more, and FIFA, UEFA’s peers to communicate, establish a strong interpersonal relationships. These focus on peacetime effort, is a very important factor in the success of a race. Josh said, China football spent a lot of effort to improve the football technical and tactical level, Chinese young players figure has appeared on the European football field. However, China football will not pay great attention to the green on the sidelines for learning, which will affect the future of the sustainable development of Chinese football. Josh to create the International Football Business College, for example, the latest issue of course there are many Asian faces, but fewer Chinese football figure. Josh believes that this is a pity. But the good news is that there is already a Chinese student scheduled for the next semester. Perhaps, in the near future, there will be more and more Chinese football players in Josh’s class. (end)相关的主题文章:

The man and his wife divorced about 3 love for his ex-wife still

The man and his wife divorced about 3 love for his ex-wife said he still remember just the end of a relationship, and people want to have a chat life. The reporter thought he was telling the story of the heroine is his ex girlfriend. Did not expect, he said most of his ex-wife. He said his favorite song is "silent ending", every time I heard the phrase "maybe I will forget, maybe I will miss you more, maybe not……" Can not help but want to cry. Talk to people: the male, 49 year old ye, interview time: November 6th interview: reporter Zhang Lili Ye readme: 1, after the divorce, did not encounter a better woman that night, I a person drank half a bottle of liquor, looking at the empty room, felt very uncomfortable. Think of these experienced entrepreneurial and emotional ups and downs, was overcome by feeling of sorrow. I found my favorite woman is still ex-wife snow. When I met snow white, she was reading junior. The summer vacation, she went to an internship, and I know just laoliang boss. Laoliang in office, I saw the snow over the tea. She’s the kind of girl I dreamed of. In the evening, I hurried laoliang arranged for us in a hotel official met. Snow from the countryside, hoping to take root in the city, I am quite satisfied with. In order to facilitate contact with snow, I specifically bought her a pager (when the pager just began to be popular). I will give her a message every day, the weekend also took the time to go to school to find her, ask her to dinner, accompany her shopping, immersed in the sweet love. We fell in love for a year, in July 2000, she graduated from the University back to Xuchang. National Day in the same year, we two hand in hand into the marriage hall. After marriage, we live with our mother. Snow soon found a job. She is frugal, rarely buy clothes and cosmetics, a good mood every day. In 2003, our son was born, our family has more joy. In 2008, the state-owned enterprises in which I was bankrupt, I suddenly became laid-off workers. At this time, I have nearly 40 years old, looking for a job is difficult, want to start a business and lack of funds. During that time, I was very depressed, a lot of pressure. The snow is busy working and taking care of the children every day, not noticing the change in my mood. In order to find a suitable investment projects, I surf the Internet every day at home. For recreation, I also learned QQ chatting and playing games, often sit at the computer desk in the middle of the night. The snow has gradually complained to me. The Mid Autumn Festival, her unit to each worker sent two boxes of fruit. Snow with a bike trip with endless, told me to ride the electric car to the guard room to help her bring another box. I heard her words, like a sensitive hedgehog, she scolded: "don’t send two boxes of fruit, show what! A trip without you I’m not going to run twice!" She was flushed with anger, riding a bicycle to a box of fruit also brought back. National Day is our wedding anniversary. My classmates and I had dinner, back home to see her completely drunken, and his son has been sleeping. I was watching TV in the living room, while drinking tea. The wine came up and I broke a cup..相关的主题文章: