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Day letter investment today’s closing or not appear sharply 天道圣人之星辰天尊

Day letter investment: today’s closing or not a sharp decline in capital flows thousands of thousands of hot columns on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares Sina speed Kanpan finance client: the most profitable investors in Tianxin investment review before the Spring Festival, the last trading day, the market shrinkage adjustment, the stock is not lethal. Weight plates, banks, transport equipment, hotels, restaurants and other small plate rising, securities, real estate, construction and other sectors decline in the top. Conceptually, the concept of gold, St, oil and gas reform, ecological agriculture and other concepts rose, and lithium batteries, virtual reality, charging pile, rare earth permanent magnet and other concepts fell. During the Spring Festival holiday news: stock markets in Europe and America have plummeted; Zhou Xiaochuan won’t make too much speculative forces leading currencies mood, prevent the mutual impact of the domestic financial market; the central bank [micro-blog] issued a document to regulate business in the national inter-bank bond market counter; MSCI welcome China relax QFII Investment Limited, June A shares into the fed to make the final decision; the chairman said on the 11 does not exclude the possibility of negative interest rates; "13th Five-Year" energy planning to enter the final stage; during the Spring Festival of offshore RMB against the U.S. dollar by 0.92%; after the first week of the two restricted shares lifted the market value of about 85 billion 800 million yuan. During the Spring Festival, the peripheral market generally declined, but rebounded on Friday, in which the US index was relatively strong. At Deutsche Bank, Yellen’s testimony is less than expected, the huge loss of the DPRK satellite launch, in the context of the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, the future global economy is expected to remain weak, the market risk appetite reduced. These undoubtedly for the A shares today’s trend to form a greater pressure, is expected to open the probability is not small. For a long time without the public voice of the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan suddenly in the Spring Festival is approaching the end of the talk about the focal problems of RMB exchange rate and macro Prudential policy framework and digital currency, the devaluation of the problem, Zhou Xiaochuan was "inside and outside" propaganda from three aspects: the 19 time Zhou Xiaochuan mentioned the term "speculation", the statement of speculators is flexible and has a certain effect on the stability of financial markets. For the post festival market, the author still maintained the overall view of many, but the height is lower than expected. At the beginning of March, NPC and CPPCC forthcoming, and other reforms expected dividend policy will be reflected in the market reaction. Technically, there is a rare crash in the month, and the probability of continuing to slump in the next month is very small, while the probability of repair is relatively large. If the smaller external interference in A shares of it, so the market can still continue after a week before the beautiful trend, and now the periphery will crash, have some impact on the confidence, is expected to rebound after the holiday heights will be greatly reduced, the market will increase the complexity of the market will be in shock, slow upward. For today’s trend, the author believes that after the low opening will start upward repair market, and the final closing, more inclined to small or small rise. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. theory

天信投资:今日收盘或不会出现大幅下挫 热点栏目资金流向千股千评个股诊断最新评级模拟交易客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   天信投资   回顾春节前最后一个交易日,市场出现缩量调整,个股杀伤力不大。权重板块上,银行、运输设备、酒店餐饮等少数板块上涨,证券、房地产、建筑等板块跌幅居前。概念上,黄金、st、油气改革、生态农业等少数概念上涨,锂电池、虚拟现实、充电桩、稀土永磁等概念跌幅居前。   节日消息:春节期间欧美日股市相继暴跌;周小川称不会让投机力量过分主导汇市情绪,防止国内金融市场相互冲击;央行[微博]发文规范全国银行间债券市场柜台业务;MSCI欢迎中国放宽QFII投资限制,6月就纳入A股做出最终决定;美联储主席11日表示不排除实施负利率的可能性;   “十三五 ”能源规划编制进入冲刺阶段;春节期间离岸人民币对美元升值0.92%;节后首周两市限售股解禁市值约858亿元。   春节期间,外围市场普遍跌幅不小,周五则有所回升,其中以美国指数相对较为强劲。 在德意志银行巨亏、耶伦证词不及预期、朝鲜发射卫星、中东乱局不断的背景下,全球未来经济的预期依旧偏弱,市场风险偏好降低。这些无疑对A股今天的走势形成较大的压力,预计低开的概率不小。   许久没有公开发声的央行行长周小川突然在春节假期临近结束之际谈及人民币汇率、宏观审慎政策框架以及数字货币等诸多焦点问题,针对人民币贬值的问题,周小川从三个方面进行了“内外”喊话:周小川19次提及“投机”一词,对投机者的表态可谓刚柔兼备,对维稳金融市场有一定的作用。   对于节后的市场,笔者依旧保持着整体看多的观点,但高度较预期有所降低。3月初,两会即将召开,改革以及其他的政策红利的预期将在市场上体现得到反应。技术上看,一月出现了罕见的大跌,次月继续暴跌的可能性很小,而以修复的概率则较大。如果说干扰A股的外部因素较小的话,那么节后的市场依旧能延续节前一周的漂亮走势,而如今外围大跌,势必对信心有所冲击,预计节后反弹的高度将会大为降低,行情的复杂性将增加,市场将在震荡中缓慢上行。对于,今天的走势,笔者以为低开之后将会展开向上的修复行情,而最后的收盘,更倾向于小幅小跌或者小幅上涨。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

A number of hotels have entered the post merger era focus on domestic consumption upgrade – F 澳门科技大学是几本

Many hotels entered the "post merger era"   focus on domestic consumption upgrade — Finance — original title: hotel into the "post merger era" focus on domestic consumption upgrade Xinhua Shanghai October 6th news (reporter Chen love Wang Hok) recently, the first brigade, as announced the integration of the acquisition of Jinjiang Kang platinum; after Chinese, the first flagship store started trial operation. The tourism enterprises represented by the hotel groups have entered the post merger era". It is not difficult to find that, in any case, the integration of the company’s business, these enterprises have aimed at the trend of China’s consumer consumption upgrade, layout of high-quality tourism products. In April 2016, Home Inn group became the first hotel group holding subsidiary. The information system, reservation system and membership system of the first brigade Hotel and Home Inn will also be integrated and unified, and the integration of the project will be completed in the next 18 to 24 months. First brigade said that attention to the development of high-end market will become the focus of business integration of the new company. First brigade Hotel announcement showed that in the two quarter of 2016, Home Inn group all hotel RevPAR (average per room income) year-on-year growth of 3.6%, high-end hotels and Yi, such as home selected brands grew by 14.3% and 34.8%, respectively. In March last year, Jinjiang shares completed a 100% equity acquisition of France’s Louvre group, the second largest hotel group in Europe, with multiple brands incorporated into Jinjiang. Subsequently, Jinjiang began to focus on Campanile (translated as "Kang platinum") introduced into the Chinese market. According to Jinjiang stock relevant responsible person said, pay attention to quality, have certain cultural characteristics of the hotel, increasingly welcomed by consumers, but also become the company’s profit growth point. It is not difficult to find that the "Jinjiang capital" with the highest quality of service as the main brand of "Jinjiang capital" is the highest RevPAR in all kinds of "limited service" hotels. As of July this year, "Jinjiang capital" RevPAR reached 233.17 yuan. Industry insiders believe that tourists from the base of view, with the Shanghai Disney Park Park, tourism destination in East China is becoming richer, it also let more domestic and foreign tourists to travel. From the demand of tourists, some tourists from the simple "in-house", upgrade to the requirements of the "experience", in addition to the hotel facilities, health conditions to achieve higher standards, the hotel culture, including bedding color, hotel lobby furnishings, have become an important element in the tourist Select Hotel. In fact, in recent years, the capital operation of tourism industry is not uncommon, and most cases are focused on a concern – the upgrading of China’s consumer demand and level. Following the acquisition of Club Med, Atlantis investment since the Fosun Group recently with Europe’s largest leisure tourism group of Thomas Cook set up a joint venture company, and launched the Thomas Cook on the market (China tomai KUKE) "brand, further cultivating Chinese immigration travel market, provide high quality tourism products. Liang Xinjun, vice chairman and CEO of Fosun Group, believes that China is now in and out of China 多家酒店进入“并购后时代” 聚焦国内居民消费升级–财经–人民网 原标题:多家酒店进入“并购后时代” 聚焦国内居民消费升级   新华社上海10月6日专电(记者陈爱平 王鹤)近日,首旅、如家宣布整合统一;锦江收购康铂后在中国大陆首家旗舰店开始试运营。以酒店集团为代表的旅游企业,纷纷进入“并购后时代”。不难发现,无论如何整合公司业务,上述企业纷纷瞄准中国居民消费升级的趋势,布局高品质旅游产品。   首旅酒店公告表示,2016年4月,如家酒店集团正式成为首旅酒店集团控股子公司。首旅酒店、如家酒店的信息系统、预订系统以及会员系统也将整合统一,这一项目的整合将在未来18至24个月逐步完成。   首旅方面表示,重视发展中高端市场将成为新公司整合后的业务重点。首旅酒店公告显示,2016年二季度如家酒店集团所有酒店RevPAR(平均每间房收益)同比增幅为3.6%,中高端酒店和颐、如家精选品牌同比分别增长14.3%和34.8%。   去年3月,锦江股份完成对欧洲第二大酒店集团――法国卢浮集团的100%股权收购,多个品牌纳入锦江旗下。随后,锦江重点着手将Campanile(译名“康铂”)引入中国市场。   据锦江股份相关负责人透露,讲究品质、有一定文化特色的酒店,日益受到消费者欢迎,也成为公司盈利增长点。查阅锦江股份已披露的公告不难发现,以中高服务品质为主打的品牌“锦江都城”在各类“有限服务型”酒店中RevPAR是最高的。截至今年7月,“锦江都城”RevPAR达到233.17元。   业内人士分析认为,从游客基数来看,随着上海迪士尼乐园开园,华东地区旅游目的地日益丰富,这也让更多的国内外游客前往旅游。而从游客需求来看,一些游客从简单的‘住店’,升级为有要求的‘体验’,除了酒店硬件设施、卫生条件要达到较高的标准,酒店文化,包括床品色彩、酒店大堂陈设,都成为游客选择酒店的重要元素。   实际上,近年来旅游行业的资本运作并不少见,而多数案例无不聚焦一个关注――中国居民消费需求和水平的升级。   继收购Club Med、投资亚特兰蒂斯以来,复星集团近日与欧洲最大的休闲旅游集团之一Thomas Cook成立合资公司,并对中国市场推出“Thomas Cook(托迈酷客)”品牌,进一步深耕中国出入境游市场,提供高品质旅游产品。   复星集团副董事长兼首席执行官梁信军认为,目前,中国出入境市场均有进一步发掘的潜力:无论从市场价值还是每年出游人次来看,中国有着广阔的旅游市场,随着国内居民消费水平提升,第三产业尤其是旅游服务业将得到更快的发展,而出境游也成为中国居民越来越多的选择。   上海雅吉国际旅行社有限公司CEO王继萍分析,“不断扩大的旅游市场不仅为旅游行业提供了市场机会,也倒逼企业不断改革创新。以往旅行社通过低价竞争的盈利方式已经行不通,取而代之,旅游公司需要考虑如何资本化、市场化运作,借助战略投资者取得更快速的发展。” (责编:董思睿、杨虞波罗)相关的主题文章:

The dollar’s weakness boosted gold spot crude oil inflation, boosted by a new low EIA 兽皇 村上里沙

He Yuhan: the dollar boosted gold spot crude oil jumped by low EIA boost clients view the latest market news] [basic because the dollar, on Friday (September 9th) Asian city in early trading gold boosted steady, is expected to achieve a continuous rise in two weeks. Spot gold intraday steady in the 1337.70 line. The price of gold has risen by 1% this week. The U.S. gold steady at 1342.20. The ICE dollar index fell 0.1% to 94.90. On Thursday, the European Central Bank [micro-blog] (ECB) to maintain interest rates unchanged at record lows, opened the door to take further monetary stimulus measures, but did not disclose the information related to the next step, the doves on the market were disappointed. The number of jobless claims in the United States declined unexpectedly last week, which meant that the labor market continued to strengthen despite the slowdown in employment growth. On Thursday evening, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced by the end of September 2nd when the weekly crude oil inventories recorded a substantial reduction of 14 million 513 thousand barrels, is expected to increase by 225 thousand barrels, the former value increased by 2 million 276 thousand barrels of EIA crude inventories recorded a record second decline,. The EIA data, the cloth two oil jumped both short-term international oil prices, the daily for second consecutive days to close out the big line, the number of public concern about He Yuhan. [analysis] spot crude oil, by yesterday morning API data opened higher prices in the daytime, a shock consolidation stage, the lowest plate to the 45.77 line, the U.S. offer period EIA data by the sharply bullish influence prices sharply to a maximum of 47.75 a line stretching. At 47.31, crude prices are running above Bollinger’s orbit. Technical daily chart, running in the K Bollinger band rail above, MACD to O double axis operation, green shrinkage, RSI, KDJ indicator MACD. There are still frozen production conference, if from the technical form, the price of the station has been down after 47, so today 47 line is the key support. The crude oil from the 4 hour chart, K line is currently running at the top of the band, the 47.5 mark pressure pressure drop, Bollinger channel to run 5, 10 day moving average MACD formed through the 66 day moving average, short-term moving average upward. The speed of fast and slow lines on the zero axis continues upward, but the red kinetic energy column is slightly smaller; the RSI index three line turning head is downward. MACD. Overall, short-term oil prices have dropped to repair the index gap where Yuhan days are expected to demand, oil prices will go flat side down concussion, the rebound in the run-up to touch the band after. It mainly operating near the ho Wei Xin Yuhan he2183594084 suggested to fall so low. Spot oil operating strategy: Strategy: under stepped back near $46.7 to do more, see above the target to $47.5, with a stop at around $46.2; strategy two: above the first hit $48 Qingcang short, see below target to $47.5, stop at the top of $48.3. [analysis of spot gold] from the shape of 4 hours.

何钰晗:美元走软提振黄金 现货原油暴涨受新低EIA提振 客户端 查看最新行情   【基本消息面】   因美元走低,周五(9月9日)亚市早盘黄金受提振持稳,有望实现连续两周上涨。现货黄金盘中基本持稳于1337.70一线。本周金价料累计上涨1%。美国期金持稳于1342.20。ICE美元指数下跌0.1%至94.90。周四欧洲央行[微博](ECB)维持利率在纪录低点不变,打开了采取进一步货币刺激措施的大门,但未透露其下一步行动的相关信息,此番鸽派论调令市场失望。美国上周季调后初请失业金人数意外下滑,这意味着尽管就业增长放缓,但劳动力市场依旧持续走强。   周四晚间美国能源信息署(EIA)公布的截至9月2日当周原油库存录得大幅减少1451.3万桶,预期值为增加22.5万桶,前值为增加227.6万桶,EIA周原油库存录得有记录以来第二大降幅,。EIA数据公布后,美布两油双双短线跳涨,国际油价日线连续第二个交易日收出大阳线,可关注笔者公众号何钰晗。   【现货原油分析篇】   原油方面,受昨日早间API数据影响高开高走,日间行情处于一个震荡盘整的阶段,美盘最低至45.77一线,美盘时段受EIA数据大幅利多影响,行情急剧直线拉伸至最高47.75一线。收盘于47.31,原油价格运行于布林中轨上方。技术面日线图上看,K线运行在布林带中轨上方,MACD双线向O轴上方运行,绿色动能缩量,RSI、KDJ指标金叉向上。后市依然有冻产会议,如果从技术形态上来说,价格站上47后一直抗跌,那么今日47一线是关键支撑。   原油从4小时走势图来看,K线目前运行在布林带上轨上方,受47.5关口压力承压回落,布林带通道向上运行,5、10日均线形成金叉向上贯穿66日均线,短期均线向上。附图MACD指标快慢线在零轴上方持续向上运行,但红色动能柱略微缩量;RSI指标三线拐头向下。综合来看,短期油价有回落修复指标缺口需求,何钰晗预计日内油价将走平偏震荡下行,在运行至触及布林带上轨后再反弹。因此操作上何钰晗薇欣he2183594084建议回落至低位附近做多为主。   现货原油操作策略:   策略一:下方回踩46.7美元附近可做多,目标看向47.5美元上方,止损在46.2美元附近;   策略二:上方初次触及48美元轻仓做空,目标看向47.5美元下方,止损在48.3美元上方。   【现货黄金分析篇】   从4小时的形态看,昨日的早盘行情先给出低点1341.6的位置后行情开始反弹过程,形成类锤头反弹信号后,行情震荡上行最高触及到了1349.5的位置后行情开始整理,4小时级别完成倒锤头回落信号后,行情1349的位置后开始回落,4小时第一波给到本轮4小时上行周期斐波那契的第一支撑点1341的位置后行情开始整理,随后反弹到1345.7的位置后二次回落并跌破支撑,盘中最低给到了1335.1的位置后整理,最终日线收线在了1338的位置后,以一根上影线长于下影线的大阴线收尾,而这样的形态收尾后,行情回踩延续空。   现货黄金操作策略:   策略一:今日的行情回踩1342空,保守1344空,止损1347,下方目标看1335,   策略二:跌破的话看1330-1333的争夺,跌破的话看1327附近。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

Hierarchical B and roller coaster mode, most of the holders are retail investors 蓬莱信息港网上民声

Grade B Kai "roller coaster" mode for retail fund holders Sina exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Guangzhou daily news (reporter Wu Qian Wen table) recently, A shares fell by the impact of 3150 failed, again to enter the shock pattern, in the meantime, although the overall market decline of less than 1%, but chase grade B investors once again sit on the "roller coaster", grade B share fell 80%, part of the decline of over 8%. The first half year report released yesterday showed that the "roller coaster" was mostly retail investors in the shock of graded B. The CSRC revealed that the regulatory arrangements for grading funds are being studied and perfected. In this regard, the industry suggested that we should strengthen the warning, set classification B access threshold. Grade B Kai "roller coaster" mode "I engage in the first half of all new shares, earnings of 45%, then a month before IPO adjustment also escaped. Last week the big line came out, and went in, and then fell to now, spit out 8%." A private equity fund who told reporters that they had survived the second new adjustment, has tied up in grade B share fund, "bought Jiangsu bank and securities, financial B B, fell every day." Trading information shows that in August A shares return to 3000 points, the long silence of the hierarchical B leverage effect reproduction, become a lot of market funds hunters tool. Flush iFinD data show that as of August 23rd, since August, grading B in the two market prices rose by an average of 5.63%, more than 90% reported rising. Among them, the real estate B period rose as high as nearly 45%, the real estate B, real estate B, financial B and the area of a B rose more than 15%. (see chart) however, if you’re grading B around 3100, investors are likely to take a roller coaster ride". Since August 16th, A shares fell by the impact of 3150 failed, less than 1% of the overall market decline, according to flush iFinD statistics, more than 146 grade B data in 80% follow the market decline, of which 33 grade B fell more than 5%, among them, B, 300B, Shanghai and Shenzhen liquor bank B, defense B and B based securities fell more than 8%. Investors do not know risk "grade B grade B share has leveraged properties in the market volatility is larger, higher risk appetite of investors, will choose the tool to win excess returns, but the risk classification of specific features of B, has not been fully aware of some investors, the blind operation easily lead to short-term losses." Senior market participants pointed out. It is noteworthy that the first half year report released yesterday showed that such high volatility, leveraged fund products, but retail investors in the world. According to the annual report, the first half of the largest investment in the card holder structure refers to the securities company index in the brokerage B share, individual investors get together, 87.25% of the share held by individual investors, institutional investors accounted for only 12.75%. In the A share of low-risk securities companies, the proportion of institutional investors

分级B再启“过山车”模式 持有者多为散户 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   广州日报讯 (文 表记者吴倩)近日,A股冲击3150点未果下跌,再度进入震荡模式,其间,尽管大盘整体跌幅不到1%,但追涨分级B的投资者再度坐上“过山车”,分级B份额八成下跌,部分跌幅超过8%。而昨日披露的首批半年报显示,在分级B大幅震荡中坐“过山车”的多是散户。证监会透露,目前正在研究完善分级基金的监管安排。对此,业内人士建议,应加强警示、设置分级B的准入门槛。   分级B再启“过山车”模式   “我上半年一门心思搞次新股,收益45%,然后一个月前次新股调整也躲过了。上周那条大阳线出来后,又进去,然后连跌到现在,吐出去8%了。”一私募基金人士告诉记者,自己躲过了次新股的调整,最近却被套在了分级基金B份额,“买了江苏银行和证券B、金融地B,天天跌。”   交易信息显示,在8月A股重返3000点后,沉寂已久的分级B杠杆效应再现,成为不少市场资金的抄底利器。同花顺iFinD数据显示,截至8月23日,8月以来,分级B在二级市场上的价格平均上涨了5.63%,九成以上报涨。其中,地产B期间涨幅高达近45%,房地产B、地产B、金融地B和一带一B的涨幅也均超过15%。(见表)   然而,如果是在3100点附近介入分级B,投资者却很可能坐上一把“过山车”。自8月16日,A股冲击3150点未果下跌,大盘整体跌幅不到1%,而据同花顺iFinD数据统计,具可比数据的146只分级B中八成跟随市场下跌,其中有33只分级B跌幅超过5%,其中,白酒B、沪深300B、银行B类、国防B和证券B基的跌幅超过8%。   投资者未认识分级B风险   “分级B份额具有杠杆属性,在市场波动性较大时,风险偏好较高的投资者,会选择这个工具博取超额收益,但分级B特有的风险特征,并未得到部分投资者的充分认识,盲目操作容易导致短期巨额亏损。”有资深市场人士指出。   值得关注的是,昨日开始披露的首批半年报显示,如此高波动、带杠杆的基金产品,却是散户的天下。   据半年报,上半年规模最大的招商中证全指证券公司指数分级的持有人结构中,券商B份额中,个人投资者扎堆,87.25%的份额为个人投资者持有,机构投资者占比仅为12.75%。而低风险的券商A份额中,机构投资者占比高达84.53%,个人投资者占比仅有15.47%。   同样在易方达证券公司指数分级中,证券B的个人投资者竟高达98.50%,几乎全是散户持有,证券A的机构投资者份额占比更高达89.63%。   政策动向   管理层正完善监管安排   在降杠杆成为大趋势的背景下,近期,证监会正式明确暂停对该类产品的注册。目前市场上现存140余只分级基金,其中,分级B市场产品流动性已整体偏弱。据统计,近42%的分级B基金场内存量不及5000万份,场内存量在1000万份以下的分级B基金占据了20%。据证监会透露,正在研究完善分级基金的监管安排。对此,不少业内人士认为,针对分级基金,不宜一“清”了之。   中金公司分析师张继强指出,加强警示、设置分级B的准入门槛在未来都是有可能发生的情景。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Tomorrow strategy gold needle bottom show important law, late pull up violent main intention 小姐好白百度影音

Tomorrow’s strategy: the golden needle is the most important law, and the main intention of the late season is the intention of this article. The analysis of market strategy does not mean the view of the China securities regulatory net, and is not the basis for buying and selling stocks by investors. Editor’s note: the market is showing significant adjustment on Thursday. Market participants generally believe that the end of the month before the market is still in shock consolidation trend, the market outlook is still patiently waiting for the emergence of new hot power of. Operation on the short-term cautious operation, waiting for the trend clear, grasp the long-term market. So how will A shares be interpreted tomorrow? How will investors operate? Look at all the masters and the latest research institutions. Guangzhou Bandung: This is the bottom of the lilies important rules to the final blow? In a few bad joint strike, black Thursday as scheduled, the two cities rose only more than 700 stocks, the disk fell generally. However, the afternoon pick up has created a gold needle bottom, which increasingly highlights an important law of the current market. Since the A shares from the beginning of the 2800 start, 6 root tiaokongdikai line there were three months, coincidentally, after a similar line, the market will recover in a short period of time, then start upside. As of August 1st the market suddenly fell upward is in the early fall, when the aftermath, the root upward small line once let some investors shouted the end of the market for matter, but then is long continued to force, eventually won the 3100, sing the air was made slapped. Then, seventh tiaokongdikai line today turned out, it indicates that this is the final blow to the market is about to Guaitou? Eight consecutive days of callback has been the index slipped from high, if the market further down, the rare gathering of popularity will vanish. Guangzhou Bandung believes that in the G20 time window, the national team stable momentum strong. As the most important participants in the current market, the backing of the national team is very solid, therefore, A shares in the short term to stabilize and end this "stumble endlessly" trend is more likely. Today’s decline came mainly from the early low, and is constantly short intraday pay, no start, is obvious to people you sell into kinetic energy attenuation, the air force is to be released and exhausted, many of the jedi! So we should not be scared today gapped down hang back, this is a good time approach instead of picking up cheap. For good performance, and the depth of the main layout of the leading good stock, when the market will usher in a little rest on the callback of the opportunity, and the current market there is no speculation Dafengkou, investors cautious attitude and partial background, the reform of state-owned enterprises, pharmaceutical sector is particularly sought after by the funds, such as the Oriental entrepreneurship 10 days rose up to 31.50%, again today Huashenjituan market volume trading out of the recent record high, so this remarkable rush to raise enthusiasm, we should focus on the two main. (Bandung, Guangzhou)

明日策略:金针探底显重要规律 尾盘拉升暴主力意图 本文所涉及的市场策略分析不代表中证网观点,不作为投资者买卖股票的依据,股市有风险,投资须谨慎。编者按:周四市场呈现明显的调整行情。市场人士普遍认为,本月底之前市场仍以震荡整理趋势为主,后市仍需耐心等待新的有带动力的热点的出现。操作上短线谨慎操作,等待趋势明朗,把握中长线行情。那么明日A股将如何演绎?投资者将如何操作?且看众名家与机构的最新研判。 广州万隆:金针探底彰显重要规律 此乃空方最后一击?在几大利空的联手打击之下,黑周四如期而至,两市上涨个股仅700多只,盘面普跌。不过,午后的回升造就了一根金针探底,这越发彰显本轮行情的一个重要规律。自A股从2800启动开始,三个月时间里共出现过6根跳空低开阴线,巧合的是,在类似的阴线出现之后,市场都会在短时间内收复失地,随即展开上攻。如8月1日市场突然跳空下挫,彼时正处于前期暴跌余波之中,这根跳空小阴线的出现一度让部分投资者高喊行情结束逃命要紧,但随后就是多头持续发力,最终拿下3100,唱空者被狠打耳光。那么,第7根跳空低开阴线就在今天横空出世,是否预示着此时就是空方的最后一击,市场即将拐头向上呢?连续八天的回调已经让指数从高位滑落,倘若市场再出现进一步的下跌,难得聚拢起来的人气就会烟消云散。广州万隆认为,在G20时间窗口,国家队维稳动力强。作为当前市场上最重要的参与方,国家队的后盾坚实无比,因此,A股短期内企稳、结束这“跌跌不休”走势的可能性较大。今天的跌幅主要来自早盘的低开,而盘中却是买单不断,空头无从下手,杀跌动能的衰减是各位有目共睹的,待空方力量释放殆尽,就是多方绝地反击之时!所以我们不应该被今天的跳空下跌吓得畏缩不前,相反此时正是进场低价接货的好时机。对于业绩优良、又有主力深度布局的龙头好股,在大盘回调的时候才会稍作休整迎来上车机会,而当前市场不存在炒作大风口、投资者态度又偏谨慎的背景下,国企改革、医药等板块则尤其受到资金追捧,如东方创业10个交易日涨幅高达31.50%,再如华神集团今天逆市放量拉出涨停创下近期新高,抢筹热情可见一斑,因此这两大主线我们应该重点关注。(广州万隆)相关的主题文章: