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Can the public treasure issued a document on Crusade Vanke management after seconds to delete: do not respect the capital has become accustomed to Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my source: surging treasure can sound again after a long silence! At 16:38 on the afternoon of September 12th, Boland group in its official WeChat released a public number titled "in those years, is the largest shareholder of Vanke" the top seller, but immediately delete seconds. According to the screenshot content display, the article wrote, "22 years ago from the Jun Wan dispute until now, the 2 senior Vanke equity dispute provoked, and there is no essential difference, Vanke executives seems to have its own as a diplomatic master, for any capital to uphold the unfriendly attitude, do not respect the capital it has become a habit with them." Treasure can be released in the same day, the article said, treasure Vanke shares and become a major shareholder of Vanke, is a response to the country’s call to rescue the market behavior. And this argument can be close to the public and private positions. Prior to the people who have been able to tell the news of the treasure, treasure in the last year to buy Vanke Vanke indeed with the country’s bailout call. In addition to deleting the article this move, 22 minutes to 07 minutes, the WeChat group can display its official name has changed the name of the account has been canceled". According to the WeChat public number information display, in September 12th, the group’s official micro signal can be renamed two records. The first time is to cancel the delete treasure group, the second time is canceled delete the account has been canceled". As of press time, surging news () has not been able to get an official response from the treasure group official. However, this number has not been able to participate in the Po Po million dispute, the content has been based on their own business activities. For example, the September 9th teachers’ day, treasure to the public official number made a "treasure can group as the South University of science and technology all the teachers to send holiday greetings" article, September 8th, Boland group made a public official, "Boland won the" 2016 China city comprehensive operation "the leading brand". "Twenty-first Century economic report" refers to the number of public pay close attention to the Shanghai capital market sources said: "to hear the news I also feel very surprised, I also had to pay close attention to the public, but the Boland group previously are the honors class information, not involved in equity dispute, and this time made related articles but immediately cancelled, really strange. To say is the number of public administrators themselves in the turn." From January 2015 onwards, the treasure huge Shenghua Qianhai life and its affiliated enterprise’s Department began to buy Vanke A (000002.SZ), until July 10th, the shareholding ratio reached 5%, placards constitute. After July 24th, the treasure Department placards again, the shareholding ratio of 10%; in August 26th, the treasure department third placards, shareholding ratio increased to 15.04%, becoming the first major shareholder of Vanke A; December 4th, Boland department Fourth placards, shareholding ratio increased to 20.008%, becoming the first major shareholders again. The evening of July 6, 2016, Vanke A announced that the huge Shenghua theory相关的主题文章: