Can not help but hit the child, think about this sentence! Sohu –

Can not help but hit the child, think about this sentence! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting handmade paper | Liu Jirong once, I love children. I think, a sweet soft and sweet children, you can laugh flowers around the world; a simple sincere kiss, worth over ten spring, straight into the picturesque scenery, time. After being a mother, I finally know that cute little angel will roll the street, crying all day will be unreasonable; do not eat, or eat to excess stomach; to try to move the small finger into the power socket, trying to recharge herself. I am the rescue team, rushed to save east west, constantly on the run. I do not understand: but also 58 diamonds, why children will have one thousand kinds of inexplicable behavior? I can not help but envy her mother, in her mouth, when I gave her the most joy, comfort and courage, not tired, helpless and confused. Small things finally fell asleep, I call the fire, called the mother’s phone, enumerating various unruly daughters, and choked to ask: "do the same mother, why do you meet the rose, I met a thorn?" The old man thought for a moment, gentle response: "when you were four years old with fire, almost burned down the whole family; at the age of five hidden in the roof to sleep, let the family cry for a night; at the age of seven or eight, refused to listen to any advice……" Holding the phone, my forehead and cheeks, have a fever, slow without words. The mother said, "thorn, is also part of the rose." Then, if the mother saw the garden of thorns, rose is just a piece of thorns. Originally, only to find the eye, get the rose powder; a wise, to smell the fragrance of the rose. I began to learn like a mother, look at those "in a calm mood". Eat fast food, as much as she can, the cola, ice cream, French fries, hamburger, stir into a ball, and eat with relish. Are horrified, she suddenly put the spoon to my lips. In the face of the complex color terrible food, I tried to refuse, she insisted on advice. Just as I was when, mobile phone rings suddenly sounded. I jumped into the window, had a long chat with the strange salesman, until the cup bottom I caught a glimpse of her daughter, only to a snicker. At this point, I think you successfully pass through, smooth cut, who knows what happened next, I was completely out of hand. I’m going to take part in a speech contest, as a matter of corporate image, the department specially invited master, my manuscript to rich multicolored decorations. The warm-hearted man and give advice and suggestions, ready to dance with music, a riot of colours, Shashi good-looking. The rehearsal, applause, everyone cheers. I am very excited, especially the video to take home to show off. After reading, the daughter did not cheer, but surprised to ask: "is my mother in the play? But you didn’t do well in Zhao Benshan!" This sentence makes me like a sharp thorn, pain and anger: "I’m not good, don’t call my mother! Then you call Zhao Benshan mommy!" Her daughter’s eyes immediately wet, quietly back to the bedroom. But the harsh words but lingering painting相关的主题文章: