Cai Qi Ren Beijing deputy mayor Wang Anshun to resign because of job transfers-pretty rhythm

Cai Qi Ren Beijing deputy mayor Wang Anshun to resign because of the mobilization of Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee meeting decided to personnel appointment and dismissal meeting decided Cai chizhen vice mayor of Beijing, deputy mayor Guo Jinlong speech Dodd India presided over Beijing news October 31st 31, Beijing City, the fourteen session of the thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee decided, Cai Qi, vice mayor of Beijing city deputy mayor. Beijing municipal Party committee secretary Guo Jinlong will be on the Municipal Committee of the recommendations for explanation and speech. Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee chaired the meeting. Du said that due to the transfer of work, comrade Wang Anshun to the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee resigned from the mayor of Beijing. At the same time, the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee recommended to the Municipal People’s Congress, comrade Cai Qi, deputy mayor of Beijing, acting mayor’s opinion. Director of the meeting after the study, put forward "on the Beijing city mayor Wang Anshun resigned to accept the decision on the petition (Draft)" to "on the appointment of Cai Qi as vice mayor of Beijing City, the motion of" and "on the nomination of Cai Qi as acting mayor of Beijing bill", submitted to the meeting, and make the corresponding decision according to law. Guo Jinlong on the recommendation Committee stated that the Beijing municipal government the main leaders of the adjustment, the central from the overall situation, according to the needs of work and the exchange of cadres spirit and the construction of Beijing leadership, take into consideration, careful study of the decision. Comrade Cai Qi is Fujian Youxi people, born in Fujian in December 1955 in Yongan, Fujian Province, served as mayor of Sanming City, Zhejiang Province, Quzhou city mayor, party secretary, Secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Committee, after April 2007, the mayor of Hangzhou, the Minister of the Organization Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, deputy governor, deputy director of the Central Committee of the national security office, April 2015 deputy director (ministerial level). His political sensitivity is strong, loyal to the party, after many job experience, leadership experience, familiar with the working party and economic policy theory, high level vision, quick thinking, and accept new things quickly, strong spirit of reform and innovation. We believe that Comrade Cai Qi through legal procedures as the main leadership positions of Beijing municipal government, will be able to further implement the decisions and arrangements of the central and municipal Party committee, municipal government to unite and lead a group of people, closely rely on the cadres and the masses in the city, and constantly promote the greater achievements of the reform and development of Beijing and the cause of stability. Guo Jinlong stressed that the adjustment of the main leaders of the municipal government, is a major event in the political life of the city, do a good job of the transition to the stability and development of Beijing. We must unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth, the six plenary session, in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, and enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, thinking and action decided to come to the center, and actively carry out the work of the city. The meeting to vote by way of accepting the resignation of Beijing mayor Wang Anshun’s request to vote by secret ballot, respectively, decided to vote Cai Cai, deputy mayor of Beijing, acting mayor 8相关的主题文章: