British media Chinese tourists to travel the most fun is the secret of instant noodles – China

British media: Chinese tourists go out tourism most happy was the secret of the new network in the UK – instant noodles "times" September 21st article, the original title: instant noodles is to let China happy secret of tourists to Scotland tourism Chinese has surged in recent years. The local held a series of seminars and workshops on how to make the arrival of the middle Chinese rich feel Guests feel at home. The survey found that, compared to Americans and Russians, Chinese tourists are the highest consumption. Scotland International Tourism Development Department Graeme? White said, let visitors feel Guests feel at home. can proceed from local businesses, a lot of things. He suggested that in addition to providing hotel equipment in room coffee and tea, also should consider providing bottled instant noodles, instant noodles "method is more practical Chinese guest service. One of the challenges we are forced to realize is that Chinese tourists go to the store to buy instant noodles and cook them in the hot water in the room". He said that if there are instant noodles in the room, Chinese tourists will be more happy, the hotel operator will not spend so much time to clean the kettle". At the same time, White suggested that the restaurant operators should be patient to customers late. He said, we recommend that the restaurant can be more flexible in the timing. If the Chinese go out for dinner at 8 o ‘clock in the evening, they don’t want to arrive at 8:30 and find their own table". (author Mark? Horn, Xiangyang translation)相关的主题文章: