Break the door open one thousand days let the people’s hopes become a reality of life-happynewyear

Breaking open one thousand days: the real original title let people hope into life: breaking open one thousand days — in China to promote the comprehensive deepening reform in Beijing in September 23 review of the Xinhua news agency Xinhua: breaking open one thousand days — in China to promote the comprehensive deepening of reform Summary of Xinhua News Agency reporter Luo Yufan, Hu Hao, Luo Zhengguang reform. A future of the revolution, a never-ending road ahead. December 30, 2013, the central leading group for the establishment of a comprehensive deepening reform, to September 24, 2016 has been a full 1000 days and nights, a new round of reform tide is sweeping the land of china. The difficulties, breaking open, nearly three years, the reform of our country continues to accelerate, more efforts, the number of the introduction of reforms of the new reform of hitherto unknown, characteristics, new situation, the new achievements attracted worldwide attention. A new journey: eating bones involving rapids implement courage to play "with the deepening of reform, the interests of the relationship will be more deeply touched……" More than two years ago, at the first meeting of the central deep restructuring, general secretary Xi Jinping said a comprehensive deepening reform will face the pressure and challenges. A multitude of things, contradiction problems perplexing, entered a crucial period, the reform of the deepwater area, sensitive, complex and difficult degree of hitherto unknown…… There is no way to reform the key brave victory. According to the unified deployment of the central deep restructuring, from central to local, comprehensive reform force, more breakthrough, some important areas and key links of the ice is being broken, sweeping into the comprehensive deepening reform. As a comprehensive reform pilot counties in Hebei, Xingtai Province in December 2014 established the province’s first administrative examination and approval Bureau (). Before applying for registration of enterprise business license, required official seal, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate of the "three" chapter 28 materials are submitted to 5 departments in Weixian County, and now only need to submit 12 materials can be a window to the administrative examination and approval, the time limit for the compression of the 2/3. A local filter manufacturing company responsible Yang Linhai told reporters that he was in Weixian County Bureau of administrative examination and approval "a window handle, 24 hours to get the" chapter three". The efficiency of the examination and approval of enterprises has been greatly improved. The reform practice of Weixian County is a miniature of the reform of administrative examination and approval system. With the cancellation of a large number of administrative examination and approval and decentralization, the vitality and creativity of the market players have been greatly stimulated. May 2016, the former place of the first major tax – business tax exit stage of history, the reform of the tax to a climax. According to statistics, from 2012 to start the pilot 4 years, the camp changed to increase the cumulative tax cut of $about 640000000000, benefiting the pilot taxpayer of 5 million 920 thousand. With the camp changed to increase the reform of the full swing, is expected this year, the tax cuts will be more than 500 billion yuan, is the largest since the establishment of the current tax cuts. Less than three years, people from the practice of deepening the reform of a comprehensive sense of courage to self revolution, dare to face the problem of fierce effort. Justice, finance and taxation, household star相关的主题文章: