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Both Zhuang West Shuangjing found in Xishuangbanna, a very Thailand style – Sohu to enter the Tourism Village West Shuangjing gate, you can see the street on both sides of the distribution of the twelve very Thailand style buildings. From afar, a tall pagoda greets. Approached it, more sensuous, majestic solemn night, light let pagoda is more splendid. The tower of the visitors and understand the culture of Theravada Buddhism, Dai dress culture collections. In the surrounding the Shwedagon Pagoda, Dai Thai style buildings on the roof, covered with a Thai riotous with colour lanterns, many home inn door, put a sign exaggerated eye-catching source, people feel like being in the ancient Thai Dai culture. "Gao Zhuang West Shuangjing" is Dai, translated as "the nine tower twelve village, between the nine magnificent pagoda stands in the twelve different styles of Dai village, which was green, the mountain with water, as is the green mountain with a wild profusion of vegetation, is flows through several countries," millions of elephants "the Mekong river. Every night, the night market will have to the village from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Kampuchea and other countries and local residents, in both Zhuang West Shuangjing stallage, booth size has nearly 1000. Walking in the streets and alleys, Southeast Asian flavor snacks and distinctive ethnic handicrafts, with totem exquisite embroidery and elaborate costumes, full of Dai Buddhist culture wooden beads…… Let the whole night market is full of thick Southeast Asian customs. Most of the traders here are young people, in addition to businessmen, there are many office workers and college students. A total of more than 600 original craftsmen from across the country and the Yunnan Arts University School of design, the original handmade works of art with a well prepared together to Zhuang West Shuangjing market place, for the arrival of visitors with a youth and creative cultural feast. The third season of "Lemon Music Season" and music tour in the fort during the National Day concert show passion, hey turn the audience. The Lemon Music season is divided into folk music stage, ethnic roots music performances, dance stage three main stage, from the famous band, inside and outside the province, singers gathered here, rock, punk, pop, folk, ethnic, everything, every day has a different style of music led us hey turn the audience. Meet the creative "Mekong · starlight night market, crazy" Lemon Music Season ", tasted on the tongue, the ancient city of Jinghong, into the delicacy on the Theravada buddhism…… Here, there are too many reasons to attract us, stop to meet Xishuangbanna, met to Zhuang West shuangjing. And there’s a story about Yunnan, travel, and. All media: @ Xiao Yuwen new media marketing planner, cross-border media people, senior photographer. More than and 20 years experience in outdoor travel, and at least more than and 10 years working experience in media. A number of agencies signed photographer and travel consultant.相关的主题文章: