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Web-Design Blogging is one of the hippest and coolest things for teens at the present time. Almost all teens nowadays have their own blogs which serve as their diary or journal online. Since it is online, they try to make it as pleasing and as attractive as possible for their readers to enjoy it. Some individuals may not be as creative as others and it may be difficult for them to make a blog site that is appealing. In this case, blogger templates are helpful as these have blog design that users can choose from. Blogs are no longer just for expressing personal feelings. At present, these are used to promote products and services as well. Since more and more people are getting hooked up to the internet, companies and organizations find it easier to reach their target market by making blogs or hiring individuals to do blogs for them. Most business owners with big amount of capital funds hire web designers to create a blog site for them. It is important that they use a blog design that will be appealing to the readers as this adds up to the interest a visitor has. Aside from that, it is important that the design they will use matches the industry they are into. Creating a blog site is easy but it depends on the main purpose of your site. An individual wanting to create one should determine first what it will be used for to be able to setup a blog site that will be effective and efficient for one’s requirement. There are basically three types of blog design according to what the blog site owner wants to attain. The first type is the standard blog design. With this type, the owner specifically just wants to update his or her spectators on the latest happenings about him or her. This also gives the individual’s followers his or her thoughts, opinion and views on a certain topic and the likes. The blog design for this type depends on what the owner wants. Typically, the design should include recent posts, categories like sports or current event, a link to other accounts the individual has from various social networking sites, and photos. For individual bloggers, a blogger template is recommended. Another type of blog is the lead capture design which is used to promote products or services or a company or organization. This kind of design is also contains articles or write ups about the company, products or services, updates about what is offered, other related topics about the company or products, links to other sites under the company, and images. The difference is that this kind includes optin forms that can be a pop up onset of opening the blog site or a banner at the top or side. Lastly, a blog designed to generate income. This type of blog design is aimed at generating money from including banners to the blog site. Generally, banners are from different companies which pay the site owner by the times these are clicked. Aside from that, there are also links in the write ups that would redirect a visitor to the company site each time it is clicked which adds a certain amount of money toward the site owner’s account. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: