Blizzard change recruitment page mystery project — Sina suspected bounced hearthstone

Blizzard change recruitment page "mystery project" — Sina suspected bounced hearthstone area recently, with the unprecedented growth of Blizzard’s recruitment of scale, as opposed to the dark group but with only one game director of recruitment. This may be a good news for us, the good part is that the project team has recruited people, but the bad part is that the new project may be delayed publication.   earlier today; we get the most reliable "hearsay" the official China Channel – Blizzard recruitment page – there have been some changes: the first change is the director of the title from a "unpublished project" suffix became the bare game director, but point to recruit content or as before as like as two peas. Before today’s director titles director Title second change is dark under the project manager dropped to only a director position, when the first half of the year in the heyday of "but there are 7 positions. Today’s position before the position of the third changes in the dark recruitment column was pushed to the left corner of the page, when the director was hired, but the recruitment of the total page in the middle of the first two rows of. Now the group position arrangement position to reduce the dark nature is said to recruit people, is a good thing. Changes in the layout of the dark meaning that the group is currently the demand for personnel is not so urgent. Even the director of this position I suspect that all have a candidate is not convenient to immediately withdraw it. Recall the former director of the Josh host of the course, but also a few months after the internal settled in the forum issued a declaration on the upper. This time the director candidate will also be announced in the carnival of the new content by the public. But a bit strange is Blizzard removed the "unpublished project", the new director will serve as the future and Diablo 3 Diablo X series director, "unpublished project that erased" unnecessary and even suspected of trying to hide something, perhaps aware of various positions before the blizzard hearsay "leak" Twitter said the game player ‘expectations too high to "drop down as"? Or the progress is not as good as expected to take the shot and must delete all relevant "evidence" for next year? At the same time before today’s Blizzard Blizzard headquarters headquarters, Blizzard recruitment have explosive growth, only 2 days ago, Blizzard Irvine headquarters position is only 154, but today it has reached 215 jobs, nearly 40% growth. By contrast we found that these new positions in addition to other staff vacancies to fill the Warcraft before, mostly internship position covers from development to all aspects of logistics operation, this time node is slightly odd, because usually in accordance with the company’s recruitment habits, large-scale intern was launched in the spring before the start of the semester, during the fall semester after the start of the release of large amounts of intern I do not know what you intend to do in the blizzard. Maybe they really need such a large number of people to fill the vacancy? Even more surprising is that Blizzard’s game has at least one internship positions, but the dark group has no position. Linked to the extreme reduction of the dark posts above.相关的主题文章: