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Games Bieber & Selena are always together at the beach or at some official event, in the restaurant you will always see this lovely couple holding hands! They both have a perfect sense of style, but you can help them to add something new to their style in the Dress up mode! Take a dare and dress them up exactly as you see it in the original picture in the .pare mode! This free online video game will give you a chance to .e close to your idols and even make a contribution into their personal style development! The range of colours in this exciting online .puter game is simply stunning and the number of clothes is exceeding! So, you will have a great choice of things! If you want to present your creative skills, you should try the Dress up mode first. There you will have a possibility to do our beautiful characters wonderful hairdos and change their hair colours. Then you can choose clothes of different style. Moreover, you can let your imagination flow and find out new colourings for each piece of clothes. What do you think is Selena’s favourite style? Start with it and then develop it into a real masterpiece of fashion! You can also choose accessories and change backgrounds. Where do you want our heroes to go today? Do you want them to take a walk along the beach or to visit an official Ceremony of Awards? Everything is in your hands! In the .pare mode you will have to take a dare and dress up the singers in the way you see them dressed up in the original picture! Pay attention to the details! Your dressed couple should 100% look exactly like the one in the picture, otherwise you will not earn all the points you could have earned! The slightest difference in shade of a dress will be an obstacle to winning this exciting colourful video game! Join Bieber & Selena in their adventures by playing our new free flash game and enjoy the splendour of graphics and a great choice of the popular tune! Test your attention and creative skills! Prove that you can be a really good fashion designer and a great detail finder! Show your determination and earn the biggest amount of points! So relax and take your time, you have no reason to hurry. Get creative and enjoy the nice picture in front of you! Start playng Bieber & Selena. Dress Up game and we assure you that you will not regret it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: