Bestie intervention protagonist Cui Shunshi returned home without going to park down ca1834

"Bestie intervention" protagonist Cui Shunshi returned home without going to step down Park original title: "bestie intervention" to step down without going to Star Park Geun hye recently by President Park Geun hye "bestie" Cui Shunshi intervention of South Korean politics triggered political crisis in South Korean politics is increasingly fierce. The political career has experienced many ups and downs of the park, can cross this bridge, is now placed in a big challenge in front of her. The causes of things still need to back to the first month, Cui Shunshi’s daughter was admitted to Ewha Womans University "exceptional" event by the Korean media exposure, and lead students and professors protested. Although the Ewha women headmaster was eventually forced to resign, but still can not eliminate the Korean public anger, and with the further South Korean media exposure Shunshi Cui interference of Park Geun hye government on diplomatic, economic policy, the decision for the field of culture, in Korean society, a powerful wave has been directed at Pu Jinhui himself. October 29th, although the day of the temperature in Seoul has fallen below 10 degrees Celsius, but this did not withstand the Korean people voice desire. The same day, Seoul City erupted nearly million scale gathering requirements of Park Geun hye to step down and find out the truth, so far this year, South Korea’s biggest demonstrations broke out. Although the South Korean presidential office said 30 days, Pu Jinhui has accepted the resignation of staff around, including chief of staff, and the "intervention" scandal protagonist Cui Shunshi has returned from England to South Korea, ready to accept the prosecution investigation at any time, but there is news that in November 5th, South Korea’s much larger protests will erupt the parade, unless the park down to apologize. The biggest parade Park Geun hye map of South Korean people for park Geun hye government’s anger was transformed into the requirements of Park Geun hye step down early sound, and issued this year’s biggest public protest. In the day of the parade, many demonstrators holding candles, banners, and shouted "Pu Jinhui step down: slogan. In order to prevent conflict and maintain order at the scene, South Korean police dispatched 4800 police officers to maintain order; however, although the scene some people tried to break the forbidden line to the police, headed for Chong Wa Dae, but the site overall orderly. A student at Yonsei University, surnamed Li students and participate in the day parade, told reporters: "before us, the Ewha Womans University girls had to dispel the unfair things, a long-term struggle, and achieved victory, to all of our boys show the meaning of" Nei "; in this regard, we are very encouraged, as young people, we should use our strength to maintain the true social justice." The parade of the South Korean people always struggle of the rise of "white South (transliteration) said in the" First Financial Daily "a telephone interview with reporters:" Koreans never fear the time to say no to say no, now the public park Geun hye government’s anger has reached the top, not only to the Park government ousted, in order to create a more livable and fair society in South korea." The representative also told reporters that in November 5 Kay相关的主题文章: