Bernie talks about the best driver in history no Senna, but he was the only one of his own!-bree daniels

Bernie talks about the best driver in history: no Senna, but he was the only one of his own! Bernie and Alan – Prost sina sports F1 head Bernie Ecclestone, Alan Prost is the greatest driver of F1, instead of Senna and Schumacher. F1 campaign for decades, Bernie racing experience can be traced back to the late 40s, the 85 year old British man witnessed too many great drivers. When Spain "Marca" asked who is the greatest driver, Bernie Senna Fangio, and did not mention the seven time world champion Michael Schumacher, he chose the four world champion Alan Prost, the Frenchman won the world championship for McLaren in 1985, 86 years, 89 years, in 1993 fourth coronation racing driver Williams crown. At the end of the 1993 season after Prost retired. "It’s hard to say," Bernie replied, "but if you let me choose from so many years in it, I might say is prost. He is better than Schumacher or Senna. Michael (referring to Schumacher) got too much support from the team or the team, in some ways similar to that of Senna. But no such privilege from prost. He is always in their own hard work, even from the rival team." Although Prost is the best, but Bernie also appreciate the personal Joe Chen – Flint (Jochen Rindt). Flint won the F1 championship in 1970, but in the Italy Grand Prix in practice was killed. He missed the last four games of the season, but he still has enough points to win the championship. "We have a very close relationship, because we are colleagues and friends," said Bernie, "he is definitely my favorite driver, but not the best in history. The best is that prost." (Pediatrics)相关的主题文章: