Beijing – VIDEO – Guangxi Tengxian lion dance stunt Golden Lion upside down the production of Ganode

Beijing – VIDEO – Guangxi Tengxian lion dance stunt: "Golden Lion" upside down "cliff Guangxi Tengxian mining Ganoderma lucidum" Lion Dance stunt: "Golden Lion" upside down "the production of Ganoderma lucidum" [comment] in September 21st, a surprise four wonderful lion dance show in Guangxi Wuzhou Tengxian play. The two folk artists come to watch the lion dance skills of the guests performing difficult "lion climbing tree", "Golden Lion" upside down ", such as the production of Ganoderma lucidum cliff" stunt. [comment] the lion dance is a traditional folk performing arts in Asia, Chinese, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries have the custom of lion dance. China the lion dance art can be traced back to the Han dynasty. [comment] Tengxian is the southern lion dance, has 1500 years of history, its performance is the main form of green and high pile performance. Tengxian to the high difficulty, high pile single pile with lion waist twist 450° other stunts, world famous, known as the "king of the world". In 2011, the Tengxian Chinese was included in the national intangible cultural heritage. [comment] in the afternoon, the lion dance show in Tengxian secondary school staged wonderful, two folk artists for the audience performing lion dance performances. The "Golden Lion" upside down ", the production of Ganoderma lucidum" and "somersault pile", "exploration peak climbing" lion dance skills, wow. [the same period] (tourist Wu Mo) 00354 for the first time to see such a wonderful performance, too shocked. I think this (lion) culture, it needs to inherit, it is great, and we are fortunate enough to see inside the campus, then I Chinese for the traditional culture of praise. I think it’s very good! [comment] although the folk popular in Tengxian, but in recent years, due to industrial development withered and other reasons, Tengxian is stuck in the personnel to undertake are facing a crisis of lost skills. Therefore, local officials spend about 8 million yuan, and the support for technology development. The same period [] (Guangxi Tengxian news publishing Radio Sports Bureau Director Zhou Yuanbiao) in order to promote the heritage protection and development of the US technology, the government of Tengxian to take five measures, to promote the development of the intangible cultural heritage. One is the establishment of intangible cultural heritage protection center, the second is the Lion Dance Association, the third is the base of the building, the fourth is the lion and the development of enterprises, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with us, fifth lion dance that we now see the activities on campus, to take five measures to improve people’s attention in the lion dance. Participation and awareness, to solve the problem of the craft in the tradition of lion dance have qualified successors in the process of development. [comment] in recent years, in order to promote the cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN, the Tengxian, Brunei, Singapore repeatedly walked into the Thailand, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries to carry out cultural exchanges. The art Chinese from traditional folk acrobatics, "promotion" for international cultural exchange, the change of identity in a certain extent promoted the Tengxian passing the torch. Zhang Guangquan Guangxi Wuzhou相关的主题文章: