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Beijing media: Shougang should not underestimate their opponents were overturned to the team sounded the alarm bell Marbury layup paratelum filled the difference, but Marbury again stood out at the crucial moment, help Beijing Shougang team in the away victory. At the end of the fifth round of the CBA League, Team Shougang away 114 to 109 victory over the Tianjin team, ushered in the four row, Ji Zhe and Yue Sun became the second half to play the best domestic players. The risk of being reversed paratelum also look at the horse opening is one of the coach Min Lulei for this request. In the match outwire score, Shougang team in less than a half day time breath to get 12 points, not only to establish a two digit advantage, the first day had 30 points, 59 points in a half, the second half played more than 1 minutes difference to 20 points, but seems to have no suspense in the game at the end of mutation fy. The Tianjin team sent Sonny and Taylor at the end of "Twin Towers", the pre arranged the team scored all 3 minutes, to chase the score 89 to 90. Difficult situation, Marbury have to stand up, the first is the backhand layup, then the buzzer hypsokinesis shot twice in the match with only 1 points when stabilize the morale of the troops. Taylor huge advantage in the inside, or to help the Tianjin team against the score. Game left 1 minutes and a half, Shougang team requested a suspension. Back on the field, Marbury hit the first record of the individual is also the only one recorded three points, 106 to 105, Shougang team to regain the lead. The last 34.6 seconds, a ball into the basket, the first shot was interference, he quickly grabbed the ball shot hit. But a knee in the fight against knocked him off, when the expression of pain. However, after the game, he said he did not hinder. Maradona scored 31 points (with 14 points) and 10 assists. The last opponent to foul tactics, Zhai Xiaochuan free throw line on 2 points, firmly hit 4 balls, lock the victory for Shougang team. Zhe Ji God sighed like curry asked after the Team Shougang team quickly enter the state key players say Ji zhe name by common consent. The team in the opening of wave flow, Ji zhe one even 9 points. The first half of the festival, he went on the offensive side of the dazzling performance, followed by a layup shot goes well, this section of 6 shots, scored 14 points. Once a day, and in the outwire hit Ji zhe. At the end of the festival, he also scored 2 times to attack the basket, including a dunk, the first half with 21 points, 9 voted 9. Yesterday is the "double 11", commentators see the efficiency of Ji zhe fell, Xiaoyan hope to see zhe Ji 11 11 hit to the occasion. However, the captain of the second half of the first half missed the outside shot, 100 percent efficiency was broken. Then the layup to 11 10, Ji zhe was so "perfect" Miss "double 11". But he had 23 points, two points 7 ball shots in performance, enough to let the teammate "worship", Duan Jiangpeng bluntly remembered curitiba. Min Lulei said: "if our number four is a bit better, we will do some other position. Regardless of attack and defense, the first and four bit is a shaft, the status of this position will be involved in the overall state of the team. When.相关的主题文章: