Beijing and Hebei’s first rail plan levy words Yanjiao to China World Trade Center only 8 subway sta

Beijing and Hebei’s first rail plan levy words: Yanjiao to China World Trade Center just across the subway station 8 [Abstract] once the Hebei and Beijing Metro as currently planned Unicom, from Yanjiao to China World Trade Center subway station may only 8 station once the Hebei and Beijing Metro as currently planned Unicom, from Yanjiao to China World Trade Center subway station to only 8 station. Recently, the Pinggu District, Beijing development and Reform Commission issued the basic situation of the Pinggu railway line and project progress, and gives a more detailed map of the Pinggu rail transit line. According to the preliminary plan, the Pinggu line 12 stations. According to the map display, will be located in Yanjiao and Yanjiao Yan Shun two North station. Pinggu district development and Reform Commission, said the line planning program has been submitted to the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission for approval, the Planning Commission is planning to carry out the work of the Pinggu line to solicit opinions. Figure schematic analysis of the current Beijing subway operation with reporters, if the Pinggu rail transit line according to the scheme was completed, then from Yan Shun station to China World Trade Center station only between the subway station 8, but you need to transfer two. In this regard, the city Department of Transportation Transportation Research Center Deputy Director Wu Hongyang told the "daily economic news" reporter, the subway once opened, Hebei Yanjiao for investment attraction will certainly improve, whether it is industrial investment or residential investment. But due to the construction of the trans metro area, involving Beijing and Hebei coordination mechanism, the allocation of funds and other issues, whether the program is the final verdict is still unknown. According to situation of Pinggu line Yanjiao station Pinggu district development and Reform Commission announced the two project, Pinggu Rail Transit Line No. fourteen Dongfeng West Line station of Beiqiao, Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District, Hebei route in Sanhe Province, east of Pinggu metro station Ju river. Total length of 74 km, set up a station of 12, with a total investment of about $23 billion 170 million. Among them, the urban section is 3 kilometers underground, and the underground station is 3. Located in Hebei, a section of the vehicle, covering an area of about 50 hectares, located in the District of Pinggu parking lot, covers an area of about 20 hectares. From the map, from the west to the East, 12 stations were set up in Pinggu line, Beiqiao Dongfeng North Ridge, Cao Ge, Xu Xinzhuang, Yan Zhuang Bei Road, Yanjiao north, Ma Changying, Qi Xin Zhuang, Ma Fang, Pinggu, Pinggu and the West Bend ju. Among them, the Pinggu line designed 5 transfer stations, respectively in Beiqiao and Dongfeng is the transfer line 14, transfer in the North Ridge and line 12, transfer in caogezhuang north and line 3, transfer in xuxinzhuang and S6 line, Pinggu west station is a transfer station, but the figure is not displayed the specific transfer line name. It is worth noting that the Pinggu line of Hebei Yanjiao set up a total of two stations, respectively, Yan Shun and North Yanjiao. If the program is finally approved, then the future from Yan on the way to China World Trade Center, can only sit in the subway station 8 to take two cases: since Yan Shun, along the way after Ge Zhuang Xu Xin Zhuang, Cao north, North Ridge to Dongfeng Beiqiao, then transfer to line 14, after Zaoying, Jintai Road to the road. This transfer to Metro Line 1 after a station to China World Trade Center. In December last year, Pinggu District Fourth People’s Congress of the fifth session of the opening, then Pinggu district mayor Jiang Fan said the government work report, the first of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei connected the fastest Pinggu rail transit line has been obtained by the national development and Reform Commission, will strive to start construction next year, the total length of 72 km, passing through Hebei, Yanjiao, Sanhe, etc. ground..相关的主题文章: