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Beijing: 2020 center city traffic index control in 6.0– car — original title: Beijing: 2020 center city traffic index control in 6 recently, the "Beijing" 13th Five-Year "period of major infrastructure development plan" officially released. "Planning" for the next five years, the development of infrastructure in Beijing put forward the main tasks of the ten. "Planning" proposed that by 2020, the supply of infrastructure capacity is more abundant, more coordinated spatial layout, the development model is more green, more high-quality service, run more secure and efficient. "Plan" put forward, to the high standard of construction of public transport city, vigorously develop public transport, promote green travel. Firmly establish the concept of "transit priority", accelerate the construction of rail transportation as the backbone, three-dimensional transportation system on the ground of coordination, improve the transfer efficiency, vigorously develop the slow traffic, green traffic network, the center of the city full of green travel ratio increased to 75%. Road traffic congestion seriously affects the efficiency of urban operation, which is the typical performance of "big city disease". "Planning" proposed to combine the non capital function and ease the space layout optimization, and comprehensively promote the rule blocking poverty, improve city road network distribution is reasonable, improve traffic fine organization level, enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of road traffic, the center of the city traffic index control in 6, and strive to achieve the city traffic congestion effectively alleviated. Improve the motor vehicle limit line policy to continue to implement the total passenger car control policy, research and improve motor vehicle limit line policy. Give full play to the role of the market in the allocation of parking resources, the use of vehicle regulation, improve differentiated parking price management policy. The promotion of electronic payment, strict roadside parking management, prevention of illegal parking. Comprehensive use of economic, legal and other measures to reduce the intensity of use of motor vehicles, driving the way to travel to green travel. Optimization of city road network to speed up the backbone of city road facilities construction, built Lai Road, Yaojieyuan road and expressway, the basic realization of the center of the city expressway network planning, improve traffic efficiency and distance quickly out of the city. To promote the construction of Pakistan Ditch Road, West Road, South extension danliuzhuang Road West extension, through the "three half" trunk road system. Speed up the construction of the Chang’an Avenue West extension, permanent diversion canal road, Willow Village, Chemical Road, North South Road, the ancient city of Xin Road South Street and other city trunk road, trunk roads planning center implementation rate of 70%, the main city of Victoria Road Network basically completed. Promote microcirculation and road network construction to establish a "narrow road, road network city road layout concept, centralized, contiguous sub branch network construction, open up the broken road, widening the bottleneck Road, city road network encryption, all built into the six areas of the city road microcirculation. The use of wire rod into the ground, regulate parking and other measures to improve the alley, neighborhood roads and residential areas of the road system, play the role of urban traffic capillary function. The implementation of regional single line system, to create a demonstration area to ease traffic congestion. Overall allocation of parking resources to co-ordinate the development of static traffic and dynamic traffic, the implementation of differentiated parking facilities supply policy to guide the rational use of static traffic resources. The bus station, city green space and other public facilities)相关的主题文章: