Behind the broken rich dream pyramid murder Beijing – lost life-segotep

The new network behind the broken "rich dream" lost in life – murder MLM 30 year old Li Lei "run away". On the evening of July 7th received immediately leave the notice, he even had no time to pack the luggage, breath fled to more than and 200 kilometers away. In Anhui city of Lu’an Province, he received a phone call, my cousin Wang Hong falls dead. 4 days later, he surrendered to know when he joined a MLM organization, and his cousin is pulled in. "I knew it would happen. I didn’t come to Nanjing."." In Jiangsu Province, Nanjing city Lishui District detention center, depressed Li Lei accept China Youth Daily? Youth online interview with reporters about the marketing experience of eyes intense darkness without light, choked several times. It is understood that after the Nanjing District Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation, has arrested the suspect Wang Zhuang, Zhang Chun and other people in Lishui. The investigation shows that the suspect Wang Hong suspected of illegal detention, forced Wang Hong falls dead. It is worth mentioning that, involving the case and has been arrested 8 people, there are 7 people after 80 and 90. They are holding the desire to earn big money came to Nanjing, the result of a pyramid scheme fraud, unable to extricate themselves. Turning point in the fate of Nanjing District, a District 2 unit 503 room, initially carrying Li Lei’s dream of becoming rich". This is an ordinary residential area, near the bus station. The house, on the south side of the north side is the living room, kitchen and dining room, the two room and bathroom, living room is on the south side of the balcony, between the living room and balcony is Aluminum Alloy sliding door. This rented house is Li Lei’s home". In June of this year, Li Lei called to tell his cousin Wang Hong, his barbecue in Lishui, business is busy, I hope he came to help. 28 year old Wang Hong home conditions are not good, their perennial work by living. On the morning of July 3rd, Wang Hong was led to the 503 room, the director of the king of the initiative to Wang sent a master of the two, namely, the age of 23 years old, and the king of the age of 24, Wang Qiang, Zhang Chun, Li Lei. Two master of each division, a cop, a cop, is to "Dinglao" Wang hong. Li Lei did not know the true identity of director. Li Lei memories, Wang Hong into the room, they noticed strange, feeling cheated, angrily jumped to jump, do not talk to anyone". Li Lei said, a "director" to shake hands with Wang Hong, Wang Hongbu agreed that it was a few people in the room to pour in, Wang Hong struggled on the ground after 1 minutes, the better. He stood up after being searched, identity cards, bank cards, mobile phone and cash were removed, to "steward" for safekeeping. Subsequently, the director gave Wang Hong class to introduce the rules of the industry. The director told Wang Hong that this industry is a national secret launched unpopular industry, called the network marketing, let Wang Hong here investigate a few days, "study" clearly to decide whether, "study" clearly before can’t leave. After the director left, Zhang Chun and Wang Zhuang two people every day in turn to accompany the 24 hours of the day, playing cards, chatting, sleeping in the evening on both sides of the Wang Hong on the side of the. Others take turns to the kitchen on duty at night. Li Lei is responsible for every night after midnight相关的主题文章: