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"Beautiful" on the Vanness Wu line at Weiyang haggard – Sohu Vanness Wu entertainment show "beautiful" Tuoba Yu Weiyang Vanness Wu stills Sohu entertainment drama "beautiful costumes giant Weiyang" tonight at 19:30 landing Beijing satellite TV, Oriental TV broadcast. The play by the strength of many idol franchise, and gold production team escort, by a public attention. Today the launch of the series played by Vanness Wu Tuoba Yu will also be on the line, look like soul ice cold, evil mouth skipped a trace of smile, as God of the king of Nanan and on the gas field full of haggard appearance. Vanness Wu evil nephew "Royal on-line launched open tear" Asian famous actor and singer Vanness Wu in the sun metrosexual man image, joined the "beautiful" Weiyang and plays the biggest villain Tuoba Yu will undoubtedly become a major highlight of Li Weiyang, he and the heroine in the play between love and hate (Tang Yanshi) hard and power utilization, can be said to be the only person in a drama with Lee Weiyang wit. It is reported that in the upcoming broadcast of the tonight show, played by Vanness Wu king of Nanan Tuoba also immediately appear, cold eyes reflect the inner gloomy and cold. It is worth mentioning that one enters the Tuoba and Huang Changsun Tuoba Jun (Luo Jinshi) has launched the "rattling like tear open the posture, the audience also really strong curiosity. Vanness Wu interpretation of Tuoba Yu costume drama premiere TV drama "the challenge" Jinxiu Weiyang in addition to the strength of many actors and gold production team and other surprises, first appeared in the costume drama Vanness Wu became the play one of the most attention a few big things. In the play Vanness Wu as Prince Tuoba Yu described as both wisdom and subtly malicious act, "he is the best strategy of" villains ", most of the audience will be used to describe the haggard and overbearing Tuoba Yu but in the description of the role of Vanness Wu in the" little boy "to describe an interview, he said" Tuoba Yu is really a villain, he is also overbearing ruthless side, but he was a poor boy, seemingly joke but accurate interpretation of the characters, is the son of more than mop, and let his childhood life buried the hatred and desire for power the. And for the first time in a sageuk, Vanness Wu also admitted that the classical Chinese is really a big challenge, because the relationship was born and raised in the United States, Vanness Wu Chinese is not particularly good, so even in advance to do homework, read more chatty lines also will inevitably some difficult "is slowly to understand the meaning, some of them still hard back." Often encounter such a situation, Tang Yan, Luo Jin two co actor will carefully help him correct pronunciation.相关的主题文章: