Battery every year to break through the phone or a day charge

Battery every year to break through the phone or a day charge: why? New breakthroughs come again? Scientists at the Northwestern University recently announced that they found a temporarily named "new material covalent organic framework", it is said that if can be used in battery or super capacitor, can effectively enhance the small notebook computer, the electric vehicle charging speed and endurance. The organic crystal material has many pores, which are said to be ideal for storing energy. After filling the conductive polymer, its capacitance performance has been improved. So how much is this "covalent organic framework"? The researchers say it can stabilize tens of thousands of times of charge and discharge cycles, energy storage capacity is 10 times the ordinary technology, and charging speed up to a maximum of up to 15 times. Scientists are still looking to commercialize the technology, but they are confident that it will be used. Here is not to doubt or even negate the efforts of scientists, because any technology exploration and accumulation are of great value. However, when we see these "battery technology breakthrough" news, we are no longer excited. As long as it is concerned about the science and technology news friends, as long as the review of their own reports, may realize that scientists have so many kinds of research results. Yes, researchers at the Northwestern University are not the only team that announced a breakthrough in battery technology this year. As early as January of this year, the domestic scientific team made progress in graphene, developed only seven seconds to recharge the battery life can be up to 35 kilometers of electric vehicles. At the same time, the head of the U.S. Department of energy’s alternative energy research program also said in an interview: "we have made a major breakthrough in the battery field". We are very familiar with Dyson, have announced their Sakti3 solid-state batteries to make electric car mileage up to 800 kilometers, the founder of James · Dyson said they achieved "the current battery technology to do". In the past few years, we have seen too much of the same news, and the principle of variety is different. Unfortunately, even so whether it is a smart mobile phone or laptop computer, or electric cars, they are both the life or the charging time of the progress is only a small range, but also may not be a battery of credit, but the optimization results. Why have so many breakthroughs, we can enjoy the ordinary people of the battery technology is still stagnant? It is human ignorance "although last ten years there have been countless technological breakthroughs, but these progress again and again but not as promised, at the cost of storage and bring real ascension." Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology admit in the article that we are in a dilemma. The battery is so common that we must assume that we know it very well. "The biggest difficulty in developing a better battery is that our understanding of the technology itself remains poor. Changing one of the parts of the battery, for example, in the case of a new electrode will cause a lot of unexpected problems,.相关的主题文章: